What Can You Put in a Game Room?

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Creating a dedicated game room at home is the ultimate way to maximize fun and quality time. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, sports superfan, or love hosting lively game nights with friends, a thoughtfully designed game room makes playtime more exciting.

When brainstorming your dream home game room, there are many factors to consider including available space, activities to accommodate, seating options, storage solutions, decor styles, and much more. With so many possibilities, designing the perfect game room setup can feel overwhelming initially. But with the right game room ideas and planning, you can create an incredible space tailored to your interests and lifestyle.

This guide gathers insightful game room ideas and clever tips to help you design an awesome entertainment area filled with all your favorite games and activities. We’ll explore how to optimize the layout, add must-have gaming elements, include multifunctional furniture, display memorabilia, and add standout style. Follow these game room ideas to create a one-of-a-kind hangout space for enjoying quality time at home.

Maximize the Space


First and foremost, consider the physical space and layout. Do you have an entire basement, attic, or spare room to transform? Or are you working with a smaller nook or corner? Take measurements to map out the placement of larger items like pool tables, gaming stations, and seating areas.

For smaller spaces, look for multi-purpose furniture like a dining table that converts to a poker table with a removable top. Or get creative by mounting flat-screen TVs and gaming consoles on the wall to save floor space. Use built-in shelving and closets for storage to open up the room.

Activities and Games

Think about how you want to use your game room. Arcade games, pool, foosball, puzzles, and board games may all be on your wish list! But focus on 1 or 2 anchor activities that will get the most use.

For video gamers, designate an area for gaming chairs, high-powered PCs or consoles, and surround sound speakers. Avid pool players need ample space for a regulation-size table. Board game lovers will want a large table and built-in shelving to neatly store their collection.

Don’t forget extra touches like chalkboard paint for keeping score, a mini fridge for drinks, and a stereo system for background music.

Create Zones

Divide your game room into zones for different activities. One area is for video gaming, another for classic arcade machines or table tennis, and a third zone is for chilling on couches. Use area rugs in coordinating colors or patterns to define each functional space.

Including multiple zones prevents every activity from cramming into one spot. It also allows for separation when you want some alone time gaming while others watch TV.

Comfortable Seating

Comfort is key for enjoying games and entertainment, so select seating suitable for how you’ll use the space. Love hosting poker nights? Invest in a large mahogany card table surrounded by padded folding chairs. Prefer lounging with a controller in hand? Recline on oversized beanbag chairs or sofa sectionals.

If you’ll use the room to watch movies, add tiered stadium seating and ottomans. No matter what types of seats you choose, make sure they promote ease and relaxation.

Storage Solutions

Don’t let gaming gear and equipment clutter up your sleek new space. Incorporate smart storage solutions to keep everything organized. Built-in bookcases with cabinets are great for storing board games, puzzles, controllers, and gaming accessories.

For larger items, use vintage trunks or retro lockers to neatly tuck away air hockey paddles, ping pong nets, and pool cues. Mount flat-panel racks or floating shelves to display gaming consoles in an orderly fashion. And utilize closet space for bulky items like folding chairs and tables.

Vibrant Style

Now for the fun part – give your game room personality with an eye-catching style! Use colorful patterns and neon lights to get that arcade feel. Add custom murals of favorite video game characters on the walls. Or opt for a cool retro vibe with pops of orange, yellow, and turquoise.

Incorporate themed accents like checkered area rugs, gaming artwork, and director’s chairs stenciled with fictional teams. And display your equipment like autographed baseballs, golf clubs, and board games to double as decorative flair.

Must-Have Additions

Certain elements can take your game room from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are some must-have additions:

Pinball Machines – Bring the magic of the arcade to your home with vintage pinball machines. These interactive games provide hours of noisy fun.

Projectors – For a cinematic experience, install a ceiling-mounted projector and pull-down screen to watch movies and play video games on an immersive high-def display.

Gaming Chairs – Serious gamers need a command center! Invest in ergonomic gaming chairs with built-in speakers and rumble motors for full immersion.

Laser Lighting – From starscapes to galactic clouds, laser projectors cast mesmerizing light displays on walls and ceilings to make it feel like you’re gaming in space.

Bars & Fridges – No game room is complete without refreshments handy. Wet bars allow you to mix up cocktails, while mini-fridges keep sodas chilled and accessible.

Scoreboards – For bragging rights, a chalkboard or whiteboard scoreboard lets you track wins and motivate friendly competition.

Game Room Flooring

Don’t underestimate how flooring impacts the look and functionality of your space. A rug over wood or tile adds comfort underfoot and defines zones. Plus, carpeting absorbs sound from rowdy games.

For durability, tile, vinyl plank, or polished concrete withstands heavy use. Laminate and engineered hardwoods are softer underfoot than stone tile. Just be sure to select moisture-resistant flooring if your game room is in a basement.

Finishing Touches

Add final embellishments to give your game room character. Display collectibles like signed sports memorabilia, classic game figurines, or limited edition posters in illuminated cases.

Install old-school arcade machines like PacMan or pinball. Neon signs, marquees, and retro wall clocks add nostalgic flair. And don’t forget mood lighting like blacklights, floor lamps, and novelty table lamps.

Creating an epic home game room takes thoughtful planning, but is well worth the effort. Focus on activities you enjoy, allow for multiple players, add eye-catching decor, and include special touches like bars and projectors. Follow these tips to design your ultimate hangout where the fun never stops!

How can you make the most of natural light when designing your game room?

Strategically place windows and skylights to allow ample natural light into your game room. Paint the walls with light colors to reflect and diffuse sunlight. Install shades and blinds to control glare on TVs or monitors. Consider garage and converted porch spaces which typically have lots of natural light.

What are some ways to incorporate your favorite games into the design?

Use art, posters, or wall decals featuring your favorite video game characters. Display autographed memorabilia from favorite sports teams. Build customized shelving to show off collectible items. Paint a mural with an iconic scene from a beloved game.

How do you create defined spaces in an open game room?

Use area rugs in different patterns or colors to designate separate zones for each activity. Add floor lamps or wall sconces to differentiate seating groups. Install half walls or partitions to divide a large open area. Arrange furniture clusters spaced well apart from each other.

What type of flooring works best for an indoor game room?

 Durable laminate flooring withstands heavy activity while providing comfort underfoot. Tile is great for high-moisture basement rooms. Soft carpet absorbs noise, and adds comfort for lounging areas. Refinished hardwood looks stylish but may dent and scratch easily.

What are some recommended card games for a home game room?

Poker, blackjack, euchre, pinochle, rummy, hearts, spades, and bridge are popular card games for adults. For families, try Uno, Phase 10, Apples to Apples, or classic games like Go Fish, Crazy Eights, and Old Maid.

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