What are The Best Blinds for Blocking Out The Light?

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Different people have different lighting needs. While some appreciate natural lighting during the day, others prefer having dark rooms throughout, possibly because of the nature of their jobs.

If your working schedules are at night and you sleep during the day, you probably wonder what the best blinds for blocking out light are?

There is a range of blinds that you can use to block out light, helping you create dark rooms for privacy or resting reasons. You can operate some of these blinds manually, while others are automated. They also come in varying budgets to accommodate people with different spending powers.

I have created a detailed list of some of the best blinds available in the market today for blocking out light. Take a look.

Blackout Roller Blinds


I picked this type for the convenience it creates at homes. The roller blinds impressed me because you can control how much light comes into your rooms. Choose the fabric’s opacity that matches the amount you want to get inside.

The roller blinds are called so because of the mechanism used during operation. Unlike curtains that you draw side by side, these are operated by rolling them up and down. You can roll them manually or have automated electric roller blinds.

Whether you want total or partial darkness in your rooms, these blinds will provide you with your desired outcome. They are made from different materials, providing you with various price ranges.

Perfect Fit Blackout Roller Blinds

An excellent option for homeowners whose houses are fitted with UPVC windows. These blinds blend perfectly well with these windows, and no screwing is required. The perfect fit blackout roller blinds are fitted directly into the frames, leaving no spaces that could let light inside.

Besides providing a total blackout in your rooms, these blinds are aesthetic and can be customized to match your interior décor.

You can operate these binds by pulling a chain or tab-handle strategically fitted at the bottom hem. Also, you can use an App to control them through a central integration. Of course, you will buy them at different prices depending on how you control them.

Roman Blinds

Arlo Blinds Thermal Room Darkening Fabric Roman Shades, Color: Graphite, Size: 34" W X 60" H, Cordless Lift Window Blinds

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These create a luxurious feel to the rooms they are put in. What I love most about the roman blinds is that they help with light control and temperature regulation. I find these features incredible since it is clear that you never have to worry about your furniture fading from the hot sun rays.

Roman blinds are made from a soft fabric and adorned with clean pleats that you can customize to fit your rooms. Their soft lines create an adorable finish that makes your windows strikingly beautiful.

These blinds look like drapes and completely cover your windows. They give you control over the light entering your house through the windows.

Cellular Blinds

Cellular Blinds Cordless Blackout Honeycomb Shades Fabric Window Blinds 34" W x 64 " H, Cool Silver(Blackout)

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These resemble the roller blinds with an exception – they are available in 4 options. They are stylish and provide energy efficiency too. These blinds are made with a continuous fabric to prevent having openings that can let light inside.

The main 4 options available are motorized, bottom-up, cordless, and top-down. They offer insulation through the number of cells per blind. They can have single, double, or triple cells, and the more there is, the better the insulation.

Blackout Panel Blinds

LETAU Sliding Panels Track Blinds, 100% Blackout Made to Order Vertical Blinds for Large Windows, Sliding Doors, Open Spaces and Room Dividers, Dark Grey

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You are probably worried about your full window or glass doors and how to create blackout since most blinds are made for standard windows. It’s no biggie, as the blackout panel blinds allow you to control the light passing through these types of windows and doors.

These blinds are made with the same material as blackout roller blinds. Regardless of the size of your glass door or full window, these blinds cover them entirely without leaving room for light to pass. Roll them up when you want light inside and down when you need privacy and blackout in your rooms.

Honeycomb Blinds

Matinss Cellular Shades Cordless Window Blinds Honeycomb Shades for Home and Windows Bedroom, Blackout Shades, Beige-White, 27x64

Honeycomb Blinds are available here on Amazon!

These are ideal for people that love everything minimalistic. Although not limited to this group of people, these blinds work well in all types of rooms. Whether you intend to use them in the living room or bedrooms, they perfectly blend in.

Honeycomb blinds have a minimalistic design and provide lighting control. They are more efficient than most blackout blinds, and the level of privacy depends on the number of cells in a blind.

Why Are Blinds for Blocking Out the Light Important?

Some of the main reasons people use blinds are to have privacy and control over the amount of light in their house. Blinds are also important for the following reasons:

They help in Health Improvement

Most people suffering from sleep deprivation suffer so because of the types of environments they sleep in. Most of these environments always let light in, and one could barely differentiate day from light. Luckily, this challenge can be solved by using blinds to block light.

Your mind has to be in a calm environment – a dark one makes it easier to fall asleep. With the blinds, you can create such an environment, helping you improve your sleep patterns. Better sleep makes you more energetic and productive.

They Help in Reducing Energy Bills

We have seen that blinds provide energy efficiency. By blocking the harsh sun rays from entering your house, the internal environment remains at regulated temperatures, and you won’t need to switch on your AC. Also, when you want the light to enter, just roll the blinds, so you do not have to keep power running during the day.

They Help in Protecting Property

Furniture and other property inside the house are susceptible to fading when subjected to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Fading can make them look ugly and devalue their worth. You can block much of the rays with the blinds, keeping your property in good condition.

Roll down your blind whenever there are harsh sun rays. These blackout blinds are also handy in areas with extreme weather elements for the same reason.

They Help in Improving the Interior Décor

While blackout blinds are great for blocking light from getting inside, they are also suitable for improving the interior décor. How? Instead of creating a dull space when rolled down, your blinds can have a flawless blend with your interior property.

Such consistency creates a livelier and more relaxing environment you can enjoy. Today, these blinds come with varying colors and patterns you can choose from. If you have a bold personality, there are great options that will represent you.

They Help Reduce Noise

Light and noise are common disturbances that interfere with our sleeping patterns. Fortunately, blinds for blocking out light have properties that help with noise cancellation. This property is convenient for people that live in noisy locations.

Roll your blinds down when you are tired of what is happening outside. They cancel noise from the outside, providing you privacy and a quiet environment you can enjoy without worrying about what is happening outside.

Are you planning to fit your windows or glass doors with blinds to block out light? I hope I have provided useful information on the different types available and why people use them for their homes. Enjoy your new convenience and choose one that suits your needs and budget the best.

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