What Chairs Go with a Glass Dining Table?

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As glass dining tables are emerging as a clever way to brighten dining rooms, manufacturers are developing elegant and sophisticated designs of these tables.

This has now gone beyond lighting a room to serving as the centerpiece of the house. But the lack of stylish chairs that match this creativity in the room makes it feel incomplete.

What would be the best chairs to complement these glass dining tables?

In addition to the straight back upholstered chairs, the upholstered bucket chairs, cozy swivel rockers, black scoop chairs, and the French-style upholstered chairs look great with the glass dining tables. These, as well as the glass dining table, complete the dining room’s unique décor.

Make sure you read this article through to the end if you’re interested in how to achieve sophisticated glass tables and fancy chairs unique combination for your dining room.  

What Glass Dining Table Factors Determine Chair Selection?


The excellent ability of glass tables to complement colors and materials is one of their top advantages.

They have colorful and creative base stands in combination with clear glass tops creating a magnificent visual effect in any dining room.

For a meal to be both worthwhile and satisfying, the glass dining table should complement the chairs and other dinnerware in the room.

However, your chairs will only highlight the beauty of your table’s centerpiece.

Therefore, choosing glamorous tempered glass tables will not only bring out the centerpiece of the table but will also provide an interesting view that goes with any kitchenware and décor in the space.

Though glass tables promise the sleekness and elegance that many people desire, choosing a dining chair can prove difficult.

Therefore, consider the following creative ideas for glass tables from which you can draw the nature of chairs that will accentuate the room and giving it a unique view.

Base Material

This describes the physical structure that holds the glass tabletop, including any visible or invisible joinery between the glass and the base.

In most cases, glass tables are made of wooden, iron, metal, steel, matte, or mirrored silver base stands; that influences your choice of chairs for the room.

Glass Table Top Tint

Even though glass tables are predominantly made of clear transparent glass, many manufacturers are now using tinted tops using moderate colors such as blue, green, and black to achieve their art.

What Chair Options Go with Glass Dining Tables?

If you opt for any of the chair options, keep in mind that glass tables differ in height, so you won’t want to purchase matching chairs if you saw the table on the web.

Therefore, you must be able to see the glass dining table in person before picking out a chair. But I have a class of chairs that will go with any glass table, except for their colors, which will be determined by your preferences. These are:

Straight Back Upholstered Chairs

HomePop Parsons Classic Upholstered Accent Dining Chair, Single Pack, Light Grey

Straight Back Upholstered Chairs here on Amazon!

Taking meals straight up as far back as you can help guarantee uninterrupted digestion, according to medical advice. This is what the straight-back chair offers, in a range of colors that suit your style.

In addition, the carpenters upholster the chairs with original materials, giving them elegant appearances that you will not let go of.

Upholstered Bucket Chairs

Barrel Accent Chair with Arms Linen Fabric Club Chairs Bucket Chair Upholstered Tub Chair for Living Room Bedroom (Red)

Upholstered Bucket Chairs here on Amazon!

Several happy customers have written reviews praising the workmanship and the fact that the seats look small, yet they have moderate bases that fit all kinds of people.

Its straight short tufted backrest contours provide additional room for comfort.

Also available in various colors, this Is the most appropriate choice for traditionally designed tables made of reed stands with elegant glass tops.

Cushioned Swivel Rocker Chairs

Mainstay' Patio Bistro Set Seats 2 Cushioned Swivel Chairs Outdoor Small Space Deck Porch (Red) (Red)

Cushioned Swivel Rocker Chairs here on Amazon!

The Swivel Rocker chair comprises heavy-duty steel, which is tough and makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Its base, as well as the backrest, has high-density sponge cushions that make it more comfortable, besides its low ground clearance that takes up less space, making it perfect for small patios.

Glittering Black Scoop Chairs

Modway Scoop Performance Velvet Dining Chairs-Set of Two in Orange with Black Metal Legs

Glittering Black Scoop Chairs here on Amazon!

Chairs such as these complement the tinted tables so well, with their curved curves enough to comfort you in addition to their surface made of shiny black plastic.

