What Color Bed Sheets Should I Get?

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While styling and designing your bedroom may seem hard, it is a fascinating encounter. Plus, you should understand how to work with color for both the beddings and other stuff in the room. That said, what color bed sheet should you get?

You can go for any color bed sheet that you prefer to have in your room. However, everything will be based on what you are using the shade for. For instance, you may want to hide stains and thus opt for dark colors. Still, you can choose white if you need a soothing room.

Knowing the color bed sheets, you can buy together with how they can benefit you is vital. In this article, we explore much about bed sheet colors to help you make the right decision. Stick around to learn more!

What Color Bed Sheets Should I Get


You should get any color bed sheets of your choice. You can pick the color and design of your bedsheets based on several factors. They include personal preferences, the potential to complement a frame, and the style of the remaining parts of the room.

Keep in mind that the color of the sheets is not only about whether you can clean them or not, but it is also about the style. Besides, it’s not only the sheets that you will be having on your bed as you also need to think about throw pillows, blankets, and a duvet.

Take note that bold and dark grey is an excellent way of defining lighter accent linens and pillows. If a white sheet gets a stain, you can use a bleach stain remover for spot cleaning. Bleach is a strong cleaning agent, but you can only use it in white color. It’s possible to pour some bleach into the washing machine, though this is not the only reason for considering the white sheets.

Are Black Sheets a Bad Idea?

Black sheets are not a bad idea since they can help you cover stains like blood. If you are concerned about blood stains, consider getting a black sheet. However, if you have pets, you may want to stay away from this color. This is because the shed hair normally looks great while in a deep shade.

Additionally, the sheets are hotter than white sheets. Note that black can absorb and hold the sun’s heat. The sheets can be warmer each night if you use black bedding over the white ones.

How Do You Pick a Sheet Color?

You can pick a sheet color by first considering the following factors;

Desired Style

You have to be sure of the color you yearn for first. In case you are not sure, consider looking at the wardrobe for all the colors you always wear or buy. If it has many neutrals like black, grey, and tan, you may opt for a sheet color that can go with whatever you’re already into.

However, if it is cheery and bright with tones of pink, red or yellow, you may have to go for a brighter bed sheet. Be sure not to go for a shade you don’t prefer, as you’ll always remember about it as you go to your bed.

The Theme

If your room is already color blended with the color of some things already in your room, consider picking a color that matches the things that are already there. Besides, if the room does not have any of them, you can choose any other available shade. You don’t need to integrate your room’s colors. However, you can pick a color that isn’t likely to conflict.

If your bedroom is quite bright with yellow, purple, or red, you can buy a neutral bed sheet like tan or white to suit the theme. However, if it’s neutral, you can go for a brighter bed sheet to counterbalance the quiet shades in the room.

Your Main Objective

Taking a nap after a tiresome day will allow you to have a good rest. For this reason, selecting a soothing shade like grey or blue will help alert the brain that it’s time to chill out. The colors are proven to help soothe the brain and enable the body to also relax.

Therefore, if your room is a refuge from an occupied planet, selecting something like blue will do wonders by being the first indication to the brain that sleeping time is almost there.

Is It Better to Sleep With Dark or Light Sheets?

You can sleep on any color sheet that you prefer. People always avoid white sheets because the stains do not look well on them. Even though stains aren’t good-looking in any way, they stand out much on the white sheets.

Still, they are the simplest to clean, and you shouldn’t worry about anything when it comes to washing. You can use each to clean the sheets, and the results you’ll get are sparkling clean. Moreover, you can set a dryer and washer to high heat settings to have a thorough drying and cleaning.

Ensure you don’t use bleach for beige or grey sheets, as they can destroy the color. Besides, a white sheet looks stunning, and alongside a white duvet, your room will feel fresher, airer, bigger, brighter, and pop. On the other hand, grey sheets are common bedding options among current clients.

The best thing about a grey sheet is how it can blend with any style, holds more personality compared to beige or white, and it’s cooler. Moreover, it is good for hiding stains. This implies if you take long between the cleaning, you’ll not have to worry about how the sheets just as to will with the white sheets.

However, when treating the stains, you will need to tread lightly. Besides, only a good color-safe stain remover can work, and it’s because bleach stain remover leaves white marks behind.

Why Do People Prefer White Bed Sheets?

Most people prefer white bedsheets for their rooms due to the following reasons;

It’s a Versatile Shade

Regardless of the color and design, you may be having in your room, be sure that a white bed sheet will blend well with it. Besides, it is simple to fit colored appliances with white. You can complement a bright color on furnishing and a wall using white bed linen. The focus is strictly on the bed since it’s not masked by the different color options you create for the bedding.

Affordable and Simple for a Room Update

If you don’t like the design in your space and don’t want to spend too much money to change an entire room, you can get some white sheets. This color will give the place a fresh look you’ve always wanted. The simple touch provides a feeling of a well-decorated room while getting into unique bedding will allow you to have a better sleep.

Enhances Your Sleep

Keep in mind that there is no direct relationship between perfect sleep and sleeping on white sheets. However, your bedding’s color can impact the mood of your room. In return, this influences your attitude as you strive to calm down when the day ends.

As a neutral hue, white also has a soothing effect. This involves a sense of peace and comfort in the bedroom. However, if your room has red bedding, a shade related to an emergency, it may have the negative effect of increasing your stress levels.

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