What Bedding Goes With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

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Finding the perfect bedding to complement your gorgeous cherry wood bedroom furniture can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! This comprehensive guide explores how to pick both colors and textures that enhance (rather than compete with) the warm richness of cherry wood.

You’ll find specific recommendations for complementary color schemes like earthy neutrals, regal greens, and deep burgundies along with advice for pairing pleasing textures like linen, silk, and tufted headboards. See examples of full bedding ensembles for achieving a cohesive look with traditional, country, or modern cherry wood pieces.

Plus, get a helpful recap of tips for pulling it all together through limiting colors, strategic use of patterns, and consideration of lighting.

With this article’s actionable and detailed advice, you’ll be confidently picking bedding that spotlight the timeless beauty of your cherry wood furniture.

Tips for choosing bedding for cherry wood bedroom furniture


  1. Stick to a color palette featuring warm neutrals like white, cream, beige, taupe, or gray. These colors complement the warm tones of the cherry wood beautifully.
  2. Incorporate textures like cotton, linen, chenille, and silk that provide pleasing contrast to the smooth grain of the cherry wood.
  3. Look for subtle patterns like plaids, florals, or pinstripes in muted colors rather than bold, busy prints that compete with the wood grain.
  4. Pull inspiration from nature using colors like olive green, sky blue, lavender, or floral prints that evoke the organic warmth of the cherry wood.
  5. Balance lighter and darker shades of your chosen colors to add depth and dimension. For example, use a warm color cream paired with tan and khaki accents.

Complementary Color Schemes

One of the most important considerations when choosing bedding is selecting colors that complement the warm reddish-brown tones of the cherry wood. Here are some recommended color schemes:


Crisp whites, warm creams, taupe, and gray are versatile neutrals that work beautifully with cherry wood. White or cream bedding provides a clean and fresh contrast, allowing the wood tones to stand out. Soft taupe and gray bring out the subtle nuances in the cherry wood grain. These neutral backdrops allow you to layer in accent colors that can be easily changed out when you want to update your look.

Earth Tones

Rich shades of brown, beige, tan, and khaki mimic the colors found in nature and complement the organic qualities of wood. Pairing cherry wood furniture with bedding in these warm earthy hues creates a grounded, cozy look perfect for a master suite or guest bedroom. Try combining different earth tone shades in your bedding for added depth and interest.

Dark Greens

Deep forest and emerald greens pair elegantly with the reddish undertones of cherry wood. The blend of green and red-brown evokes nature and makes for a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. Dark green bedding provides just enough contrast to make the cherry wood stand out beautifully.

Warm Blues

Shades like indigo, navy, and cobalt blue add a touch of cooling contrast while still complementing the warm hues of cherry wood. These rich blues work especially well for large master bedrooms, creating an opulent hotel suite type of feel. Try navy blue sheets with cherry wood nightstands for a luxurious color combination.

Burgundy and Wine Reds

Deeper reds like burgundy, merlot, and cabernet pair perfectly with cherry wood’s reddish tones. A bedroom decked out in wine-hued bedding and cherry furnishings emanates vintage charm and romantic ambiance. For more modern appeal, use these reds sparingly in accent pillows and throws.

Avoid stark whites or very light colors for your main bedding pieces, as these can overwhelm and compete with the cherry wood rather than complementing it. However, you can use crisp white for accent pillows, window treatments, and lampshades to add brightness and contrast.

Texture Combinations

In addition to color, consider how the textures of your bedding coordinate with the smooth, fine grain of the cherry wood. Here are some pleasing combinations:

Cotton and Linen

Bedding made from natural cotton, linen, or cotton-linen blends mimics the organic qualities of wood. The casual softness and breathability of these textiles offset the sleekness of the cherry wood in an inviting way.

Textured Throws and Pillows

Chenille, boucle, nubby knits, and faux fur throws over cotton duvet covers add cozy textural contrast. Try combining pillows in a range of woven textures and patterns for additional interest.

Silk and Satin

For a luxurious look, pair the polished sheen of cherry wood with the sleek shimmer of satin and silk bedding. The blend of natural and synthetic textiles creates an opulent feel. Stick to solid colors rather than busy prints.

Tufted Headboards

The uniform button-tufting of an upholstered headboard provides pleasing textural contrast and brings added comfort and padding to balance out the sleek lines of wood furnishings.

