What Are the Best Placemats for a Round Table?

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It is difficult to decide what placemats to use for your round table. Most people prefer using rectangular placemats, even on a round table.

Placing rectangular placemats on a rounded table will make them look bulky and unattractive. So, what are the best placemats for a round table?

Famibay PVC Wedge Placemats are the best for a round table. These placemats are eco-friendly and easy to use. Using polyester and PVC material makes it last longer on a round table.

Apart from this, there are several other placemats that you can try for your round table. These placemats will surely make your table look beautiful and also enhance its durability.

If you are curious about what makes these placemats better than other products, this article will help you answer this and other similar questions.

3 Best Placemats for a Round Table


Following this, I have reviewed the 3 best placemats for a round table currently available in the market. The following in-depth review will explain why you should choose these placemats if you have a round table.

1.    Famibay PVC Wedge Placemats

Famibay PVC Wedge Placemats Set Heat Resistant Non-Slip Stain-Resistant Vinyl Cross Weave Place Mats for Round Table Washable Kitchen Table Placemats Set of 7 Blue

Famibay PVC Wedge Placemats here on Amazon!

If you are searching for an elegant placemat for a round table, you must prefer this PVC Wedge Placemats by the Famibay brand. This placemat comes in three different sets.

You can either choose a set of 4, a set of 6, or a set of 7 with the Famibay placemat. Each of the sets contains multiple place settings and a single round center. You can put the round center as a serving placemat.

Apart from multiple size options, the Famibay placemat also introduces many colors. Black, blue, brown, and grey are some popular shades that you can choose with this placemat.

Because of the vast range of color options, it will become easier for you to pick the placemat that suits your table design. Though this mat is thin, it is still durable and long-lasting. Using polyvinyl chloride material makes this placemat last longer.

Heat-resistant is another notable feature of this product. This heat-resistant will protect the table from damage that may occur because of high temperature.

Besides, many people complain about the slipping of mats while using the table. However, with the Famibay placemats, you will not encounter any such issue. The non-slip property of this unit makes it stick to the table.

Also, the Famibay placemats are much easier to wash. You can conveniently wipe off the stains and other unwanted marks from the table using a wet cloth. Other than this, you can even apply the water directly for washing.


  • Insulated material
  • Non-slip feature
  • Eco-friendly


  • The weave is not very strong.
  • The lighter color of this placemat gets quickly dirty.

2.    SHACOS Round Table Placemat

SHACOS Round Table Placemats Set of 4 Wedge Placemats Heat Resistant Woven Vinyl Table Mats Indoor Outdoor Wipe Clean (4, Teal Blue)

SHACOS Round Table Placemats here on Amazon!

SHACOS is another popular placemat designed, especially for round dining tables. It comes with curved edges that easily align with the rounded table. The unique texture and glossy sheen make it seem beautiful.

You will also notice bamboo-like weave strips and classic basket weave in the design of the SHACOS placemat. Besides, with this product, you will receive 18 different color options and 3 size variants. You can pick a set of 4, set of 7, or set of 8 with this product as per your table size.

Blue, beige, black, grey, and gold are popular colors SHACOS has introduced in this placemat. As per your preference, you can choose any colors that match your interior and table shade.

Besides, it also works as a protective layer for the dining table. It will keep your table protected from scratches. Also, dealing with food spills will become easier if you have placed the SHACOS placemat on the table.

However, unlike the previously reviewed placemat, this one is not completely waterproof, but a small quantity of water will not harm this placemat. Other than this, removing stains on the SHACOS placemat is also easier.

If you notice any tough stains, you will require using soapy water to remove them. Wipe it after every meal so that you can keep it clean for a longer period.

Further, the insulation power of the SHACOS placemat is also high. It can easily withstand a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, making it a heat-resistant product. The best thing is that you can use this unit for outdoor, patio, or office dining as well.


  • Non-fading property
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to wash


  • The mat transmits liquid spills.
  • A bit slippery

3.    Immokaz Round Placemat

Immokaz Round Placemat for Dining Heat Insulation Stain Resistant Non-Slip Waterproof Washable Wipe Clean PU Fan Shape Wedge Kitchen Table Mat Set (6, Wine Purple)

Immokaz Round Placemats here on Amazon!

Whether you want a placemat for your office, patio, or outdoor table, you can choose the Immokaz Round Placemat as it works well for all places. This product by the Immokaz brand is highly durable and comes in two different sizes.

Apart from two size options, this placemat also has 8 varieties of color options you can select according to your requirement. You can either prefer a set of 4 or a set of 6 placemats with this unit.

This placemat has a leather texture that makes it seem extra charming and appealing. Unlike other placemats, you can even use this product for marble tables and glass dining tables.

Using tough material makes it fit the marble table. Around the corners, you will also notice accent stitching that adds additional attractiveness to the Immokaz placemat.

Cleaning this placemat will not be an issue for anyone. The materials are easily wipeable, and you can even get rid of tough stains from the placemat using the damp sponge.

Another thing to praise in the Immokaz round placemat is the use of heat-resistant materials. This material ensures that no stains or scratches occur on the table. Not only this, but the Immokaz placemat can even handle heat and water.


  • Spill-resistant
  • Easy to wash
  • Non-slipping


  • Not suitable for large tables
  • Size is small

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Placemat for Round Table

Before you choose the placemat for your round table, there are a few things that you should focus on. This buying guide about the best placemats will let you pick the right product as per your preference.

The Shape of the Placemat

The shape is the first thing that you should watch while preferring a placemat. Rectangle, square, round, and oval are common shapes that you will notice with the placemats.

Though you can choose any placemat shape as per your preference, I suggest you go for a round placemat if you have a round table. Other than the round shape, you can also select the placemat with an oval shape for a round table.

Size of Placemat

Another prime thing to consider in the placemat is its size. Each of the placemats comes in different sizes. To get a better idea of the size, you should first know your table dimensions.

Knowing the table dimensions will let you pick the placemat with the right size. If you want to purchase a rectangle placemat, go for a 14 inches x 18 inches size, while for a square one, 13 x 13 inches or 8 inches x 8 inches will be a much better option.

Besides, with round and oval placemats, the recommended size to choose is 15 inches diameter and 13 inches x 19 inches, respectively.

Material of the Placemat

No matter what type of placemat you choose, focus on the material if you want it to last longer. Placemats come in different materials such as leather, bamboo, PVC, wood, and plastic.

Apart from this, you may also notice placemats having suede, linen, lace, and cotton fabric on it. Though several material options are available in placemats, PVC, lace, cotton, and linen are the most common ones.

In terms of heat absorption, the fabric mats are ideal. But if you want a highly durable placemat, then prefer the PVC material.

Color of the Placemat

If you want the placemat to suit the color theme of your home, then you should also focus on the color of the placemat.

Most manufacturers produce placemats with various color options, so you will struggle to choose the one that suits your home color theme. Also, make sure that the placemat color matches the shade of your dining table and the tablecloth.

How to Set Placemats on a Round Table?

Setting a placemat on a round table is not a complicated task. The difficult thing is to locate the right table for the round table. Most people usually struggle to find a suitable placemat for their round table.

Using round or wedge placemats will work fine for such tables. However, if you want to use a rectangular placemat, then you might struggle in that case.

After picking the correct placemat, place them on the table and ensure to give them evenly space. Also, leave equal distance between chairs which will give a much better appearance.

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