What are the Best Blinds for a Kitchen Window?

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Kitchen blinds can be challenging to find, especially when you are unsure of what you want. Because of the various options available, people get confused while picking the right blinds for their kitchen window. So, what are the top blinds for a kitchen window?

The US Window and Floor Cordless are among the best blinds that you can choose for your kitchen window. Using durable polyvinyl chloride material makes it last longer. It also has non-leaded PVC slats, which enhance durability.

Following, I have explained more about the US Window and Floor Cordless blind. Other than this blind, you can get to know a few other blinds that you can choose for your kitchen.

I have also revealed the popular blinds in this article.

3 Best Blinds for a Kitchen Window


Here, I have reviewed the three best blinds for a kitchen window that will surely give you the desired outcome. By reading the review, you can decide which blind will be ideal for you.

1.    US Window and Floor Cordless Blinds

US Window And Floor 2" Faux Wood 34.625" W x 36" H, Inside Mount Cordless Blinds, 34.625 x 36, White

US Window And Floor blinds are here on Amazon!

US Window and Floor Cordless are the most versatile blinds that come with high-quality material. It comes in a white color that is suitable for many home interiors. This set of blends has a wood grain look PVC slat, which makes it look great.

Using polyvinyl chloride in the blinds makes it last longer. This material easily blocks the light and does not like light to reach indoors when it is closed. You can even open it if you want the passage of light.

The wide spacing among the slats will help you conveniently enjoy the outside view. Therefore, as per your wish, you can either keep the blinds open or close whenever needed.

Further, 34.625 x 36 inches is the size of this blind, making it ideal for both small and large homes. Even if you have kids at home, you can still use it as it does not cause any tangling.

It also has decorative valance that will keep the steel headrail hidden. The steel headrail is heavy-duty which is highly durable. It does not have exposed lift cords, which makes it look elegant.

The only issue with the US Window and Floor Blinds is that it does not have color or size options. So, you will only have to choose 34.625 x 36 inches of white in color with this product, even if you dislike it.


  • Durable polyvinyl chloride material
  • Non-leaded PVC slats
  • Easy to install


  • No size or color options

2.    ShadesU Zebra Dual Layer Blinds

ShadesU Zebra Dual Layer Roller Sheer Shades Blinds Light Filtering Window Treatments Privacy Light Control for Day and Night (Maxium Height 72inch) (Cream Color) (Width 20inch)

ShadesU Zebra Dual Layer Blinds here on Amazon!

If you want blinds with sheer roller shades, then you must prefer the ShadesU Zebra Blinds. It is a combination of both the Venetian blinds and the roller shade. The best thing about ShadesU Blinds is that it comes with 20+ size options.

Apart from sizes, you will also receive four color options. Brown, cream, gray, and white are the four shade options that you will get with ShadesU Blinds.

Further, instead of using tilting slats, the ShadesU Blinds uses solid and sheer slats. The solid and sheer slats will help you adjust it as per your wish. These slats will help you achieve the precise amount of light you want.

Besides, you can also adjust the light or privacy using the slats. You can also pull these blinds away to enjoy the unobstructed view. It also has a built-in cord, which might not be suitable for small children.

However, the cord is shorter, which makes it less hazardous for kids. Because of the short length, the cord will surely stay out of reach of pets and children.


  • Outside and indoor mounting types
  • It comes in multiple sizes
  • %100 polyester


  • The cord makes it less secure

3.    Foiresoft Basic Window Blinds

Foiresoft Custom Cut to Size, Basic, Caramel, W 23 x H 55 inch Zebra Roller Blinds, Dual Layer Shades, Sheer or Privacy Light Control, Day and Night Window Drapes, 10 to 110 inch Wide

Foiresoft Basic Window Blinds here on Amazon!

Foiresoft Basic blinds are an excellent option if you do not want total blackout. Foiresoft Basic Window Blinds have a sleek faux-wood look to them. A smart privacy slat and a lift-up bottom rail make change easy.

Foiresoft Blinds with multiple neutral hues are available in a wide selection of sizes. Further, it features a premium quality material that is ant-static and durable. The material does not cause any odor and is ventilated.

