What Chairs Go with a White Dining Table?

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When selecting dining chairs, avoid buying a matchy-matchy set with the table. Pick chairs in a contrasting material and color from the table to create visual interest. Consider the size and height of chairs in relation to the table to ensure a proper fit.

Mixing chair styles can look more curated than a uniform set. Chairs with soft upholstery can balance hard table materials like marble or wood. Colorful chairs inject personality into a neutral dining space. Ultimately, dining chairs and tables should coordinate as sisters, not twins.

Tips for selecting dining chairs to pair with a white dining table


  1. Choose chairs made of natural materials like wood or rattan to add warmth and texture.
  2. Upholstered chairs in soft grays or blues provide contrast to the white table while remaining neutral.
  3. Classic wooden chairs with slat backs are timeless and budget-friendly. They can often be found secondhand or painted.
  4. Opt for colorful chairs as a pop of personality to match an accent wall or artwork in the space.
  5. Benches can save space and allow for more seating. Add cushions in a color or pattern to break up the white.

Chairs That Pair with White Dining Tables

Finding chairs that match the white table in your dining room can be quite difficult as you can tend to purchase those with too much ornamentation.

To avoid any inconsistency that may occur, here are some chairs that match white dining tables; however, should you overdo the aesthetics, the room loses its meaning. In that case, choose those that suit your table’s structure.

Furmax Upholstered Bucket Chairs

Furmax Pre Assembled Style Mid Century Modern DSW Shell Lounge Plastic Kitchen, Dining, Bedroom, Living Room Side Chairs Set of 4, White

Furmax Upholstered Bucket Chairs here on Amazon!

These chairs are good for both residential and commercial use, combining an ergonomic design with curved backrests that support the user’s back, as well as a molded plastic that features matte finishes.

With its golden brown wood and metal connectors, the seat supports a maximum of 275 pounds as well as making its users comfortable for long periods.

The chairs come in an array of colors, including soft grey, black, red, white, orange, and brown, while its plastic material is a result of polypropylene, with its legs being an alloy of steel.

n addition to serving as a perfect complement to your white dining tables, the chairs are also ideal for banquets, waiting rooms, and any other occasion that may arise.

Abrielle Mid-Century Modern Fabric Chairs

Christopher Knight Home Abrielle Mid-Century Modern Fabric Dining Chairs with Natural Oak Finished Rubberwood Frame, 2-Pcs Set, Dark Grey / Natural Oak

Abrielle Mid-Century Modern Fabric Chairs here on Amazon!

This mid-century-style chair built with rubberwood frames and dark gray fabrics boasts of the finest materials with 100% polyester upholstery.

As a result, they are the best choice to match any form of white dining room table with natural oak Rubberwood legs and materials comfortable enough to last as long as the users need them.

Bojoy Velvet Dining Chairs

BOJOY Velvet Dining Chairs Set of 2, Accent Upholstered Leisure Chairs, Mid Century Makeup Chair with Modern Sturdy Gold Metal Legs for Dinning Room/Living Room/Kitchen. (Pink)

Bojoy Velvet Dining Chairs here on Amazon!

Gray and white colors have their distinctive flavor when paired together, and Bojoy velvet chairs are no exception. Not only are they soft to touch, but the velvet fabric is also non-irritating and sleek in light grey.

In addition, the chairs have grey upholstery and golden metal legs with a modern style that is very durable.

Moreover, these chairs will not scratch even the softest carpet or tile over time due to their metal legs having footpads attached. They also feature a backrest made of foam-filled cushions that covers the seats as well as guaranteeing the comfort of the user.

Featuring unique color and a stylish appearance, it is an excellent complement to a white dining table, accumulating weight of up to 440 lbs.

Natural Wood Barrel Chairs

Linon Sandry Wood Barrel Chair in Brown

Natural Wood Barrel Chairs here on Amazon!

A set of these chairs will give your white dining table a delicious accent of wood. You can also match it with stained hardwood floors to create a clean, fresh ambiance in your dining room.

Several color options are available for the solid wood chair, including ash wood and natural wood.

Designed with soft and breathable cushions, the chair is also quite comfortable with perfect aesthetics, including a bentwood stitched without nails, giving it a good degree of stability.

