What Carpet Goes With Gray Walls?

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Having a house with a perfectly blended color scheme can be challenging. Getting colors that match and complement each other might be an uphill task, from the walls to the furniture and even upholstery. Do you have gray walls? Do you know what carpet goes with gray walls? 

Gray is a neutral color and therefore goes with most colors, even gray itself. Any color of carpet can go with grey walls. Depending on the shade of gray, multicolor carpets will blend in beautifully. You can also get a darker or lighter shade of gray with a mix of white or cream. 

Having gray walls is a blessing in disguise. Gray goes with almost any color, and therefore styling and matching it is easy. You have enough room and freedom to experiment with colors.

Additionally, you can choose what shade of gray you want, whether light or dark. Darker shades of gray blend well with brighter colors, even neon. On the other hand, lighter shades of gray blend with both bright and dark colors. When choosing a carpet, consider one which matches both your walls and your overall theme. 

Whether you are renovating your entire floor or replacing the old carpeting, you need to find a carpet that matches your gray walls. 

Remember to blend the carpet nicely with the walls to give your rooms an overall warm and cozy aura. Carefully define the exact shade of grey on your wall to help you choose the perfect carpet. 

Gray has two categories: warm and cool. Cooler shades of gray have a blue or pink undertone, while warmer shades of gray have a yellow, almost brown undertone. To determine which shade your wall is, hold a golden piece of paper against your wall. If the golden tone of the paper blends well with the gray, then that is a warm shade. 

Here are a few suggestions to try.

Dark and Light Gray Carpets For A Restful, Minimalist Look


Yes, you can match your gray walls with a dark gray wall-to-wall carpet. Dark gray carpets will blend in perfectly with these walls, creating a seamless harmony. Gray on gray is elegant and also easy to accessorize and combine with other colors. 

Also, a dark gray carpet brings about a restful and calm atmosphere. For instance, in the bedroom, the gray tone is relaxing and makes it easier for your body to calm down and relax. The colors create a tranquil environment perfect for unwinding after a long hard day. 

Dark gray carpets are common in most modern bedrooms, where the furniture has contemporary designs as well. Since both the carpeting and the walls are dark, it is good to incorporate brighter colors in your theme.

Colors such as cream, white, and silver will help break the monotony of having a single color in the room. If you are decorating your bedroom, consider having white beddings.

Dark gray will also match perfectly with gray walls if you make use of the lighting. Use modern lighting fixtures. White or gold bulbs will look just as great as silver. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the different lighting fixtures designs. 

A carpet with a lighter shade of gray will look excellent as well. Whether it is wall to wall or not, light gray blends flawlessly with gray walls. Light gray carpets will also open up your room, giving it a larger illusion. 

Beige or Cream Carpets for A Classy Neutral Look

Dark gray walls will match beautifully with earth-colored carpets. Beige and cream carpets are a perfect example. These colors are warm and lively at the same time and led smoothly with gray. 

Cream is also a sophisticated color, bringing in elegance and class without trying hard. You can pair your carpets with neutral-toned area rugs and mats. The furniture you choose will also depend on your taste and preference but remember to choose ones that match your wall and carpets. 

White Carpets for A Fresh and Neat Look

It’s understandable if the thought of cleaning white carpets prevents you from buying them. But, these carpets look magnificent when paired with gray walls.

White is pristine and changes any room into a fresh and crisp space. 

You don’t have to get pure white carpets as those are hard to maintain, especially if your house has many people in it. Off-whites and muted whites are better alternatives. 

White carpets also open up your room, making them look bigger than they really are. These carpets add a contemporary and formal look to our space. They work best if your wall is a light shade of gray. 

Blue and Green Carpets for an Enlivened Space

You can bring a feel of the ocean right to your house. Blue and green carpets may not seem to match with gray, but, on the contrary, they do. Thankfully, different shades of these colors have made it easier to work with them. 

For instance, if you decorate your baby’s room, lighter shades of blue (Baby or sky blue) work best. You will also need a warm gray hue on the walls for this room. 

For a mature set-up, consider royal or cobalt blue shades that help stress the gray wall. 

Green is equally tricky to work with but not impossible. To make it blend well, ensure your wall is a warm shade of gray. This is because of the yellow undertones, which match better with green. 

Be Bold and Choose Patterned and Multicolored Carpets

Gray walls are bold already, but you can bolder. Choose carpets with intricate patterns for an overall cheerful look. Your space doesn’t need to have muted flooring because of dull-colored carpets. Choose those with patterns and with gorgeous multicolor. 

A vibrantly patterned carpet will transform any room from drab to fab. Multicolored carpets add some part vibes to your room. These pops of color are what you need to brighten up your room (and moods) once in a while. 

While choosing a patterned carpet, go for patterns and colors that have your wall color. Besides this, unless you are decorating a child’s room, stick block patterns and shapes. Too many patterns will give your room a busy look.

When it comes to patterns, less is better. You want a carpet that complements the minimalistic and conservative nature of your gray walls. 

Go Natural with Sisal Carpets

If you want your space to stand out and be unique, then ditch the traditional carpets and go for sisal carpets instead. These are made from raw natural sisal fibers. They are not only stylish but also keep your room warm and cozy. 

Sisal carpets can be white or brown. It is also possible to dye them to any color you fancy. You can choose the natural beige or cream sisal carpets and have a natural yet fashionable feel to your space.

Sisal carpets come in various weaving styles, so you have a wide range of designs to choose from. You don’t have to limit them to your living room only; you can have sisal mats in your bedroom, guestroom, and even kitchen. 

How to Choose A Suitable Color Carpet For Your Gray Walls

Colors only look great if they match and complement each other. When buying a carpet to suit your gray walls, ensure you choose one that matches the walls and the rest of your house. 

Here are a few tips to help you pick a suitable carpet. 

1. Quality

When shopping for a carpet, be keen on the carpet you get. Poor quality carpets will fade over time, leaving you with funny colored rugs. They will start fraying and shedding after a short time. Invest in an excellent quality carpet that is durable. 

Besides, you don’t want a fading carpet to go with your gray walls.

2. Compare patterns and colors

You will need the right colored carpet to match gray walls. You also need to find one with the right shade and finish. Instead of focusing on your wall only, choose a carpet that blends in well with the rest of the furniture and house. 

You also have to decide if your carpets will be the focal point of the room, or all the attention will go to the wall. If you want more focus on the wall, then choose a neutral tone for your carpet. If you want the carpet to be the center of attention, go for bolder colors that still match the gray wall. 

3. Maintenance requirements

Buy a carpet you can keep clean and in good shape. White carpets match flawlessly with gray walls but aren’t suitable in a home with many pets and children.

 Avoid hard-to-clean rugs, no matter the color. Always go for stain-resistant carpets that are easy to clean and maintain. Luckily, such carpets come in a variety of designs and colors. 

4. Size

A room with gray walls is likely to look small and congested, especially if the gray is dark. To lighten up such a room, consider small bright-colored rugs rather than huge wall-to-wall carpeting. 

You don’t need a wall-to-wall cover in every room. Small mats and carpets look better. However, you need to be careful that they match your walls. 

Gray walls are, in themselves, beautiful. They look better when accessorized with matching carpets ad area rugs. 

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