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What Color Cabinets Go with Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

Black stainless steel appliances are gradually replacing the traditional steel ones with their high resistance to smudges, fingerprints, and corrosion. 

So if you were to revamp your kitchen today, what color cabinets would you blend with these black stainless appliances?

These black stainless steel appliances blend beautifully with oak, light gray, white, royal blue, beige, and brown colored cabinets. Nonetheless, there are no rules that prohibit matching pop-up colors, but try not to go overboard with additional colors other than the original cabinet colors.

It is also possible to match black stainless with colors other than those mentioned above, but the most important factor in their impact on the environment.

I have discussed several reasons to consider your color blends, and this is not something you want to miss.

Why Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

What’s so special about black stainless steel? Besides their affordable prices, these appliances pair well with today’s hottest kitchen models. Why hold back from having something you can afford without breaking the bank?

In addition, the black color is more of a treatment for plain stainless, with the result of giving dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, and many other appliances a perfect finish.

Furthermore, the black color blends well with almost all indoor designs without blemishing the themes in the house.  For instance, a dark accent triggers an emotional reaction that generates a desire to associate it with nicely balanced features.

With different cabinet and countertop accents, this color will not only complement brighter shades but also slightly darker hues giving the eyes something to grab on.

What Color Cabinets Go with Black Stainless Appliances?

Oak Cabinets

If you opt for traditional kitchen designs, hardwood materials will work best. Combining oak cabinets with black appliances creates distinctive elements in any room.

Although oak offers distinct brown tones with subtle yellow and white accents, it makes an excellent cabinet material and is also a brilliant choice to blend black stainless steel appliances.

Moreover, it gives you the freedom to express your creativity while considering possible color schemes and other aspects of your home.

Light Gray Cabinets

Color gray consists of both black and white colors, except here, the gray has a higher concentration of white.

If a black stainless refrigerator or microwave were to be placed in a full set of light gray cabinets from the ceiling to floor, the appliance would feel more like a space perched amid a world of modest brightness.

The gleaming gray cabinets give the area a softer appearance. If, however, you desire a more sensible appearance in the kitchen, perhaps you should consider balancing something else in the room with the black color.

A darker countertop can serve as the ideal blend for enhancing unique features and objects in the kitchen as well as balancing and elevating the dark shiny accents.

White Kitchen Cabinets

As a unique furnishing, cabinetry in white stands out for being modern, elegant, and classy. Pairing it with black appliances infuses a room with a view of crisp colors that give the room an air of spaciousness.

However, in case you feel the white color is too cold and clinical. You might want to integrate a  tonal red into the theme of the room.

The decision about where to apply the toned red is yours, but it is best to apply it only on the wall surrounding the black stainless appliance, creating a point of focus around it.

Royal Blue Cabinets

With English originality, royal blue is a deep shade of blue that is much lighter than navy blue. This warm shade looks gorgeous in the kitchen and creates a calming atmosphere with black appliances.

You can also get the cabinets into a stunning look with golden handles that add a truly royal touch, as well as having the perfect light fixtures installed in the room.

Additionally, you may choose to add additional cool tones of brass to the royal blue and black, such as on chair or table stands to bridge the black appliances with the blue cabinets.

Beige Cabinets

Beige cabinets are the best alternatives for cream or white cabinets but not forgetting golden yellow handles to complete the look.

Combined with a moderate black hue, it provides an impressive view of a refined interior with amazing elements of texture. If you, however, need more color, you can add a cream backlash or light floral wall.

This enhances the room beyond imagination, creating a standalone piece of art.

With the golden handles and the floral wall, the general theme is enhanced, bringing a calm, collected mood to the room.

Brown Cabinets

Usually, brown colors are associated with wood, one of the most common materials in cabinetry furniture with a variety of finishes. It incorporates both traditional and modern hues simultaneously with various decorative patterns. 

Using black stainless appliances, you can achieve an elegant and vibrant look by incorporating specific materials into the appliance or cabinet.

The golden cabinet handles will give the room a distinctive and curated appearance while also helping to counteract too bold dark and brown hues in the room.

It’s possible to further enhance the look of your brown cabinets by coating them with varnish, which will reflect bright light fixtures, making them impressively attractive.

What’s the Difference Between Stainless Steel and Black Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel appliances have been in existence for years. But with the new advances in technology came the invention of black stainless

With their dark accented captivating finish. These finishes transform your whole house into one of your favorite spaces, whether it’s the kitchen, the dining room, or the living room.

The major differences are:

  • Black stainless is distinctive due to its bold prints and detailed information, as well as its functionality as opposed to stainless steel.
  • It’s very easy to clean stainless steel, and it fits right in with any design, hardly hiding any dust particles. This can, however, be an issue with the Black stainless.
  • A black stainless steel appliance is essentially a coat of paint on former stainless appliances, but with new upgraded features that maintain their fingerprint and smudge-resistant properties. Thus, you won’t have to constantly wipe away fingerprints from sticky hands-on on both appliances.  Additionally, simple wipes over both surfaces will reveal a shiny and clear surface.

What Are the Best Cabinetry Materials?                                                                                 Often, the manufacturers of décor cabinets use high-quality materials in the construction process to combat budget restrictions and the need to build durable and smart cabinets.

Some of these materials include:

Wood Cabinets: – these are among the most popular materials used in the construction of cabinets. For their wide range of available finishes, wood materials are gaining popularity, as they offer a unique touch of natural products.

Wood, however, being most popular, has further categories that vary by texture, grain, and color. These include:

Mahogany: Featuring rich reddish brown shades, this is among the best materials for cabinets. It is extremely durable, resulting in its high price as compared to other wooden materials.

Pine:- this budget-friendly material is also an excellent material for cabinets. The cool, traditional rustic design and the soft nature of the pine products have made it a big hit. 

In contrast, pinewood is more vulnerable to denting and constant scratches, but with regular maintenance, you’ll significantly extend its lifespan. It also has characteristic reddish, yellowish, and whitish hues.

Maple: – It is particularly popular because of its lightweight and smooth surface, making it ideal for painting.

Cherry: – Its popularity grows because of its characteristic reddish-brown color. However, it is often more expensive than other types of wood.

What Should You Look for in Cabinets?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing cabinets for your black stainless steel appliances.

Types of Doors

These are the parts with the most visible fronts as compared to other parts. They are divided into four types including:

Plank Doors: – Most of these are solid wood products, and they often have decorative patterns engraved on them.

Slab Doors: – These consist of flat, light plywood pieces with a veneer flanking them on two sides.

Frame and Panel Doors: – These doors feature frames surrounding the surface all around in a rectangular or circular shape.

Frame Only Doors: – these have frames with glass sides fitted on them. There are no restrictions on the weight or creative patterns on the glass sides.

Hinge: – the quality of hinges varies based on their price, appearance, and locking mechanism. There are several common types of hinges, including the concealed, butt, lipped, surface, self-closing, wrap-around, and adjustable.

Cabinet Sizes and Prices

Whether custom-made to your specifications or ready-made, cabinets come in different sizes, and their prices vary greatly.

As such, if your finances are limited as to what cabinets to choose from, you have varieties of cabinets to choose from with different sizes and decorative patterns.

In addition to the coloration of the cabinets, other engraved patterns and decors can also affect their pricing.

It will also play a significant role in determining the type of cabinet you get for your black stainless steel appliances.