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What Can You Use a Sideboard For?

Do you ever think about that one piece of furniture that just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere? Sideboards are a perfect example.

Even then, you can still use it creatively to add some oomph to your space. So, what can you use a sideboard for?

Sideboards are versatile. They can be used as decorative pieces of furniture or serve the same purpose as console tables. Depending on the design, you can use them for storage or as décor. When used as storage, these boards usually have sliding doors and shelves installed on them. 

How you design and decorate your house depends on your taste and preference. Fortunately, sideboards come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Some can have wooden tops, while some are more classic and have marble tops. 

Did you know that the name ‘sideboard’ originated from the fact that this furniture was always placed on the side of the room where food was served? 

Traditionally, sideboards were commonly used as dining furniture and were often found in the dining room. They were used as storage spaces for utensils. This may be a plausible reason why this piece of furniture is also called a buffet. 

Nonetheless, over time, people became more liberal, and it is common to find sideboards in other house rooms apart from the dining room. 

A sideboard has several uses, and you can style it however you fancy. Read on to find out fun ways to use your sideboard. 

How to style your entryway using a sideboard

Your entryway or hallway is the first room your guests get into when they come into your house. This room, no matter the size, ushers you into your home. Therefore it is an excellent idea to decorate it and make it as warm and welcoming as possible. 

An excellent way to add some personality to this room is by adding a tastefully designed sideboard. Whether you’re going for a minimalistic or a dramatic look, a sideboard will look great. 

You can get it custom-made to fit your theme color. Although traditional boards were simple cupboard-like boards with no legs, present-day sideboards have legs. 

You can add some wall art on the top part of the wall behind the board. A mirror will look just as great, maybe even better. You can also place a vase with beautiful flowers on top of the board.

Be careful not to congest your hallways with the board. To help with this, consider bright neutral colors such as white and lighter shades of gray and brown. Also, have your sideboard made to measure so as not to crowd your space. 

Using A Sideboard as A Display Stand

Do you have fantastic artwork that doesn’t look good on your walls but is great on a display stand? Then your sideboard can be a great asset here. You can turn the board into a display stand. 

To do this:

  1. Find a strategic position in any room of your house and position your sideboard.
  2. Be sure that the space is well lit, open, and away from traffic.
  3. Place your artwork on the sideboards and enjoy the view. 

Artwork is not the only thing you can display. You can also use the board to display your beautiful framed photos, flowers, and other family heirlooms on this board.

Yes, you can still the sideboard in the dining room, not as storage, but as a display for all your potted plants.

If you are a lover of plants, you understand how difficult it can get to show them properly. A sideboard will help you display your plants stylishly.

Irrespective of whether your sideboard is closed or refurbished from old pallets, you can still use it to display your ornaments and even books. As an added advantage, you can put it in any room. If space allows, add a table lamp with a beautiful shade to it. 

Go Traditional With the Sideboard

If you have space in your dining area, you can fit a sideboard and use it as a food display and storage for utensils. 

The best way to do this is by finding a vintage piece and styling it to fit your theme. Alternatively, you can choose to keep the original color and blend it with your dining furniture. Add some extra drama to it and place an artificial potted plant on the board. 

If you have an antique dining set, then a retro sideboard will match perfectly. 

You can find vintage sideboards online or in your local flea markets and thrift stores. All they need is a simple top polish, and they are ready. 

Use Your Sideboard as A TV Stand

A sideboard can be your entertainment spot. Here is how. Instead of buying a TV stand, you can use your sideboard. The top part of the board is spacious enough to fit most TV sizes.

Some boards come with storage where you can store your books, gaming consoles, and other small entertainment gadgets. 

It is even better if your board has an open storage area because you can fit your sound system beautifully. These boards also hide any hanging cables and cords, giving an overall neat entertainment unit. 

The board will also add personality and uniqueness to your living room, since few people know you can use a sideboard as a TV stand. 

You can custom make your sideboard or repaint it to match with your couches. This gives your living room an overall tied, neat and classy look. 

How to Use a Sideboard in Your Home Office

Having a sideboard in an office may be a new concept for many people. But for interior designs, anything can go anywhere and blend in beautifully. 

You can have this furniture in your home office and use it both for display and storage. You display your accolades, flower vases, and other knick-knacks on the board. 

However, while you want to decorate your office to your taste and fill, ensure you don’t overdo it. Your office needs to remain professional yet stylish looking. For this reason, an industrial design sideboard is preferred.

As well, get in a neutral color to ensure it blends in well with the rest of your furniture without sticking out like a sore thumb. 

For extra storage space, consider getting sideboards with shelves and sliding doors. You can use this space to store small stationeries. 

Use Your Sideboard to Display Your Wine and Brew Collection

If you are a wine collector, stashing your favorite bottles in the kitchen cabinet, or worse, under the sink, is a no-no. Do you have an old sideboard lying abandoned in your garage? Use it as a display for your drinks. 

All you have to do is polish it, place it at a convenient spot, and voila. Arrange your wine bottles neatly, and you have yourself a display. Plus, you can store your glasses, napkins, and other accessories in the drawer. Storing your glasses in an enclosed space helps keep them dust-free. 

Your expensive bottles of whiskey and rum will look just as great on this display. They can even serve as décor since some of these bottles have beautiful, intricate designs. 

Use a Sideboard as a Toy Storage

Have you ever tripped on a Lego or a plastic toy building block? Then you understand just how important having a designated toy storage space is.

You don’t have to stash your children’s toys in a cabinet in the bedroom. Place a sideboard in any room you fancy (except the kitchen, of course) and use the drawers as storage for the toys. You can custom make a sizeable sideboard to accommodate all the toys.

Having such storage spaces helps you manage clutter and keep your house clean and tidy, even if kids are around.

Use a Sideboard as a Dresser

Traditional dressers look great aright, but you can add some drama to your bedroom and use a sideboard as your dresser. 

If your dresser is too large or has large drawers that don’t seem to fit in your bedroom, you can switch it up with a sideboard. You will use the sideboard drawers for storage, similar to a dresser. 

To ensure enough storage space, consider custom-making a slightly bigger sideboard and longer than a standard-sized board. You can paint it to match your bed or have it as it is. 

Sideboards are much more preferred than dressers. Here is why. 

 A sideboard is short and will most likely fit in tiny spaces, unlike a dresser. Sideboards are only waist-high. Plus, most sideboards have a combo of drawers and open shelves where you can stash your socks, knickers, and other clothing items. 

If you have no ready sideboard, you can turn your dresser into a sideboard. You will need a dresser that is slightly wide and low to make a suitable sideboard. If it has drawers, you can get rid of the top drawers and use this space as an open shelf. 


Sideboards are slowly making a comeback, not as buffet serving points but as stylish pieces of furniture. They are useful as they are elegant, and it’s time you got yourself one or polish the one gathering dust in your attic.