What Can You Put in a Candle Holder Besides Candles?

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Candles have immeasurable effects, perfect for any environment with tons of lovely moods. However, what you may not be aware of about a candle is, its holder can do much more than provide an effective base.

You can infix something more creative and still enjoy an elegant finish in the room. But what else could be put in a candle holder and still uphold such effective themes?

Apart from candles, you can have the candle holder fixed with amazing round wine glasses as well as vase beautiful flowers and plants. These may include lipstick plants, rose petals, carnations, and Lisianthus flowers, among others.

Several home decors that you did not know of use candleholders in their beautification.

As you read on, you will learn a lot more about the candle holders’ features and designs.

What Are the Best Materials for Candle Holders?


Candles are the best way to go when setting the mood for some event. However, there’s always something unique about lighting a candle.

The calmness, peace, and soothing aura it creates in a room burning so quietly goes a great way in our deeper emotions and sensations.

However, the candle is not complete without a holder that will;

  • Support and keep the candle in place
  • Prevent the hot wax spills from flowing all over the surface in addition to their burning nature when in contact with the skin.
  • Enhance its cool aesthetic value thanks to the beauty behind it.
  • Transform the candle’s light. For instance, you don’t need a yellow candle for a yellow event. You can do a white candle in a cool yellow magnificent glass.
  • Sustains the burning flame by keeping the wind off
  • Spread the light evenly all over the surface.

Therefore to match the importances above, you need magnificent bases, candlesticks, and decorative platters for holding your candles.

Advisably, it is, however, best to have holders that will not only serve their main functions of supporting the candles but also holders that will also go a long way in enhancing the emotional function behind the use of the candles.

Such material candle holders may include:

Porcelain Candle Holders

Portmeirion Sophie Conran White Candlestick

These are cup-like candle holders having different shapes and sizes but with a neutral space for the candles, such as the Sophie Conran White and the Mikasa Love Story holders.

Heavy-duty glass holders

NUPTIO 3 Pcs Candlestick & Tealight Candle Holders, Tall Elegant Glass Stylish Design, Ideal for Weddings, Home Decor, Parties, Table Settings & Gifts

These are the best of all time holders with crystal clear and floral designed surfaces such a the 3 Tealight holders. However, when looking for these, you need to make sure you get hard surface glasses that are not easily breakable. Some glasses can be so tricky when exposed to too much heat.

Metal Holders

NUPTIO 2 Pcs Gold Metal Pillar Candle Holders, Geometric Elegant Tealight Holders, Centerpieces for Wedding, Home Coffee Tables Decor, Ceremony and Anniversary (S + S)

You can get amazing designed metals with unique geometric shapes, such as the Gold metal pillar holders. They may vary in dimensions and shapes, but make sure you get anti-rust plates that will create memorable experiences whenever you are in for an event.

What Can You Put in a Candle Holder besides  Candles?

Originally candles were important light fixtures, but with the increasing creativity and innovation in the world. You can do more than candle lighting with the candle holders. Here are what you can put in them.

Floral plants and Flower Petals

Besides their beautification purposes, flowers have unique proven positive energy boosts from their coloration and fresh scents. They are also important in cleaning the air by removing harmful toxins and increasing oxygen supply in the rooms.

Nevertheless, the ratio of flowers you use depends on the type and size of the holder and the plants. For instance, most brightly colored flowers match best with transparent glass holders such as the Teal wedding decors.

In an opaque candle holder, you can display dull but attractive flowers that will fit inside of the brim, leaving their petals on top of the brim so that they look like an encircled unique bunch, such as in Courtney stukers.

Moreover, some flowers are too sensitive to changes in the environment. They can wilt within a short time. As a result, when handling such flowers, it is best to add water to their tins and jars to lengthen their lifespan.

Round Wine Glass Bowls

To maintain a unique and glamorous look without the candles. With porcelain or ceramic holders, you can hook the clean and clear top part of the wine glasses to the porcelain or ceramic candle skills.

Depending on your taste and the location of the handler, you may want to select the porcelain with a unique, bold color, such as in the Candy buffet.  

However, the joining procedure will require the utmost care because the round wine glass should remain as clear as possible without any stains and not even exceed gluing trim.

Fill the Glass Jars with Wax

Clear glass holders work great with this procedure, as well. However, the possibility of the holder toppling because of its height necessitates the use of shorter glass holders. You will need at least 3 or 5 of these glasses for the holders.

Fill each glass holder almost to the top with a different color wax, but ensure that the colors blend.

Avoid dull colors like black and grey.

Arrange them on your worktop in any unique pattern, letting the color blends be the focal point, even without candles, such as in the Kara Crayon Candles

What are the Best locations for candle holders?

To pass a beauty message, your holder’s location is important, whether you have a candle in it or not. This will, however, depend on your need for the candle in the first place.

Generally, before choosing the best spot for the candle, pay attention to these points:

  • Avoid mixing different colors of flowers or multiple scented candles in the same room.
  • You should not leave candles burning in an unattended room, especially if you have children at home.

Below are your best options based upon the room the candle holders will be placed in:

Dining Room

Placing the candle holders around the table makes them more inviting than placing them somewhere else. While it does matter where they are put, their spacing must be appropriate depending on the menu.

Because of the possibility of the food’s aroma mixing up with the flowers, it may be advisable not to use scented flowers.

Living Room

Your choice of flower arrangements and tea light holders should emit relaxing, sociable, and inviting energy. Candles make living rooms more lively when they are used as alternative lighting sources. Therefore using a  perfect candle wall sconce, you can have several candles around a fireplace or anywhere else in the room where you need to focus your attention, such as on coffee tabletops.


Make sure your candle holders are of different shapes and sizes, but not too much difference between them. Additionally, you should be careful with their coloration, avoid color blushes, and always go with blending colors.

Set the candle holders on top of your dresser, close to the mirrors beside other items. This reflects the beauty of the blending flowers in them.


In case you are thinking about remodeling your bathroom, this would be the finishing touch for a cool SPA-like feel to the room.

However, you must choose a color that will work well with any bathroom size. Some flowers can be too strong for a small space bathroom, while other colors can match so perfectly with any bathroom size.

The best plants for bathrooms include spider plants, orchids, ferns, cast iron plants, and snake plants. This is in addition to the fact that the color you choose should accent any other decor in the bathroom, including curtains, rugs, and wall art.

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