What Color Carpet Goes With Cherry Wood Furniture?

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Cherry wood furniture has a distinct cherry red hue that blends with most colors, especially flooring options. Since the wall accounts for a large visible space in the room, you may want to choose colors that coordinate with your cherry red furniture and enhance your room’s general outlook.

So, what color carpet goes with cherry wood furniture?

Cherry wood furniture will go with warm colors like red undertones to coordinate with the warm cherry red hue in the furniture. Cool colors like blue create a contrast that showcases your cherry red furniture. However, you can also choose neutral colors like beige and white to balance the room.

Choosing the best color for a floor rug may also depend on factors like how often the room is used and how quickly it might accumulate dirt. For example, you may choose a white carpet for your bedroom, but it may not be a good choice for a living room where everybody is.

This article will discuss the different colors you can use for your rug with cherry wood furniture.

What Color Carpet Goes With Cherry Wood Furniture?


As mentioned earlier, the warm cherry red in cherry wood furniture combines well with other colors to create the atmosphere you what in the room. For example, some colors bring contrast and amplify the cherry red furniture’s visibility.

At the same time, others blend with the cherry red hue so that it sits naturally in the rood without appearing too distinct.

Let’s look at some colors that do well on the carpet if you have cherry wood furniture.

1. Green

Green is bold, sophisticated, and yet colorful. You can use green in two ways: a dark green that is bolder and stands against the deep cherry red to give an interesting contrast, and a light green that brings in some color and brightness.

When you check the colors on the color wheel, you’ll notice that cherry red is paid with green because of their sharp contrast. This is a color you’d choose when you have elegant cherry red furniture, and you want to remain a center of focus for your guests. green will ensure that your furniture is noticed as it will stand out among the rest.

2. White

White spells out elegance, cleanliness, and class, especially when used on the carpet. It’s a bright neutral color that goes well with all colors, including cherry wood. The bright white color will allow the cherry wood red color to remain dominant in the room.

The best thing about white is that you can introduce other colors on the furniture in order to bring some balance into the room. Preferably, you can use other neutral colors like beige or other shades of red like soft red so that the colors blend instead of creating contrast.

3. Other shades of red

I know too much red might be a little uncomfortable as the different shades easily blend. You can use different shades which are clearly different so that they don’t become too loud. For example, since the cherry wood has a darker tone, you can use a brighter shade for the carpet.

Another approach you can follow when you choose to use red on the carpet is to use a patterned carpet or one with other designs. The pattern can incorporate different shades of red and other colors too to complete the look. Ensure that the pattern has some cherry red hues that match the cherry red color on your furniture.

4. Blue

Blue is another contrasting color that exudes warmth and sparks a joyful feeling. It’s a color you can never go wrong with because it’s cool and radiant. If you are looking for high contrast so that the cherry red furniture stands out, you can choose to go for a deep blue color to stand against the deep cherry red.

You can choose a carpet that has different patterns featuring other dominant colors in the room, including cherry red on the furniture. You can then include some blue color of a similar shade on the furniture.

For example, if the cherry red furniture is your bed, you can include some blue pillows in a similar shade as the one on the carpet to strike some balance.

5. Black

You already know that dark colors like cherry red call for brighter colors so that the room can have some colorfulness, vibrancy, and liveliness. However, black is a perfect pair for cherry red. Like white, black tends to go well with most colors without diminishing the glow in the other color.

On the other hand, black is a sign of sophistication and class, and therefore pairing it with cherry wood raises the bar a little higher. Therefore, if your intention is to [make a statement of boldness and class, this combination is all you need.

You can spice it a little by choosing one that has a pattern that includes white and red. The white will balance the dark colors by introducing brightness, while the red will resonate with the color on the cherry wood furniture.

6. Brown

Brown is an earthy tone that blends well with all wooden furniture. That’s because every wood has some brown in it. Some have a more dominant color like it is in cherry wood, but that doesn’t mean there are no hues of brown in it.

Therefore, when looking for a color for your carpet, brown is the most natural color you can choose because it will go well with your cherry wood carpet. For example, if you have cherry red wardrobes and other bedroom accessories in cherry red, a brown carpet will blend in well to give the room a theme.

You can then bring in other accessories and bedding items with other colors, preferably neutral colors, in order to maintain the balance of colors in the room.

7. Orange

Orange is rich and colorful. You don’t want to use too much of it because it can overpower other colors in the room and shift the focus to it. However, like brown, it possesses an earthy tone and blends well with wooden furniture.

If you choose to use orange on the carpet, you can use one that has hints of orange in a pattern instead of using it as a block. This will allow you to incorporate other colors that can weigh down the impact of the bright orange color.

8. Yellow

Like orange, yellow is vibrant and warm. It stirs happy emotions and creates a friendly atmosphere in the room. You can choose to use the bright yellow color if you’re looking for contrast as well as some brightness in the room.

On the other hand, you can use darker hues of yellow like mustard yellow, which brings out the bold cherry red in the cherry wood furniture.


Cherry red furniture has been around since the 17th century and has come this far, taking up modern designs and fitting in them. Today, you can decorate your furniture as you please, depending on your preferences for colors and style.

Choosing a perfect carpet to go with your cherry wood furniture should depend on what outlook you want to achieve at the end and your personality.

You can use the colors in this article as your guide in the search.

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