What Coffee Table go Well with Brown Leather Couches?

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If you want your interior to have an eye-catching look, make sure that the colors of the furniture and other accessories match. The coffee table is vital for coffee lovers, and you will find them in almost every home of a coffee enthusiast.

Your home sofas will, however, determine which coffee table you should have. Brown leather couches blend well with several types of coffee tables. However, some will blend in perfectly than others.

With that said, what coffee tables would go well with brown leather couches?

Brown is a neutral color and will blend with most shades of coffee tables. However, brown leather couches will need you to find an intricate design for the table. Leather is a classy material, so you will need to match them with elegant tables. You can match them with a glass top table, rustic pallet style, or a leather ottoman. 

Coffee tables are tables designed to be placed in the living room of a home. They are typically low tables specifically meant to hold magazines, beverages, and even remote controls.

They give a smooth look in the living area and allow for convenience in the house. 

They play a significant role in keeping the areas organized and tidy by providing a space to keep some house accessories. After a long day, the coffee table will also allow you to relax well in your living room by providing a place to rest your legs.

If you have a brown couch in your living room, you might think that you will be limited to the coffee tables you can have for them to blend.

Brown leather couches create a soothing feeling in your area, and you should preserve their effect even when you get to the coffee table.

Coffee Tables That Go Well With Brown Leather Couches


Tree trunk

Tree trunk coffee tables bring out a natural look in your living area. Tree trunk coffee tables are quickly gaining traction and becoming a trend in the houses.

They are straightforward but still give a classy look in your area. Tree trunk coffee tables are cut from trees and treated for preservation; no additional elements are added.

This coffee table will keep its brown color and will thus match well with brown leather couches in your house. The polishing is done to give the brown color a shiny look and hence your living space an exquisite touch.

Other tree trunk coffee tables have glass on their surface to add beauty. Others come in their raw natural state. The roughness on the surface and the brown colors of the tree trunk will complement most shades of brown in your house.

A tree trunk coffee table will provide a perfect finish to the sitting room if you have brown leather couches.

Mission style coffee table

Mission style coffee table has details such as wooden slats and hardware. These tables go with almost any house furniture and blend better, especially with your brown leather couches.

If you have brown couches in your living space and you are wondering which coffee tables to buy, this should be it. This coffee table has drawers beneath the surface, perfect for keeping magazines remotes and away from sight in a safe space.

They are slightly higher to give you a good feet rest. The color doesn’t have to be an exact match for your leather couch. A different shade of brown will also work perfectly as well.

Having matching colors might throw your house appearance off balance by providing a monotonous look.

Leather ottoman

Many ottoman designs are available, and most of them have a top lift to provide extra storage space. They come in many shapes and thus allow you to choose one that you prefer to match your house décor.

The shapes include round, square, or rectangular.

The leather ottoman coffee table is perfect for holding drinks, magazines, remote control.

They can also be used as an extra sitting place, stool or even offer a place to play board games. You can use a small drink tray to hold your drinks while on the coffee table.

This coffee table, as the name suggests, comes in a brown leather shade. It will undoubtedly blend in well with your leather couches in the living room.

Glass top coffee table

Glass top coffee tables are a classic trend and come in different colors. Brown is a neutral color and therefore allows you to experiment with different hues.

With this type of coffee table, you may choose a brown shade metal that matches your couch and thus creating the perfect balance in your living room.

Glass top coffee tables look more modern than other coffee tables. Adding more lamps to the tables will enhance the contemporary look and make the entire space look great.

The glass used on top of the glass coffee tables is simple and can be incorporated to suit most living room themes and décor and therefore keep your space looking elegant.

Metal coffee table

Most coffee tables are now days made of metal to enhance their durability. Their tops, however, are finished with fine wood, marble, or glass. A wooden topped coffee table will seamlessly blend with a brown leather couch.

 If you opt for a glass-topped metal table, you can and some decorations to make sure it blends well with other furniture. Adding candles or plants to the table will give it a pleasant outlook and the needed warmth. Adding a few books on top of the glass surface will also enrich the look even further.

Marble-topped metal coffee tables will also be a good choice for brown couches. The marble color matches well with the brown color and gives a picture-perfect look when combined with brown couches.

The Rustic style coffee table

The rustic style coffee tables are made from different wood, all incorporated into making a single table.

With this type of coffee table, you are likely to see some roughness on the surface and knots. Other imperfections can also be observed on it, and some people prefer it not being completely furnished.

This design brings in a little outdoor look in your living area, especially when complemented with brown couches. Depending on the styles, you can create a more cabin feel or a farmhouse if you wish.

Types of Coffee Tables and Their Benefits

Solid wood coffee tables

SIMPLIHOME Warm Shaker SOLID WOOD 48 inch Wide Rectangle Rustic Coffee Table in Light Golden Brown, for the Living Room and Family Room

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Solid wood coffee tables are a special type of coffee table available in the market today. They are made of sturdy material, and you will be guaranteed their durability. 

The good thing about solid wood furniture is that you can polish it to suit any furniture, including your brown leather couches. 

The materials used to make this coffee table include veneers and plywood; they offer durability and add a touch of pleasing esthetics to your area.

The grains of the wood used to make the solid wood coffee table are highlighted to add a refined touch—the elegant touch, together with the color of the wood, will sit well with brown couches. 

When making solid wood coffee tables, the wood color is always left conspicuous; rarely will you find other foreign materials added to it. This is quite an advantage since you don’t want mites moving from your tables to your elegant brown couches. 

With that, you will be sure that the brown color of the wood will prevail and thus create an excellent match with brown hues in your living room.

Solid wood coffee tables make a great heirloom, thanks to their timeless style and durability. To add to that, having a solid wood coffee table will add a state-of-the-art piece of furniture to your room that will ultimately last with minimal care.

Industrial look coffee table

VASAGLE Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf for Living Room, Wood Look Accent Furniture with Metal Frame, Easy Assembly, Rustic Brown ULCT61X

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Industrial look coffee tables are an elegant option of coffee tables to match your leather couches. They are made of wood and enhanced with metal stands for durability. These tables will blend in better with brown leather couches if you paint the stands gold. 

Their tops are made of pure wood. The metal stands can also be colored with brown to ensure that they keep a decent look and add beauty to the home.

You can see both wood and glass perfectly blended in the display of these tables. The glass is meant to provide a soft, delicate touch to the table. The shiny look provides an elegant brown look in the living room to go well with your brown couches.

Storage coffee tables

Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Compartment & Lower Shelf, Dining Center Table for Living Room Reception Room, 41in L, Gray

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Storage coffee tables contain drawers underneath the surface. The drawers provide a safe place to store magazines and remote out of sight and still accessible. Storage drawers are typically made of solid wood. They will thus blend well with the brown couches in your living area.

Storage tables have shelves, drawers, or pockets beneath their surface. They are more functional, and they allow for a faster and efficient clearing of the table.

Designer coffee tables

bonVIVO White Coffee Table Franz - Designer Coffee Tables for Living Room and End Table That can be Used as Side Table, Wooden Coffee Table with Bamboo Frame

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The designer coffee tables have the best outlook. It is made with a very creative artistic style that adds a beautiful look to your living area. Designer coffee tables are usually low; they thus allow you to rest your feet comfortably. They go well with recliner leather couches. 

The top of the designer coffee table has a wood finish with its fine polished brown wood color. If you have brown couches, this piece will blend well and make your sitting room look stunning.

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