What Color Bedding Goes with White Furniture

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White colors stand for openness, simplicity, freshness, and an overall sense of harmony. As a result, it’s an excellent option for furnishing bedroom beds, dressers, nightstands, and any other bedroom furniture, as it ensures a peaceful environment.

But selecting suitable bedding presents its challenges. What color bedding looks best with white furniture?

White furniture goes well with a blend of brown, beige, blue, white, teal, golden brown, and black colors. However, the percentage of the color blend depends on your taste in decor and styling. Additionally, extra care is imperative to avoid bold colors from crashing the intended theme.

Following classy research on various hues of colors that complement white furniture, I have compiled a practical guide on your color blending strategies without overdoing anything.

You can find all these and more by reading ahead.

Why White Furniture? Does It Last?


In addition to being timeless, this color can make a room appear larger and more spacious than it is.

However, it requires special attention in spaces where it is used since, if used in an empty room, it can create an unfriendly and boring atmosphere.

While furniture generally has a longer lifespan than other materials like metals, fiber, glass, and plastic, they always maintain a rustic, vintage, or traditional look to them.

So the only option for house owners who crave a taste of furniture in their houses without its old traditional looks is to decorate the furniture with white paintings.

This is their very last and most probably only choice for upgrading the furniture from traditional to a classy and elegant state.

They also come with interesting coordination with external factors, including electronics, and innovative style combinations with different décor schemes.

Moreover, white colors are easy to clean since they hardly conceal stains on their furniture.

What Color Bedding Goes with White Furniture?

Your tired body and mind deserve a peaceful, relaxing moment that will cool, calm, and drive you into a relaxed mood, reminiscing about the day and preplanning the day ahead.

So, unless your bedroom is well designed, it is hard to achieve these effects unless the bedroom décor is complementary to the furniture, bedding, and the rest of the room.

The great thing about white furniture is that you can incorporate your ideas into the theme, giving the room a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

Almost all hues look great with white furniture; however, if you choose specifically designed colors, you will be able to achieve more than any other color can. Here are some color bedding options.

Warm Blends of Brown and Beige Bedding

One of the most common colors in fantasy is the beige color, loved for its slight lightness and shades of brown. Moreover, both brown and beige colors are quite confusing as their hue and intensity vary according to the eyes of the person behind them.

The differential fact in these colors makes it my top choice because every time you set your eyes in the room, there will be something appealing for you over and over again.

You can go as far as complementing the white softness in the room using pine yellowish flooring, complimentary beige bedding, and brown throw pillows on the bed.

In addition to enhancing the room’s feeling of spaciousness, this will create a warm feel and a touch of brightness in the room.

Bedding Refined in Teal

A teal color has a deep blue-green hue and a faint hint of black or gray. An iceberg or the sky over an ocean would be a good example of what the resulting color would look like.

In such a case, you would prefer a teal-colored bedcover, paired with two pillows in the same –teal color and two pillows in cream, along with a white bed sheet.

When you enter a room with such a hue, there is an immediate attraction to the bed and a different attraction to the white nightstand and bookshelves.

Even so, if you think the white color in the room does not go far enough, you might want to retouch the ceiling and walls too. This will make the Teal color appear like a small cloud in a white pool.

Such views give a simple but bright teal accent with a lot of decorating inspiration.

White Bedding

Do you think that all white would look good in the room? I would suggest pure white bedsheets and pillows on a white bed, combined with bedcovers that slightly offset the white to create a darker contrast.

Imagine the cool accent of a dream palatial home from an all-white room except for the walls and the floor that are light gray and wooden painted, respectively.

With such a theme, you are free to add rugs in the room depending on your preference as long as you do not disrupt the white theme; not forgetting white ceiling boards are effective as well.

  • All White Setup: – Unless you sleep with your pets on the bed, you may want to try an all-white setup. This would mean everything on the bed, including the bed’s upholstery fabric, is all white, leaving no chance of other color stains. However, this will need more than adequate light to rock the clean and calm freshness in the room.

Deep Blue bedding

Deep blue, as always, associates with nothing more than soothing and calming effects. You may try visualizing a view from the comfort of a white upholstered bed, strewn with white sheets but draped with a blue and white floral bedcover.

In other words, if you would like to focus on the bed alone, you can use sham pillows with blue edges and pure white fronts or use normal pillows to unbalance the deep blue pillows and the white ones.

This creates an oceanic view on the bed detailing every aspect of the bed, from the headboards to the floor rug that has perfect white finishes.  

  • Bold Blue and White: – You might also consider an inner deep blue bed sheet and a white bedcover with white pillowcases, except that when spreading the bed, you make sure the blue bed sheets are visible from afar. This creates a unique taste of simplicity and boldness too in the room.

Black and White Beddings

What are your thoughts about the dark pigment in your room? There is no need to overdo anything, so worry less about it. You can use black bed sheets with white bedcovers, or you can use a white bedcover that has black inner linen.

The latter will require a perfect bedspread style where you fold back the cover towards the bed’s head, revealing the black linen side.

No matter how attractive this may look on a white bed, it will not be enough without a pop of red pillows. In fact, the bed becomes a focal point with a stunning romantic feel should you drape as a result.

Dropping red roses too on the bed realizes the sweet romantic nature of these colors that were not present before.

Golden Brown Bedding

This metallic hue of gold pigments blends superbly with the white furniture in the room. With a golden brown bedcover and white sheet, this bed creates an elegant, soft look.

Topped off with golden brown edges and white fronts, the white Sham pillows refute the idea that golden colors do not belong in beddings.

The golden brown and white match creates a rich look in the room. The material used to make these features unique, however, matters. Ideally, it should have a silk top cover and a woolen interior.

Is White Furniture Difficult to Maintain?

Even though white colors look beautiful, peaceful, and fresh, maintaining them isn’t as difficult as many think. It must be handled with the greatest care to maintain and enhance its original percentage hue.

The reason for this is because white surfaces mirror the light reaching them, but they don’t absorb it. You will be able to see dust stains on your white furniture even if it is the slightest of them since such bright colors easily attract dust.

Regular cleanings, however, ensure that the soft original nature of the furniture is maintained.

To perform this task, you must first inspect the furniture you intend to clean, as well as its original paint and the type of fabric you intend to use.

For instance, if your bedroom study chair is whitewashed and not painted with a glossy coat of white paint, its colored surface will most likely fade off if dusted using a wet piece of cloth.

Therefore, if you intend to maintain the aesthetic quality of your room, you must be extremely careful about what material you use to wash the white furniture in your room.

In comparison with matte or whitewash paints, gloss paints are the easiest to clean.

As long as your furniture has aging looks, you can always do a little touch-up yourself or hire some cheap labor to maintain the classy look of your bedroom, as well as your kids’ and visitors’ rooms.

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