Carefully Curated Patterns and Prints

While it’s best to avoid overly busy patterns that compete with the grain patterns in the wood, some subtle organic prints and textured patterns can complement cherry wood’s elegance beautifully. Here are some options that work well:

Botanical and Floral Prints

Cherry wood paired with bedding in natural floral and plant prints evokes cherry blossoms, rose gardens and lush forests. Look for muted, painterly floral designs for a romantic, vintage look. Cotton sateen duvet covers and shams printed with delicate roses, hydrangeas or ferns will beautifully accent the cherry nightstands.

Plaids and Checks

Classic plaids and checks in cotton, linen or wool add a refined contrast to the cathedral grain patterns of cherry wood furniture. Keep the color palette muted and avoid overly bold tartans. A heirloom-feeling wool plaid throw at the end of the bed is an elegant touch.


Thin pinstripes on cotton, linen or satin add subtle linear contrast. The crispness of finely striped bedding plays nicely against the flowing organic patterns in the cherry wood.

Damask and Brocade

Metallic threaded jacquard wovens like damask and brocade complement the elegance and formality of cherry wood. The combination of natural wood with ornate textiles creates an opulent feel perfect for a hotel suite. Stick to damasks and brocades in a single muted color without vivid patterns.

Simple solids or tone-on-tone textures in natural fabrics tend to work best as your bed’s foundation – duvet cover, fitted sheet, shams, and pillowcases. Use printed throws, coverlets or accent pillows to incorporate patterns and prints in smaller doses if desired. Avoid loud graphic prints or overly vibrant patterns. Let the beauty of the cherry wood grain take center stage by keeping bedding prints subtle.

Bedding Ideas for Different Cherry Wood Bedroom Styles

Now that we’ve covered complementary colors, textures and patterns, let’s look at full bedding ensembles that work beautifully with different styles of cherry wood bedroom furniture.

For Traditional Cherry Wood Furniture:

A bedroom outfitted in classic American traditional cherry furniture calls for timeless, refined bedding. Think:

  • An ivory matelassé or quilted cotton duvet cover with matching shams
  • White linen or cotton pillowcases
  • A wool plaid throw blanket draped at the foot of the bed
  • A bed skirt in a subtle print like Toile de Jouy or delicate florals
  • Accent pillows in plaids, tapestry or embroidered designs

The fresh white bedding allows the traditional cherry wood furniture to take center stage, while the classic plaid, tapestry prints and bed skirt provide just the right dose of pattern and texture in keeping with the traditional style.

For Country Cottage Cherry Wood Bedroom Sets:

Aim for relaxed, casual bedding to complement the rustic charm of country cottage cherry wood furniture. Ideas include:

  • A duvet cover and sham in classic red and white buffalo check or navy ticking stripes
  • A cozy cotton chenille bedspread as an alternative to a duvet
  • Lots of down-filled mix and match patterned pillows
  • A homemade quilt for extra homespun appeal
  • Gingham or delicate floral cotton shams
  • Frilly eyelet bed skirt

The relaxed country bedding will add to the welcoming, cozy charm of distressed country-style cherry wood furniture.

For Minimalist Modern Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture:

Clean-lined modern cherry wood calls for pared-back, sophisticated bedding like:

  • Solid white, black, gray, or cream duvet covers and shams
  • A black and white diamond pattern quilt
  • Black satin pillowcases
  • Throws and pillows in nubby textures like boucle and chenille
  • A black quilted cotton headboard
  • Metallic dark color gray or copper bed frame

The muted, minimalist bedding allows the gorgeous grain and rich color of the modern cherry wood case pieces to take the spotlight while adding high-contrast interest.

Tips for Pulling It All Together

  • Stick to a maximum of 2-3 complementary colors in your bedding for a cohesive look. The cherry wood will add warmth.
  • Layer texture with pillows and throws but keep the base simple – avoid busy patterns here.
  • Add most of your pattern to pillows, window treatments, rugs, and artwork instead of duvet covers.
  • Choose appropriately sized bedding for your mattress & bedroom. Overly voluminous bedding can overwhelm the cherry wood’s sleek lines.
  • If your walls are neutral, inject more color into your bedding. For colored walls, use more neutral bedding.
  • Lighting counts – make sure your bedroom lighting showcases the true colors at night.

Cherry wood bedroom furniture has a timeless beauty and versatility that pairs well with a wide range of bedding colors, prints, and textures. Follow these tips to select bedding that enhances (rather than competes with) the warm elegance of your cherry wood furnishings. Sweet dreams!

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