The chairs are available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one you feel best matches your table. Because of its small size, the chair goes well with any table design.

Upholstered Barstools

24 Inches Fabric Counter Height Bar Stools Set of 2, Upholstered BarStools with Button Tufted Backrest and Solid Wood Legs,Gray

Upholstered Barstools here on Amazon!

A splendid set of black kitchen dining chairs with uniform sponge upholstery and thin leather around the seat having the same look as your black scoop chairs.

Its elegant curves and high-quality material make the chair one of the most comfortable on the market. It also comes with protective footpads, so you won’t have to worry about their claws scratching your carpet or tile.

Farmhouse Spindle chairs

Safavieh American Homes Collection Burris Country Farmhouse White Spindle Side Chair (Set of 2)

Farmhouse Spindle chairs here on Amazon!

You can always check out this classic chair if you want a taste of sleek old-school chairs made from solid wood.

The chair is available in different color finishes, including silver, brown, gray, and many more that complement any dining glass table’s design.

French Style Upholstered Chair

Baxton Studio Oreille French Provincial Style White Wash Distressed Two-Tone Upholstered Armchair, Beige

French Style Upholstered Chair here on Amazon!

With a completely solid wood frame and natural rubberwood finish on the feet, this fancy chair boasts an elegant look. Unlike traditional chairs, the upholstery on it ensures that the user remains comfortable as well as boosting its resistance to rust and corrosion.

A 280lb user can use this chair for long durations without discomfort.

In addition to a 280 lb user sitting on this chair for long comfortable durations, it also has exquisite leg patterns plus 100% linen upholstery and a solid rubberwood feature that creates a fresh and luxurious charm.

What factors Should You look out for in the Chairs?

Among other top-selling sites such as Amazon and Wayfair, you can find these and many other chairs, which are suitable to match your dining glass tables. Besides choosing the right color and form to match the tables, consider the following aspects when choosing the chairs for your dining room.

Simple Design

An elegant chair is an assurance of real comfort in the room. You should sit on the chair and see if you can remain comfortable for over an hour.  

Durable material

Most of these chairs are made from wood and metal materials. However, you need to find out their texture and to be sure you are getting the right material. The leather upholstery also makes it easier to clean the chairs in case of any food particles stains on them.

Mix and Match the Colors

For your dining room to have your desired theme, you will need to color complement the various elements of the space rather than color matching them.

If you decide to go with upholstered chairs, you can always find chairs whose fabric’s colors differ from their backrests. If, for instance, the fabric is white, the backrest should be of color black or any other coordinating color.

Movable Chairs

A good dining chair is to carry in case you have to make use of it again in the living area when you have many guests.

But you should also take care not to buy chairs which will be uncomfortable for people’s backs; alternatively, you can buy those that are half-upholstered on the backrest, because of the extra space for carrying them around.

Additional Factors to Consider When Selecting Dining Room Chairs

Besides the specific aspects of glass dining tables, you will also need to consider the following aspects when choosing chairs.

Dining Room Space

Small dining rooms may require you to reconsider your seating choices and choose armless chairs or benches with upholstered seats and backrests. Whenever the room is not in use, you can slide the table over such seats, creating space for whatever convenience that may arise.


As the glass tables in the dining room create a solid vibe, pay attention to complementing the style rather than matching it to complete the vibe. It could be the overall appearance of the room, whether taken back to old traditional but fancy or sophisticated and high-class looks.


The chairs and glass dining tables must have a proper proportion when it comes to size. Ideally, the seats’ height should be at least 12 inches below the table’s ground clearance.

It is also possible to measure the chair’s width at its widest point through the backrest. With a width of 22 inches and a depth of 24 inches, armless dining chairs provide optimum comfort. Hence, avoid chairs smaller than 17 inches by 20 inches.


Because of the transparent nature of your glass dining table, the light would pass through to its base stand, which is the table’s additional source of utmost uniqueness.

So you can command the tone of the room by complementing the chair’s color with the floor or carpet’s color, making sure none of these colors match to create a stunning dining room.

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