What Color Accent Chair goes with Blue Sofa?

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Colored sofas are eye-catching and draw attention to any given room. One of the commonly used colors is blue because it is considered royal and elegant. It would create a spectacular aura paired with a colored accent chair, but what color would complement blue sofas?

The colors green, orange, yellow, cream, white, grey, beige and pink pair well with blue, so they will go with a blue sofa. The different colors blend well with varying shades of blue.

The varying shades include light blue, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, bright blue, and baby blue. We shall explore each color and what shade of blue it complements.

Accent Chair Colors that go with Blue Sofas



HomePop Velvet Swoop Arm Accent Chair, Dark Green

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Despite the belief that blue and green are similar, a subtle difference makes for an artistic contrast. The best match for a royal blue or navy blue sofa would be a dark, regal shade of green. Light green works too, but the darker, the better.

Bright greens tend to take away the essence of blue sofas, while dark greens bring out their vibrancy. Consider while gambling with the color green.


JustRoomy Modern Accent Chair Fabric Armchair Living Room Chair Upholstered Arm Chair Comfy Mid-Century Leisure Lounge Chair Bedroom Office Single Sofa Side Chair with Removable Seat Cushion, Orange

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When you first think about it, orange and blue sound like an unusual and unique combination. This mash-up is proof that uniqueness is beautiful and opposites attract.

They are both intense colors, and their contrast creates a dynamic view and vibrant feel to the room.

Note that that bright blue mends well with an equally bright blue or a royal blue. Light blue will match with a watered-down shade of orange.


CIMOTA Velvet Accent Chairs Set of 2 Modern Armless Slipper Chair Wingback Single Sofa Side Chair Comfy Corner Chair with Golden Legs for Living Room Bedroom, Yellow

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Similar to orange, blue and yellow are opposites, yet they attract. If you prefer vibrant and lively rooms with colors that pop, then a yellow accent chair and a blue sofa set are perfect for you. Both colors complement each other such that none outshines the other.

An advantage of yellow is that any hue goes well with any shade of blue. However, the spark this combination creates may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


Velvet Accent Chair, KGOPK Wingback Arm Chair with Gold Legs, Upholstered Single Sofa for Living Room Bedroom, White

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Color white matches with almost everything, including blue. Your room will look fresh and polished with the classic combination of a white accent chair and a blue sofa.

The blue and white combination works specifically when blue is the dominant color, so the white accent chair is a perfect accessory to achieve this style. A white accent chair will pair well with baby blue, royal blue, navy blue, or sky blue.


Christopher Knight Home Sienna Mid-Century Modern Fabric Club Chair, Dark Grey

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Grey plays the same role as the color white but in a subtle manner. Grey tones down bright shades of blue, such as baby blue and sky blue, so if you have a blue sofa, a grey accent chair will balance out the colors.


Lexicon Aurora Tufted Fabric Wingback Accent Chair, 32" W, Beige

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If you want a beach-type feel, go for a beige-colored accent chair to match your sofa. The beige represents sand, and a sky-blue, the ocean.

This match creates a modern look that most designers aim to achieve, so you could choose this to add a contemporary feel.

Beige is toned-down and will complement your dark-shaded, like navy blue sofa without being too much on the eyes.


Modern Velvet Single Sofa Chair, Upholstered Accent Living Room Chair, Comfy Armchair with Rose Golden Metal Legs, Tufted Chair for Reading or Lounging (Pink)

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Blush pink has evolved to become a favorite among pink shades due to its subtle femininity.

A blush pink accent chair paired with royal blue or navy blue will create a contrast between power and softness that stuns the eye.

Can I Match My Accent Chair with My Blue Sofa

Matching your blue sofa with your blue accent chair is an easy route to follow, and most interior designers prefer this. Mix-matching different hues of blue will create a unique two-tone design, as long as you mix and match the colors right.

You can choose to match the exact shade of your blue sofa with your accent chair. If you wish to match different shades, the rule is that light shades match with dark shades.

What Color Rug Should I Match My Accent Chair and Blue Sofa?

Rugs should also compliment your blue sofa and the color of accent chair you use. Some people prefer to choose any rug color to match their furniture, but if you wish to create a style in your room, it is advisable to follow some tips on choosing your rug color.

For dark blue sofas, you should match a with an earth-colored tone, like brown or beige. For light blue sofas, opt for white, beige, or grey shade.

These colors will not interfere with the blue sofa or accent chair you chose as they are neutral.

How do I Accessorize My Blue Sofa?

Besides having an accent chair that matches your blue sofa, it is imperative to have accessories that bring life to your room.

Metal accessories are an excellent addition to pairing your blue sofa. Metal that resembles grey will perfectly match your room if your accent chair is grey. Bronze or gold accessories around the room mesh well with orange and yellow accent chairs against your blue sofa.

The accessories include candle holders, metal wine cups, and decorative plates.

Rustic wooden stools are a great addition to your room with accent chairs and a blue sofa. Colors range from light, medium, to dark shades of brown, so if they can pair well with any accent chair color against your blue sofa.

What Color Curtains can I Match With My Blue Sofa?

Having the accent chair and rugs in check, you will need proper color curtains to complete your blue sofa.

The same formula you use for selecting rugs is the same formula for determining your curtain’s colors. If your focal point is your couch, then your curtain must not overshine its light. The rules differ in that your curtains must be neutral to achieve a harmonious look, no matter your accent chair’s color.

The best colors are white, pink, grey or cream.


Being a neutral color, white will not take away from your home’s aesthetics, no matter your accent chair color or your blue sofa. White blends in seamlessly and is an easy choice for those who want a simple look.


Pink, in subtle colors, go well with matching blue couches and matching pink accent chairs. The best pink, as seen before, is blush pink. It does not overwhelm the overall design and brings forth a harmonious blend giving life to your room.


In its neutrality, grey accentuates the room. It also meshes well with any color, and it will complement and elevate the entire look no matter your choice of accent chair color.


Cream is an excellent curtain color because it will not overshadow your blue sofa. It is a neutral color, so any shade accentuating your accent chair with your blue sofa.

What Type of Furniture goes with a Blue Sofa?

Apart from accent chairs, different types of furniture match with blue sofas. These include tables, stools, ottomans, beds, loveseats, and recliners.

The type of furniture you choose depends on your room and the kind of look you want to achieve. Ideally, most furniture is made out of wood, metal, or plastic.

The overall color of the furniture paired with your blue sofa and accent chair will determine the color of paint you use.

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