What Color Bedding Goes Well With Cherry Wood Furniture?

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The Cherry wood finish is warm and elegant, especially when used in the bedroom. The deep, bold color is a perfect choice to make a bold statement of class without spending too much.

However, a challenge comes in decorating the bedroom and choosing suitable bedding options because of the cherry wood’s bold nature.  S

o, what color bedding goes well with cherry wood furniture?

Similar colors to the cherry wood furniture like merlot and raspberry red tone down the bold cherry redwood color and give the room a warm feeling. If you want a calm and collected feel in your room, you can choose to use bold colors like green and blue in their different shades.

When choosing colors to match your existing colors, you must consider whether you want your main color to stand out or to tone down a little. In this case, our main color is cherry red on wood furniture, so we have to pay attention to how other colors in the room resonate with it.

This article suggests so of the colors you can use on bedding to compliment the cherry wood furniture.

What Color Bedding Goes Well With Cherry Wood Furniture?


Bedding pieces like comforters and duvets play a major role in the overall outlook of the room because the bed is always a point of focus. Therefore, you must ensure that the colors you choose go well with the cherry red color on the furniture.

There are two options in your considerations for the colors to choose. Would you like the colors to amplify the cherry red or to diminish it a little?

Remember that you are decorating your bedroom, and each of these colors will determine how you feel while you are in the bedroom. The best color choice for your duvet or comforter is one that resonates with your taste and blends well with the cherry red wood tone.

Whether you are looking for a calm neutral look, matching colors to tone down the main color, or highly contrasting colors to make the cherry red color stand out, you can have an attractive room that checks every décor hit list.

For example, if you want a calm and collected outlook with a neutral feel, your best bet would be to go for neutral colors. These include white, gray, beige, brown, and cream. They absorb the bold impact of the cherry red color and collect the colors together for a neutral look.

Neutral colors do not dim the room’s brightness completely and also keep dull colors looking alive.

Similarly, if you want the cherry red color to stand out in the room, you can choose a sharply contrasting color like green or a color that sits directly opposite cherry red on the color wheel.

You’ll notice that these colors blend well to bring in a cool outlook in the room. Choose a dark green or a dark grey for that bold look.

On the other hand, if you choose to make the cherry wood furniture less distinct and visible in the room, you can match the colors by bringing in similar shades. These colors include other shades of red, like raspberry red and merlot.

The room will have enough red to draw away attention from the cherry wood furniture.

What Wall Colors Go With Cherry Red Wood Furniture?

As mentioned earlier, cherry red is bold, and so you can complement it with different colors to either tone it down or make it dramatically loud within the room. The wall is the largest space in the bedroom, and its color affects the general ambiance in the room.

Neutral colors like gray, white, and beige are perfect for most colors, including cherry red on wood furniture. These colors have a way of opening up the room and making it look much bigger. You can also other earthy tones like green and brown, as well as brighter shades like yellow.

These earthy tones bring in a calm feeling that only resonates with nature. On the other hand, the bright colors add some warmth to the room and create a subtle backdrop for the cherry red furniture.

If you are looking for a bolder effect where your cherry wood furniture stands out boldly, you can try colors like light blue, light green, golden yellow, or honey. Other colors that blend well with the cherry red furniture include dark blue, deep red, and dark green. These dark colors have a calming effect in the room, which might be what you need for a restful night.

When choosing a wall color, one thing to note is that dark colors are always complimented with bright colors. Therefore, if you have dark-hued cherry red furniture, you can choose bright or neutral colors to go with it. Similarly, dark colors can do well if you have a bright cherry red color.

When you have cherry red on the wood furniture, it gets a darker tone as time passes by due to the aging of the wood. However, if your furniture has new and bright cherry red paint, you can go for the dark colors as you please.

You can avoid painting the wall with a similar cherry red color or other shades of red. This is because red is a powerful color, and if it’s used too much on a large space like the wall, it can be overpowering and intimidating. Your room should be welcoming and relaxing.

You should remember that these wall colors affect the choice of your bedding color because all the colors in the room should resonate well with each other. To make it easier for you, you can use the same color as the walls for the bedding color.

What Color Carpet Go With Cherry Wood Furniture?

 Light color carpets do well when you use them together with cherry red furniture in the bedroom. This is because the floor is more visible and reflects what is on top of it. Therefore, the floor can either complement the room and make it bolder or dampen the colors.

I know that the floor absorbs a lot of dirt and dust, so bright colors may not be your personal choice. But, you can try colors like light grey or light brown for that complete look. 

Since the floor is also a large space, you can choose a color depending on the ultimate feel you want in the room. If you cannot use bright colors as per your preferences, you can choose dark hues like dark green, dark blue, or black to complete the look.

Like the walls, you can choose a color that will add warmth and spice up the room a little. Colors that dampen the room make it feel cold and unwelcome.


The colors you choose for your bedroom are important because the bedroom is a place to rest and relax after a long day of hard work. Since colors trigger different emotions within someone, you can ensure you choose some the will make you feel come and complete.

If nature helps you feel relaxed, you can have earthy tones like green and brown. And if you want a neutral touch, try neutral colors like white, gray, and beige.

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