What Color Bedding Goes With Gray Walls

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If you want to create a soothing bedroom environment, then choosing the perfect colors for your room is essential. The key is finding the right combination of warm and cool tones.

Gray is a neutral color that can go with almost anything. The trick is finding the right shade. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the perfect shades for your room.



It is a very natural color that pairs well with light gray walls. A darker green will look great with wooden furniture by creating a woodsy and elegant color scheme. It’s an excellent choice of color that will look great on your walls


This color looks clean and sophisticated, which makes it a favorite color of most interior designers. An interior with white walls is considered basic. You can pair white perfectly with all colors, including gray. With white bedding and gray walls, your decoration opportunities are endless.

If your gray and the white room looks too boring for you, you can add bright and colorful accessories, such as paintings, rugs, and pillows. 


This color is not a very popular choice for bedding, but it is known as a versatile color. There is a wide range of brown tones to choose from: light sandy brown, warm deep brown, dark brown with a reddish-orange tinge, and others.

By combining brown bedding with the gray walls of your room, you are creating a very cozy and warm interior. 


For a romantic and flirty atmosphere, choose pink bedding. By choosing the right tone of pink, you will be able to create a very soft and sensual atmosphere, which is perfect for a bedroom.  In order to complete the look, it is a good idea to add golden and white accessories. 


Gray and blue seem to be a very masculine combination. At the same time, with the help of these colors, you can create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You can also complete a nature-inspired look with the hints of green. 


If you want to create a modern look, yellow and gray would be a great combination. Bright yellow looks great with neutral and industrial gray. You can also sharpen the look with black accessories that would add more contrast.


This classy and modern color pairs well with almost everything, including gray. By pairing gray and black, you are creating a sharp and bold look. 


This color may seem to be a variation of pink, but it has orange undertones that pair well with gray. If you add turquoise accessories and elements, your room will have a beachy atmosphere.  


This color is known as deep and mysterious, and it looks great with such neutral and sturdy colors as gray. It is a perfect combination for adventurous people who are not afraid to experiment. If you want to add a more mysterious feel to your interior, choose golden accessories for your room. 

How Do You Make A Room With Gray Walls Look Brighter?

 Gray is a very safe, calm, and neutral color. That is why many people pick gray for their home walls. However, if your walls are gray, you may feel that your room looks too boring, colorless, and needs some brightness. Here are some tips on how to make your gray room look brighter and more lively: 

Add An Area Rug

Adding an area rug is one of the easiest ways to make a room look warm and bright, especially if it has gray walls. The good news is that you can pick an area rug of any bright color because gray pairs well with almost all colors. If the floor in your room is too dark, make sure to get a bigger rug. 

Choose The Right Lighting 

For some reason, lighting is over underrated, even though it is one of the most important elements of any interior design. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right lighting for your gray room. For example, if you want to resemble natural light and make all colors in your room look vivid, you should choose halogen bulbs for your room. 

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors is a good way to make a gray bedroom look much brighter, bigger, more spacious, and more open. Also, with the help of mirrors, you can make the most of good lighting because mirrors reflect the light around the room. 

Get Coloured Accents

You can use different bright and vivid accessories to add some contrast to your room. These accessories may include bedside lamps, light fittings, door handles, pillows, paintings, etc. Focus on the colors mentioned above: black, yellow, green, brown, pink, purple, white, blue, and some others. 

Choose The Right Curtains

Curtains are considered one of the most go-to complements of walls. It is almost impossible to create a cozy and homey atmosphere without curtains. Here is a list of curtains that would look great with neutral gray walls and complete the look of your bedroom: 

  • Classic white curtains. With the help of white curtains, you can embolden the sturdy tone of your gray walls. It is recommended to choose either a gold or silver rod for a warm and classic atmosphere. 
  • Cream curtains. If you think that your bedroom is missing warmth and look too cold, cream curtains are a great solution. They are an especially great choice for compact bedrooms. 
  • Yellow curtains. There are plenty of yellow tones to choose from for your curtains. For example, if you are creating a vibrant atmosphere, you should consider mustard yellow. If you want to add some warmth and summer vibes, consider citrus yellow. 
  • Charcoal gray curtains.  For a masculine bedroom with a minimalist and modern design, charcoal gray curtains will pair well with gray walls. 
  • Navy blue curtains. Navy blue curtains can enhance the gray walls of the room without making it too dark and tiny. You can complement the look with accessories and elements of warm colors, such as lampshades, pillows, couch, and others. 
  • Pink. Pink curtains in a gray room will look great in a bedroom, especially if you add olive, burgundy, or add accents to make the interior look more sophisticated. You can also add white chairs and other white furniture. 
  • Purple. If you are choosing curtains for a female bedroom, you should think about purple. If the walls are dark gray, you should opt for bright purple and violet, while light purple walls will look great with lilac curtains. You can complete the look of your bedroom with purple pillows and warm-colored furniture. 

Add Textures

In order to increase texture in your design, you can lampshades, area rugs, cushions, drapes, pillows, and other accessories. 

Add Warm Colors 

In order to balance the coolness of gray colors and darker shades, it is important to add some warm colors. There is the design roil of three colors based on the 60-30-10% portions. According to this rule, if 60% is cool, then the remaining 30% and 10% should be warm. By following this rule, you can create the perfect combination of cool and warm colors. 

Analogous Colors

The colors used in analogous color schemes are similar in hue but differ slightly in value. Analogous colors are very common in nature and art. In fact, they are often found in nature because of their similarity to each other. When designing rooms, using analogous colors creates a harmonious and balanced environment. 

Complementary Colors

If you have chosen complementary colors, then you need to pay attention to the contrast between them. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. The difference between these two hues is usually large enough to make them appear contrasting. This means that when you use complementary colors, you will notice a huge visual impact. 

Contrasting Colors

If you want to have a strong visual impact, you should use contrasting colors. These can really bring out the beauty of any space. Contrasting colors are those that are not close to each other on the color spectrum. They are usually bold and vivid. Using contrasting colors can make a room feel bigger than usual. 

What Color Furniture Should You Choose For A Room With Gray Walls?

If you want to brighten up your gray room, you should choose light-colored furniture. Also, as mentioned above, gray is a versatile color, so it goes well with many different colors.

For this reason, you can choose green, yellow, brown, black, ginger, lime green, purple, and pink. However, it is important to keep a proper balance of cool and warm elements in the design. This will help your room look brighter and more coordinated instead of looking heavy and dark. 

How to Match Your Bedding With Gray Walls

For some artistic flair, use a color palette to match your bedding. The most common way to do this is by using complementary colors. Complementary colors are those that appear opposite each other on the color wheel.

Gray walls are a neutral backdrop for most people, but they don’t go well with bright bedding. In fact, when paired together, gray and white create a cold, sterile feel.

To avoid this, try pairing your bedding with darker colors, such as black, navy blue, or charcoal grey. These colors work well with gray because they’re not too close to the lightest shade of gray. They also add warmth and depth to the room.

If you prefer brighter colors, some popular colors include red, yellow, orange, or purple. These colors bring life to a space, especially when combined with other warm tones.

If you’d like to keep your bedroom feeling fresh and clean, consider replacing your bedding with a solid color. This way, you won’t need to worry about matching anything. Just pick a color and be done with it!

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