What Bedding Goes with Crushed Velvet Bed?

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Choosing the perfect beddings for your crushed velvet bed can be tricky. There are so many options to choose from, and it’s perfectly normal to want all the beddings available on display.

Unfortunately, you might not have the luxury to choose all the beddings available. Still, you could capitalize on my experience to make well-informed decisions about the bedding that would be perfect for you.

On that note, what bedding goes with crushed velvet bed?

A crushed velvet bed fits perfectly with various types of beddings. You just have to consider the size of your bedroom, interior decor theme, weather condition where you reside, and if you’d be comfortable with the bedding material. Once these have been carefully considered, you’d be good to go.

In This Article, I’d be highlighting specific beddings that fit perfectly with crushed velvet beds. And, I’d be taking you through the key factors that must be considered to avoid making wrong bedding choices repeatedly as I did. In my defense, I didn’t know better.

Now, I could make a bedding choice for any crushed velvet bed design with my eyes closed. Enough about me, let’s get into it.

Beddings That Go With Crushed Velvet Bed


1. Cotton Beddings

Cotton beddings go with almost any bed type out there, including crushed velvet beds.

They’re soft, quite affordable, accessible, and easy to maintain. Bear in mind that there are synthetic kinds of cotton out there disguised as 100% cotton, so I recommend that you make your purchase from reputable stores either online or offline.

I should also mention that so many types of cotton materials are often used for beddings, so ensure you choose the most suitable one.

Some very popular ones include; chambray cotton, seersucker cotton, broadcloth cotton, chenille cotton, velveteen cotton, and sateen cotton (which is the most popular cotton used for making beddings).

If you’d be going with cotton beddings, I recommend that you carry out enough research before choosing just any type of cotton bedding. 

2. Polyester Beddings

Polyester is another type of bedding that would fit perfectly with a crushed velvet bed. It is also very comfortable, easy to maintain, soft, and a perfect choice if you’re particular about how long your beddings last. However, polyester beddings are not as breathable and tender on the skin as cotton.

They do not absorb moisture and can get very uncomfortable in hot climates. If you’re considering a type of bedding that’s just as good as cotton but far lighter, polyester beddings would be a perfect choice. 

3. Linen Beddings

Linen bedding is very similar to cotton beddings. The only difference is their production materials. Cotton is produced from cotton seeds, while linen is manufactured from flax plants. Linen is far lighter than cotton and can also retain less water.      

4. Microfiber Beddings

Microfiber beddings also fall into the category of beddings produced from synthetic fiber. One thing I love about microfiber beddings is how fast it dries up after water spillage or thorough washing. It does not retain water for long periods.

They are also less absorbent than cotton and far less wrinkly than polyester. It has a smooth touch similar to silk beddings. If you are looking for a soft, comfortable, easy on the skin, durable and lightweight sheet that’s very affordable, then you should consider microfiber sheets.

5. Satin Beddings

Satin is produced from polyester and has a close resemblance to silk in texture and appearance. It also has a luxurious feel to it. Combining a crushed velvet bed with satin sheets would make your bedroom feel like your very own castle.

But, you have to bear in mind that satin beddings are shiny so ensure the color you settle with compliments the ambiance of your bedroom.

6. Velvet Beddings

Although velvet beddings might feel a little “too velvety” if combined with velvet beddings, It is a suitable choice. Velvet beddings are soft, luxurious, comfortable, and durable (if maintained appropriately).

To get the best out of combining velvet bedding with crushed velvet bed, look out for colors that fit perfectly.

What to Consider When Choosing A Bedding For Your Crushed Velvet Bed

1. The theme of your bedroom

Every bedroom should have a theme. Themes help you maintain a specific pattern that all decorative items must follow. Even the tiniest details matter.

Some hold the notion that beddings don’t necessarily have to match the theme of your bedroom, and they might have a point. But that doesn’t negate the viewpoint that beddings should match the theme of your bedroom.

Because you spend an average of 8 hours daily in your bedroom, you should try as much as possible to make it comfortable and up to taste.   

2. Method of cleaning

The next factor to consider is the cleaning and maintenance of the bedding. You need to know if it is machine-washable or has to be hand-washed. Ensure that you do enough background checks on every bedding choice to know their method of cleaning before selection.

It would be disappointing to realize after purchase that you need a special type of detergent, fabric softener, or washing machine to clean your beddings.

3. If or not you already have patterned designs in your bedroom

Mixing and matching patterns might not be the most suitable interior design choice. If too many patterns are used in the bedroom, it might make you feel uncomfortable.

I once used patterned curtains, beddings, and even patterned wallpaper in my bedroom, which was one of the most uncomfortable experiences ever.

I had to quickly change my beddings to a mix of plain white cotton and velvet fabric. If you have patterned curtains or wallpaper already, going with patterned beddings might be a bad idea. Something more calming should suffice. 

4. Seasonality

Seasonality is a very important factor when choosing beddings. You have to know if the bedding would be comfortable during cold seasons or if it retains its comfort during hot seasons. You have to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before randomly picking just any bedding.

This would prevent you from changing beddings whenever the weather changes. 

5. Fabric Of The Bedding

It’s not just about the look of your beddings and how well it blends into the theme of your bedroom. It is also important to consider the level of comfort that the bedding brings.

You have to know before purchase if the bedding is only fashionable or it’s a combination of fashionability, comfort, and exquisite design. 

6. Cost Of The Bedding

Another factor that must be considered before choosing a bedding for your crushed velvet bed is the cost of the bedding. I’ve come across quite a few outrageously expensive beddings disguised as luxury beddings, and I can outrightly say that some of these beddings are not worth the price.

I’m aware of the fact that some luxury fabrics make your bedroom feel expensive.

But, you should not break the bank trying to acquire a few beddings for your home. This is why you have to conduct enough product research before settling for one.

Check all the outlets that have the bedsheet in stock, compare their prices, and ensure the store you eventually settle for does not sell inferior materials disguised as authentic materials.

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