What Chairs Go with Oak Dining Table?

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Oakwood maintains its widespread applications in multiple fields throughout the world, dining rooms not being exceptions from its treatment of clean-edged and subtle grain tables.

The ambiance at these tables inspires a sense of calm and relaxation that diners and guests in the room cannot resist. However, the challenge comes with accentuating the feeling with the right chairs. What chairs would be the right match for the oak dining tables?

It is best to match oak dining tables to Orrin fabric chairs, Spindle chairs, molded plastic chairs, upholstered chairs, and Oakwood upholstered chairs. Although, your choice of the chairs solely depends on your tastes and preferences since they differ in shape, color, style, and size.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the next information on these chairs, as well as what you need to keep in mind when selecting them. For more information on this, please keep reading.

What Factors Determine Your Choice of Chairs?


Making your decision on the chairs to mix and match with your oak dining tables may be quite a hassle, leaving you with unanswered questions whether what you settled on will please your guests.  You need not worry. Consider the following factors when making your choice.


A dining table made from oak requires chairs whose color harmonies with the table without having to be a structure from the same material. You do not want to overdo the coloration, or the original meaning will be lost.

For instance, if you are considering matching oak tables with black chairs, think about covering the black chairs’ seats in oak-colored upholstery; however, it all depends on your preferences.

If you bought similar oak-colored chairs for oak dining tables, the room would have a too heavy taste of hardwood, which would be quite boring and uninviting.


Your dining room will look the best if you place your chairs in a way that there are visual highs and lows so that every two minutes, your eye will want to walk across the space. To achieve a unique taste, you should not choose one bold color that dominates the entire room. Maintain two colors that complement each other.


People are employing old-fashioned tastes in their houses these days, so you won’t be surprised to find a house furnished with pure, sparkling, softwood on its floor, the table, and the chair.

However, if you’ve just moved into a new house with such a floor, using a floor mart to cover it reduces the rawness that comes with the woody theme. So, you can always vary the colors to produce an enticing and inviting ambiance by complementing one another.

Table Size 

It is easy to be tempted to give in to the temptation of package deals because you will be relieved from having to determine the chairs’ height and width to fit the tables. 

The dimensions of the chairs, such as how high they should be relative to the table, are useful for determining the number and size of the chairs that will fit around the table.

You should always remember that the chair should always be at least 12inches higher than the table, with the chairs having a 10-15inch space between them.

Chairs That Pair with Oak Dining Tables

Considering all the factors necessary for guiding you along with the chair selection procedure, here are some chairs you cannot miss, fully packed with acute details that will match the tone in your dining room.

Retro French round Upholstered Dining Chairs

SSLine Set of 2 French Dining Chairs,Armless Upholstered Linen Kitchen Chairs with Retro French Round Back,Wood Chairs for Dining Room/Living Room/Bedroom (Beige)

Retro French chairs are available here on Amazon!

The padded fabric and light gray wood frames of these cool old-fashioned dining chairs accent the room with top-notch handiwork.

This results in a durable linen fabric upholstered on the chairs, offering a fitting combination of simplicity, elegance, and beauty all in one furniture piece.

The chairs match any dining room theme, and even the oak table will work from its 38inches wide and 19.5 inches high dimensions.

Christopher Knight Rounded Back Chair

Christopher Knight Home Victoria Modern Dining Chair with Beech Wood Legs (Set of 2), Black and Natural Finish

Christopher Knight Rounded Back Chairs are available here on Amazon!

These chairs will bring into your dining room a unique and rustic white-colored theme having a pure taste of countryside rubberwood nature.

This piece of furniture also offers a comfortable farmhouse feel with its ladder black back design, as it boasts exceptional durability thanks to its rubberwood construction.

Besides its rounded frame and creatively shaped stand, this dining room chair is your best choice for an upscale dining room.

You can also use it in other places within the house beside the dining room, so you won’t need to worry about its mobility features.

