What Color Carpet Goes With Gray Walls?

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You recently repainted a room in your home in an appealing yet neutral gray shade. The result is appealing, but you’re now considering whether to update the color of your carpeting. However, don’t you sometimes wonder what carpet color goes with gray walls the best?

To complement light gray walls, choose darker carpet color, such as a darker fleck, a dark gray, or a blue alternative. For dark gray walls, you’ll need to go with a lighter carpet to make the room look bigger. This is best accomplished with a cream, white, or light multi-toned carpet.

Today’s post will address all of your gray wall questions. I would be discussing which color to use if your walls are a lighter gray or a darker gray. You’d also learn how to highlight your gray-walled living room or bedroom.

Is it okay to have a beige carpet with gray walls?


To integrate the beige carpeting into the room’s overall design perfectly, it would help to incorporate other light brown elements throughout.

Does Brown Carpet Go With Gray Walls?

Since beige is a lighter shade of brown, you should not be surprised to learn that brown carpets blend well with gray walls. In addition, because brown and gray are natural colors, they work well together.

Combining the two colors in your home is an excellent idea. However, you may prefer to avoid carpeting totally and use brown hardwood in a room with gray walls. Whatever your preference, gray is a color that can brighten up your space.

Does Cream Carpet Go With Gray Walls?

Cream is an excellent choice if you prefer a lighter-colored carpet than beige for your gray walls, especially for darker gray paint.

Does White Carpet Go With Gray Walls?

The same criteria apply to white carpets because white and cream are similar. Choose deeper gray walls and a lighter carpet, such as white.

Do Blue Carpets Go With Gray Walls?

The good thing about blue is that, depending on the shade, it can be used to embellish a lighter or deeper gray wall with blue carpeting. Darker blues go well with light gray walls, while lighter blues work well with darker gray.

Do Pink Carpets Go With Gray Walls?

Pink is a sophisticated carpet color, particularly when combined with light gray walls. It maintains a consistent effect by matching your gray living room or dining room walls to a vibrant carpet.

Pink and gray work well together in a girl’s bedroom because they represent a focal point. To take this style further, choose elegant, light-colored hardwood furniture.

Does Yellow Carpet Go With Gray Walls?

For an even lighter carpeting alternative, choose a cheerful yellow color. A light gray wall with a bright yellow carpet adds to the color scheme, especially with colorful couches and blankets.

Paint your walls a light gray instead of a dark gray to make your yellow carpet blend in. Yellow is a risky option, but it is near cream and beige, so it works with gray. One such color of yellow is mustard, which pairs beautifully with dark gray, and you’re sure to find matching accessories.

Do Pale Gray Carpets Go With Gray Walls?

A pale gray carpet may be a good match for a light gray wall since dark grey carpets absorb too much light. On the other hand, a light gray carpet adds dimension to the area and can complement the gray walls.

As long as your furnishings are light and sparse, this color combination will work perfectly. Generally, it helps if you choose a somewhat darker shade of gray carpeting for light gray walls.

Should Carpet Be Lighter Than Gray Walls?

You may have plans to paint your space and settle to have your walls in gray. However, you may be stuck with deciding whether your carpet should be lighter or darker than the gray on your walls. The solution here depends on the desired gray shade.

If it’s a darker gray, you can introduce a lighter carpet color than the walls to balance the room. You may try lighter-colored carpets with light gray paint, but the entire area may appear washed-out. That is why many homeowners choose dark-colored carpeting, which provides excellent contrast.

Which Carpet Color Goes Best With Light Gray Walls?

You’ve opted to paint your walls a lighter gray but are still unsure about the best color to use while redoing your carpets. While gray walls and blue carpets may appeal to you, you’ll want to choose your blues carefully. Lighter, softer blues, such as sky blue, blend well with the wall color and contribute to the washed-out impression.

Nonetheless, darker blues, especially very dark black-blue, will enhance the elegance of the gray and ultimately modify the appearance of your room.

Which Carpet Color Goes Best With Dark Gray Walls?

You may have felt that a darker gray would be a better choice for your home, so you went ahead and touched up your wall in that color. Ideally, changing your carpet to better compliment the newly painted walls seems like the next best move. However, how do you know the best carpet color to buy that won’t make your living space seem off?

You have additional carpeting alternatives for deeper gray walls, including beige, cream, and multicolored carpets. A beige carpet adds a tropical, beach-like feel in a room with dark gray walls. Surprisingly, this makes the wall color seem brighter and less gloomy.

While the plan is to avoid too light carpets with a light gray wall, you can opt for cream, white, or off-white carpeting because your gray is darker. This gives your environment a sense of newness and vitality.

If you’re having difficulty deciding on a single color, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating many. It’s essential for multicolored carpets to have some gray in them. Additionally, you can utilize colors in the gray family and still have an attractive home.

What Color Carpet Should I Use in a Living Room With Gray Walls?

Since the living room is usually the most spacious in the house, you want it to make a statement. That is why you chose gray to paint the space. This means you need to be on the lookout for an eye-catching carpet color.

Maintain the safe colors recommended throughout this article. This includes darker blue for lighter gray walls and brown, beige, or white for darker gray walls.

You may also go bolder and choose an eye-catching patterned carpet in one or more of the above colors for a conversation-starting living room carpet.

What Color Carpet Should I Use in a Bedroom With Gray Walls?

If your bedroom is a haven of tranquillity and relaxation, then you aren’t the first to work on keeping your space safe. Therefore it’s not the best place to experiment with strong colors and patterns (unless you want to).

Lighter tones, like beige, cream, or off-white, would beautifully complement the bedroom’s dark gray walls. Beige and a muted but stronger shade of blue can work well with light gray walls.


While gray walls might appear lovely in your home, you must ensure that you choose a carpet color that complements them. The best part is that gray is a versatile color, offering you plenty of alternatives when installing new carpets.

If you’re ready to replace your carpets and have gray walls, use the tips above to help you decide.

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