Additionally, the chairs’ surface is on protection by wood wax, which not only maintains the wood’s surface but also has a glittery finish that complements the color of the dining table.

Glitzhome Mid-Century Chairs

Glitzhome Mid-Century Modern Brown Leatherette Dining Chair Vintage Faux Leather Living Bedroom Bucket Seat, Set of 2

Glitzhome Mid-Century Chairs here on Amazon!

Having powder-coated metal legs with a black finish, these chairs bring you a luxurious soft feeling on their upholstered structure with clean edges finished with baseball stitching.

Moreover, despite its lightweight and classic foot rail, this chair will provide you with stress-free moments sitting on it.

Whether it’s the black finishes that go perfectly with the white tables or the ultimate comfort these chairs offer, its features remain hard to beat. Not to mention its leather spot-clean cushioned seat.

What Defines the Right Chairs Dining Room Chairs?

An important part of the dining room is the chair, which can make it appear spacious or make it more complex, disrupting the feeling of harmony and thus affecting the mood of the room.

So along with the complementing colors, you also need to check for the following features in the furniture you purchase.

Chair Size

A standard dining table measures 30 inches in length, while a regular chair measures 18 inches in height. For reference, instead of having to walk around the room with a tape measure to measure the chairs, you can always rely on the thumb rule that reminds you to leave 12 inches between the bottom of the table and the top of the chair. 

Having these also helps you make sure your knees have enough clearance from the table’s apron.

The approximate size of the chairs is also a good way to estimate the number of chairs that will fit around a table.

Finish (Texture) of Chair

This is all about the fabric finish and the color of the chair. As an example, since the dining table is white, consider chairs that are complimentary yet mix-and-match.

As a result, the space becomes more inviting and engaging for users who enjoy eating in the room because they feel welcomed and relaxed.

Cozy Chairs

It is always possible to choose either upholstered or non-upholstered chairs, depending on your preferences and budget. Taking non-upholstered chairs can be a good option when your dining room is quite small, and your table is already taking up some space.

They hardly take up much space, so you might take them in cases like this. The non-upholstered chairs, however, may seem stiff and uncomfortably rigid for some individuals, but they give room for creative shaping with soft cushions on the seat to provide comfort.

In addition, the non-upholstered seats come with an old-school creative design and a traditional feel that fits in very well with the soft cushions.

The upholstered chairs do have an amazing sense of beauty too and perfectly fit in a dining room with enough space.

How Do You Style a White Dining Table?                                               

Apart from the attention white surfaces command, they are extremely sensitive to dust or sticky stains.

As a result, many people are afraid to have such tables in their dining rooms, but here are a few ways you can creatively make a white table pop.

A collection of Candles

Being a white table, you can’t imagine the stress that comes with having to scratch colored candle wax on the table. You can make use of electrical candles for a reasonable price.

However, remember to choose candles of varying colors to achieve a glow that will complement the white table.

Glass Vases

Hand-blown glass sculptures with abstract designs do a great job of mixing and matching warm and cool tones. It is also sufficient if the vase is not one-colored and has visible details.

This is besides the vase’s height, which should be about 9 to 10mm high, to maintain the view of the table.                                  

Contrast Colors

Consider decorations that contrast the white color on the table. These are ideal for displaying bold colors such as lime green, teal, and elements of orange tang.

To cluster your items without being overbearing, you can either place them in the middle of the table or evenly spread them around an odd number configuration, depending on the length of your table.

Go Green

A similar method is perfect on any table, whether it is as large as a dining table or as small as a coffee table because you can always place a low-maintenance plant on a tray in a color that matches and displays other favorites beautifully.

Work with the Room

This is quite easy by integrating the entire room to complement the white dining table. Consequently, if you choose this option, it will not be necessary for you to place anything on the table.

However, should you decide to place anything, it would still come in handy.

All white Chairs

A white chair with white seats and backrests and either black or brown metal stands works perfectly. It is possible to choose black chairs with a shiny finish that will complement the tables equally as well.

Find Focal Point

As your focus point, you can choose a piece of artwork that stands out. The more unusual the shape or color, the better, so long as it complements the white table.

Style the Table’s Layers

As long as you do not overdo anything with a two-layered table, you can style it as long as you maintain the sweet white look. Arranging brightly colored books on the bottom layer creatively also creates a captivating look.

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