Walnut Orrin Fabric Dining chairs

Christopher Knight Home Orrin 60" Rectangular Dining Set, 5-Pcs Set, Natural Walnut / Light Beige

Walnut Orrin Fabric Dining chairs here on Amazon!

Also from Christopher Knight, but with Orrin fabric upholstery, the chair brings your dining room its light Beige color and a Walnut finish that guarantees the users overall comfort.

This chair is not large, but it may hold six to ten chairs, depending on the size of your dining table.

Beige fabric upholstered on the chair is also a perfect match with oak wood besides its rubberwood natural walnut stands.

Its light, sleek frame and leg stand also assure optimum stability and long-lasting comfort in the house, allowing the chairs extra usage in any room within and outside the house.

Molded Plastic Chairs

2xhome Set of 4 White Contemporary Modern Stackable Assembled Plastic Chair Molded with Back Armless Side Matte for Dining Room Living Designer Outdoor Garden Patio Balcony Work Office Desk Kitchen

Range of Molded Plastic Chairs here on Amazon!

The latest trends of various products are something people enjoy keeping up with, so here is one type of chair you will appreciate having in your home. It has a curved backrest that considers the user’s comfort and its variety of colors.

However, I would advise on settling with the black color for the oak dining table but should you be uncomfortable with it. You can always choose another complementing color.

The chair’s lightweight is also a plus to its small but unique size that creates room for more similar chairs around the table.

Spindle Chairs

Sauder New Grange Spindle Back Chairs, Black finish

Spindle Chairs here on Amazon!

A farmhouse-style dining room would be one with elegant rounded frames that sparks the second level of amazing finishing into the room.

The final touch of shiny black finish on the chairs glitters in the room, offering the user emotional and physical comfort.

There are also a variety of colors available for this chair, including brown, white, light gray, and other charming shades, creating a charming design that appeals to the eye from the whole set of chairs and tables.

Solid Oak Wood Upholstered Chairs

East West Furniture Groton dining chairs - Wooden Seat and OAK Solid wood Frame dining room chair Set of 2

Solid Oak Wood Chairs here on Amazon!

Matching a solid oak finished chair with an oak dining table can be quite a challenge for anyone specific about the glow from a room.

The exceptional factor about this chair being the best for your oak dining table is its upholstered black fabric seat and an entire solid wood frame with finger jointed design.

It is also finished with corrosion-proof glittery art that makes it easy to keep the chair clean from dust and stains from food particles.    

With the smooth, elegant, and modern design, your dining room will have a fresh, vibrant feel, besides the usage of the chair for every other room in the house, including the kitchen.

How to Style an Oak Dining Table

You must also add a touch of aesthetics in the dining room if you want the colors, shapes, and sizes of your chairs to complement your table.

You can, therefore, decorate your dining room with oak tables as the centerpiece using the following methods. These are:

A collection of Vases

A flower vase is one of the most beautiful objects we encounter daily, yet many people overlook its beauty. The flowers used for the arrangement need not be very expensive, but fresh and bright place in a stylish vase.

Therefore, with a group of odd-numbered vases evenly spread on the table, you can achieve a clear rustic look mix-matching the oak table.

Candles’ Twist

If you want to set the mood and create a desirable mood, you can never go wrong with candles, and the same applies to decorating your stylish oak dining table.

Since there are plenty of colored candles, you can select your best choice, but you have to pay attention to the color and avoid a blushing shade.

  • Olive and sage colors match the oak dining table best, but the number you choose for your table depends on its size and your personal preferences. In addition, you must use non-wax candles to avoid staining the tables. As an alternative to complementing the dining table, you are free to enhance the walls, floors, and lighting system in the room. Hence, you can use wallpaper that complements the chairs and dining tables in the room for a more accented effect. You can also customize the lighting fixtures and their coloration in the dining room to reflect themes that would transform it into a charming space with a relaxing feeling.
  • If you have a small-sized dining room, consider setting up mirrors at strategic points in the room. This helps to increase the light and creating a captivating ambiance.

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