What Color Bedding Goes with Pine Furniture

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Whether you are setting up a new bedroom or redesigning your existing one, you need the space to feel cozy and inviting. It is only possible to achieve this when the bedding in the room is nicely blended with the right hue.

But what color bedding blends with pine furniture?

Pine furniture blends best with warm color bedding, including gray, toned red, ghost white, or navy blue, as well as various shades of these colors. However, you need keen attention to the intensity of the beddings to make sure you get a seamless look with a specific finish and color.

Considering the stress, you might have to endure to achieve a cool, unique ambiance within the space with pine furniture.

Make sure you check out this great collection of color bedding options I’ve created for you.

What Style Is Pine Furniture?


Pinewood is among the best softer types of timber available for furniture that require a high degree of shock resistance. Thus, it explains its variety of applications in a bedroom, not to mention its rugged look on floors.

However, pine materials are prone to scratches because of their softness but, provided you maintain them properly. It can be a great option for colorful designs, particularly paired with the correct color bedding.

Since pinewood comes in different species, its colors vary, and they all have their appeal, useful in determining their proper bedding color.

What Is the Natural Color of Pine?

There are varieties of pinewoods; however, the most useful ones for carpentry are in three different categories, and these are:

Yellow Pine

Despite it not being completely yellow, the wood has a subtle yellowish tint. Despite its outstanding strength characteristics, it is not as robust as red and white pine woods because it is not tough enough.

So this, in addition to its lower density, limits its applications as house floors.

However, these properties make it the best material for fasteners and most furniture because of its ability to hold nails firmly. 

White Pine

These trees are famous for their fast growth rates, and these trees are growing over 24″ in height every year. Their white color is because of the sheds, which are light in color.

Carpenters and woodworkers can use this wood to produce excellent carvings and other millwork.

Red Pine

Despite its straight nature and high strength, the tree never loses its original red color, even after treatment with various preservatives. However, it portrays a slight pinkish tone.

What Is the Best Color Bedding for Your Pine Furniture?

As most pine furniture is predominantly red, white, and yellow, replacing your bedding will require a clear comparison of the existing furniture in the room to your preferred bedding colors.

Also, the colors you choose for the furniture should harmoniously complement the pine.

So the bedding should be in colors that enhance the reddish, white, or yellow hues of the pine.

Grey Bedding

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One of the greatest advantages of this neutral color is the fact that it is mixable with most units or themes. Grey comprises black and white, both of which can be combined with other primary colors to get an array of colors that match both white and yellow pine.

When it comes to a gray duvet and white sheet, depending on how you arrange your bed, you are sure of one thing: absolute uniqueness, right from the pine table beside the bed to the wooden dresser and your walk-in closet.

You can always top up a gray theme with different bedspread styles using a white or blue pillow throw and a cream mosquito net hanging from the ceiling.

However, designing such styles can take a lot of time, so they require someone with a particular interest in the field.

Ghost-white Bedding

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Despite being a versatile and timeless color, white is associated with many different things. However, despite the phobias associated with this color, there are Ghostwhite bed linens that are not just plain white and contain small amounts of yellow pigments.

It’s actually between a light cream color and pure white instead of being straight white.

Imagine how combining ghost-white microfiber covers with soft-brushed edges and yellow-blotched pine furniture creates a cozy space.

So with the warm feeling that comes with pine furnishings, you are sure of a breathable bedroom that you will enjoy. For a view like this, place a study table in one corner of the room from where you can admire it.

You can, however, avoid the plain ghost-white bedding if they are not your style and choose a duvet with a navy blue blotch or a patch featuring warm floral embroidery instead.

Toned Red Bedding 

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The white, red, and yellow pigments in pinewood call for complementing with hues of warm colors for a deep cooling and soothing effect. Your toned red color is achievable

 by combining red with a few soft pinches of either yellow or orange.

With this understanding in hand, you can confidently shop for your bedding, yet always remember that no matter what color you pick, red should remain the dominant color to match any natural pine pigment.

Although this does not require all the duvet or bed cover to be red, you could think about something like checked red with black boxes and white bedsheets.

Grey or dark blue pillows complement everything in your room, including the pine furnishings and the red beddings.

Navy Blue with shades of cream

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The color blue naturally promotes calmness, peace, and uniformity in any environment.

Psychologically, this color has been associated with anxiety relief and stress management. Therefore, imagine you have not blue bedding but navy blue bedding with any creative design of your liking: checkered, floral, dotted, or striped with cream colors.

Taking advantage of this, the pine will have an incredible shiny surface for furniture that is fantastic.

Carpenters are supposed to apply varnish to pine materials before their display for sale to produce a shiny surface that reflects any color close to them before presenting them for sale.

The varnish is not only beneficial for protecting wood furniture, but it also preserves the natural pigments of the wood.

The mint green, yellow, or maroon pillowcases will match either your navy blue bedding or your navy blue pillowcases. You can use either of these warm colors with any of your pine furniture pieces.

How to Spruce up a Bedroom with Pine Furniture?

Besides your bedding, you might be interested in trying something else that will enhance the real beauty of the pine furniture in the room.

Consider Wooden Headboards

The simplest bed decoration involves moderation of every decorative aspect in the room. It is hard to imagine a situation where over-saturation of a single color would disrupt the room’s mood and fail to achieve the desired effect.

You can easily expand the bed into a slightly larger varnish furnished headboard.

In other words, depending on the size of your bed, you can choose a headboard style that will reduce the wall color in the room while matching it equally with the beddings, dressers, tables, closets, and other pine furniture in your room.

Decoration with shams

As well as contributing to the overall comfort of the body, pillows also contribute to the overall magnificence of a room. Thus, there are many types of pillows available, from decorative to floor pillows, which are all useful in the creation of a beautiful interior.

In the era of modern technology, you can use shams to create attractive and decorative extra large fronts for your pillows.

Adding these decorative elements, which come in various ranges of colors, in concert with the colors I listed earlier, as well as other warm colors, will be a wonderful way to get some greatness in the room.

There are different designs of pillow shams with sharp edges and unique colorations, all of which enhance the looks on any bed.

Does Pine Furniture Need to Match the Flooring of the Room?       

In case you have a house that has pine floors and furniture made from pine, too, you will need to add something else to blemish the excess shine.

You will need patterned floor mats or specific rugs to make the splash color look more attractive.

Although floor mats can be quite expensive, you can choose rugs placed next to pine furnishings to create an interesting design pattern. These, however, need perfect blending to create a distinct focal point in the room.

Does Pinewood Need Maintenance?

Although you replaced your bedding with complementary colors and materials, Pieces of pine furniture on their own need more maintenance.

This is because of the softness that makes their surfaces scratch off, aging with time. So this creates the need for varnish polishing to maintain its surface 

However, if you don’t mind the ages looks on the furniture, you can still enjoy their long life service, with rustic, rugged looks, but with constant blotches on the surface of the furniture.

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