What Bedding Goes with a Gray Bed?

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Every bedroom needs a bed that serves as the focal point of the room. Choosing a grey bed for your bedroom is an essential first step in creating a space that fits your needs.

The next step to ask yourself would be, what kind of bedding goes with a gray bed?

Bedding with a high-contrast color goes well with a gray bed. Depending on how light or dark the grey bed is, you need to go for the opposing shade of any color. Gray mixes well with any type of texture, pattern, print, and color. It is also a versatile option for most design styles or themes.

After choosing the right bed color to create a lovely aesthetic in your bedroom, you need to think about what kind of bedding goes well with it.

A gray bed provides limitless styling possibilities, whether on the lighter shade or, the darker shade of the color. Having neutral base furniture makes it easy to play with different types of design.

The gray goes well with any pastel colors or any striking colors. The key is to find the proper contrast for the actual shade of grey that your bed has.

Light grey beds look great when paired with pastel shades of blue or blush pink. While charcoal grey beds look fantastic with vibrant colors like bright yellow and pink.

What bedding color goes well with a gray bed?


Colors that go well with a gray bed are colors that are in high contrast with the shade of grey you have chosen for the bed.

The grey color acts as the middle ground for white and black. Grey beds go well with both opposite sides of the basic color. The same goes for any other color you could think of.

You need to pick a shade, whether a lighter one or a darker one.

A dark grey bed would match well with a white-based type of bedding. Same with lighter shades of popular neutral colors like cream, beige, and taupe.

You can also choose vibrant shades but pick the pastel or the pale version of the color.

White or light-based color beddings will brighten up any room. It will allow the sunlight to make your room appear extra brighter during the day. It will give you a pleasant feeling every time you walk into your bedroom, and you will feel energized throughout the day.

White beddings are always a smart choice during hot weather. You should always have a set of white beddings for the summer every year.

But if you have a light grey bed, it would match well with darker shade types of beddings. It needs to be at least 2-3 shades darker than your favorite primary base color to achieve a dramatic polished effect.

Black or Blue are perfect examples of dark colors.

Beddings in the darker shade are often popular with teens and adult males. Black color often represents style, elegance, and sophistication.

It brings out a warm and cozy feeling in a bedroom, especially during cold winter nights.

What color palette goes well with a grey bed?

You can mix and match any colors you want with a grey-based type of furniture.

According to HGTV, grey is today’s trendiest color. It fits well with both sides of the color spectrum. Choosing a color palette for your bedding will make it more stylish and pleasing to the eye.

A color palette is a layering of colors that will fit well with your chosen interior design for a specific room. The rule of three gives us 3 colors to choose from when styling a room.

You must choose which of those 3 colors are your Dominant, Secondary, and Accent color.

The dominant color can be the color of your fitted sheets, pillowcases, and flat sheets, which cover 60% of the entire color layering.

The secondary color can cover 30% of the bedding, like the duvet cover or the bedspread. The accent colors can be your throw pillows or warmer blankets, which cover 10%.

Once again, high-contrast are widely fashionable to use as the color palette of your beddings. You can play with it by choosing to complement opposite shades.

Dominant can be a light color, and the secondary can be a darker shade of the dominant color. The accent can be a striking contrast of either the dominant or the secondary.

Aside from colors, you can always play with patterns, textures, and prints in your beddings. Adding it as an accent piece of bedding can make the color palette more stylish.

What design style beddings go well with a gray bed?

Decorating any space is always based on your personal style. Showcasing your personal style might mean you would get inspiration from one or more types of interior design.

I have listed some trending design aesthetics that go well with a gray bed.

Does Modern Design style go well with a gray bed?

Modern design style matches well with a grey bed.

Modern design started in the 20th Century. It uses basic color palettes, which favor simple neutral colors. To create a sleek modern inspired bedding, layer with a high-contrast colored blanket and fold it crosswise on top of the duvet as an accent.

Does Contemporary Design style go well with a gray bed?

The contemporary design matches well with a grey bed.

Gray has been in style for most of the last decade and continues to be a popular choice in furniture, fashion, or in design. That’s why it can be base furniture for contemporary design. Quite like Modern design, Contemporary also favors neutral color palettes.

Does Minimalist Design style go well with a gray bed?

Minimalist Design matches well with a grey bed.

Minimalist design implies that less is more. It also prefers neutral colors with an accent of striking colors for dramatic effect. But unlike contemporary design, Minimalist avoids the use of patterns and textures.

Does Scandinavian Design style go well with a grey bed?

Scandinavian Design style matches well with a grey bed.

This classic modern design combines the use of form-pressed wood, bright plastics, and an all-white color scheme. A pop of color is evident in carpets or in works of art that also have a minimalist-inspired silhouette. Grey can be a perfect neutral base color to mix and match with Scandinavian elements in your bedding. 

You can buy an all-white or cream-based bedding set. With an accent of cozy textured fabrics and sleeping pillow pieces that imitate the color of light wood to achieve the look.   

Does Shabby Chic Design style go well with a grey bed?

Shabby Chic Design matches well with a grey bed.

Shabby Chic design incorporates vintage furniture pieces with soft, delicate, and feminine accents. Color palettes are white, cream, and pastels. To achieve the style, top light-colored bedding set with a fur blanket piece.

A grey bed is wonderful base furniture that can match any type of design style today. The color grey is such a versatile color that you can never go wrong with it. You can mix and match any other color, pattern, fabric, print, or texture and would not get it wrong.

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