What Chairs Go with a Glass Dining Table?

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Glass dining tables lend elegance and beauty to any dining space. Their transparent and reflective quality brings light into a room. But with such a gorgeous table, what chairs pair best?

We’ve reviewed suggestions from design experts and have compiled a list of chair styles that beautifully complement glass tables. Keep reading for gorgeous dining room inspiration!

Best Chair Choices For Glass Dining Tables


While the options are numerous, here are five fantastic chair styles to consider for your glass table:

Upholstered Bucket Chairs

A glass table allows you to utilize a longer style, even in a small space. Pairing it with plush upholstered bucket chairs creates a relaxing and elegant dining area. The soft velvet or suede cushions offer incredible comfort yet don’t detract from the table’s beauty. This type of chair works well with more modern and contemporary decor.

Pretty Floral Metal Chairs

Intricate metal chairs with a floral motif are a perfect pairing with a glass table. The airy scrollwork provides visual interest while allowing the table to shine. For optimal comfort, look for cushioned seats. The floral pattern can match or complement your color scheme. This chair style lends a touch of vintage flair.

Straight Back Upholstered Dining Chairs

Clean lines and simple elegance make these chairs a top choice for glass dining tables, especially round pedestal tables. Often found in sets, straight back upholstered chairs promote comfortable lingering at mealtime. Crisp white is a popular choice, but any color can brighten up your dining space.

Shiny Black Scoop Chairs

The glossy finish of molded plastic scoop chairs plays off the shine of a glass tabletop. Available in many colors, they can complement any design aesthetic. Scoop chairs with arms provide additional comfort. Their plastic material also makes them a sensible option for families with kids.

Ornate French Inspired Upholstered Chairs

For traditional decor, consider upholstered chairs with shaped backs, finials, and turned legs – hallmarks of French style. Use wood frames for a classic look or painted metal for a more modern touch. The tailored cushions contrast nicely with the clean lines of a glass table. This elegant pairing is ideal for formal dining rooms.

Do Dining Chairs Need To Match The Table?

Matching chairs to a glass table presents an obvious challenge, but chairs and tables don’t necessarily have to “match” for a cohesive look. Similar scale and design style are more important than exact materials. Feel free to mix and match colors and textures in keeping with your overall decor. Coordinate, don’t copy.

How To Choose The Right Dining Chairs

Three key factors to keep in mind when selecting dining chairs:


In small dining areas, benches can substitute chairs to save room. Slide them under the table when not in use. Compact padded benches with backs serve double duty as extra seating.


Match the chair style to your interior design for a harmonious look. For contemporary spaces, choose modern chairs with simple legs. Ornate upholstered chairs suit traditional dining rooms. Farmhouse style spindle chairs work for casual decor.


Proper chair height allows diners to comfortably eat at the table. Seat height should be at least 12 inches below the tabletop. With a table skirt, chairs should sit 7 inches below the apron. Measure carefully for ideal fit.

What Is The Best Dining Chair Fabric?

Since dining chairs endure plenty of wear and tear, durable stain-resistant fabrics work best. Faux leather, vinyl, leather, and poly blends resist spills and are easily wiped clean. For upholstered chairs, opt for heavyweight fabrics and apply a fabric protector spray.

How To Style A Glass Dining Table

When styling a glass table, select items with secure bases that won’t scratch the surface. Felt pads can help protect the table.

A cut glass vase shows off flowers beautifully and complements the transparent tabletop. For drama, use an oversized tapered vase.

Battery-operated flameless candles create a soft glow without worrying about dripping wax. Arrange assorted pillar candles in varying heights for visual interest.

Decorative bowls filled with fresh fruit make a lovely and practical centerpiece. The bright colors pop against the glass.

Ornamental objects like decorative balls or sculptures make interesting focal points. A raised platter shows off the shapes and allows you to rotate pieces.

See Clearly To The Perfect Dining Chairs

The right dining chairs complete the elegant look of a glass dining table. A transparent tabletop illuminates the room yet doesn’t dictate a particular chair style. Feel free to explore different designs and materials until you find the perfect pairings to suit your personal taste. With this glass table chair guide, you’re sure to see clearly to dining room bliss!

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