Apart from the kitchen, you can even use the Foiresoft blinds for your dining room, living room, and even bathroom as well. Besides, the width of this blind is around 23 inches, while its height is 55 inches.


Durable material




  • Weight is heavy, making it difficult to lift.

Types of Window Blinds for Kitchen

There are various window blinds types you can choose for your kitchen. Following, I have explained about all those window blinds.

Modern Roman Shades

LETAU Wood Window Shades Blinds, Bamboo Light Filtering Custom Roman Shades, New Pattern 9

Modern Roman Shades here on Amazon!

The Roman shade is associated with class, tradition, and elegance, as its name implies. Their design is beautiful, and they have fantastic lighting. Because of their ability to let in sunlight while allowing privacy simultaneously, they make an excellent choice.

Each manufacturer offers different designs, styles, and textures for their shades. Besides being waterproof, Roman shades also make ideal kitchen blinds. Those with windows above the sink area will find them excellent choices as well.

Roman shades are an effective way to create a neutral atmosphere in a modern kitchen. Depending on manufacturing, they have different fabrics, patterns, and textures that you can choose as per your need.

With a darkening panel, they are also great for privacy concerns. Roman shades are an excellent choice for kitchen blinds because they are durable and long-lasting.

Woven Wooden Shades

Radiance 2208854E Cordless Roman Shade, 30“ x 64”, Driftwood

Woven Wooden Shades here on Amazon!

The most popular kitchen blinds today are woven wooden shades. In particular, they come in handy on windows above kitchen sinks. Blinds made of woven wood add a natural touch to the kitchen by softening the metallic look of the sink area and bringing the area a more natural feeling.

Woven wooden blinds and shades are made from various materials, including bamboo, grass, reeds, etc. Each of these materials has a strong lifespan that is as long as the house itself.

Besides their ability to resist loss of shape, wood shades are also cherished by many. When well maintained, they remain in good shape for years. Because of their ability to reduce breakage, fade, and bow, wood shapes gradually became popular.

A room darkening liner is needed if you are using woven wooden shades. Liners provide privacy for people with concerns and to be decorative as well.

A woven wooden shade is a great way to control the light in your kitchen. Make sure you always use vinyl protection on wooden blinds so that they are protected from wetness and last for a long time.

Cellular Shades

Bali Blinds Cordless Light Filtering Cellular Shade, 34" x 64", White

Cellular Shades here on Amazon!

You may also want to consider cellular shades for your kitchen. They are present in a wide range of colors. Choosing cellular shades based on your home décor is important since there is always one that matches.

A layer of insulation is often built into cellular shades to keep your kitchen warm while you cook. With cellular shades, you can choose from two basic styles: single cells or dual honeycombs.

In terms of insulation, the dual honeycomb design comes out on top. For different user needs, they are also available in a variety of fabrics and textures.

The chances are greater that you can locate a cellular shade that matches the decor and design of your home. Combining two different textures will give you a nice artistic touch. As they are independently controlled, they can also be applied to sliding doors.

Shades made of cellular material are durable and maintain their fresh look for many years. Despite their durability, they seldom crack or fade due to wear and tear. Choosing them is the best option if you want a way to control the temperature in your kitchen.

Faux Wood Blinds

US Window And Floor 2" Faux Wood 35" W x 60" H, Inside Mount Cordless Blinds, 35 x 60, White

You should choose faux wood blinds for your kitchen window if it is present near your cooking area. It only takes a wipe with soap water to clean them. As well as being extremely durable, they are also very long-lasting.

Because of the natural wood, they are constructed from faux wood blinds that have nice grain patterns. TruGrain, a type of vinyl material, also coats them. The aim is to protect the blondes from fading, cracking, breaking, and bowing.

This feature is vital for them since they are near heat sources. Its construction will prevent warping or bowing even in extreme heat. Faux wood blinds and shades can be made from various materials, including bamboo, grass, etc.

UV rays are not a problem for faux wooden blinds. To prevent wooden blinds from being damaged by UV rays, Polysatin is used.

It is known that UV rays can cause a great deal of damage to kitchen blinds and other items without this protection. Also, it protects your kitchen cabinets, furniture, and other items from fading due to UV rays.

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