What are Priscilla Curtains

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Priscilla curtains offer a romantic, old-fashioned look to a room. They are extra-wide, typically made from sheer materials, and have ruffles along the inner edge and bottom of the curtain.

Some styles, like those for bathroom and kitchen windows, have a bottom-tier. It is a straighter curtain that hangs from curtain rods positioned halfway down the window frame. When there is a bottom curtain, tiebacks are often omitted.

Are Priscilla Curtains Out of Style?


Priscilla curtains are not out of style!

They never went out of style and have been used non-stop as a window treatment.

They have been used to adorn kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom windows and are made from elegant fabrics for living and dining rooms.

The type of fabric used typically dictates the type of room they are best in. The traditional lacy, lightweight curtains are perfect for kitchen and bathroom windows because they allow in plenty of light, making the room bright and cheery.

Priscilla bedroom curtains are often available in patterns that match bedding for a complete, cohesive feel. Now, more people are using overlapped Priscilla curtains for their living room and dining room areas.

These styles are made from heavier materials, including velvet and brocade, but may not have all the ruffles found in less formal settings.

Priscilla curtains have been a popular style throughout the years and continue to be a mainstay in window coverings. Priscilla curtains are timeless and have been updated to represent current times. 

Some of the newest fashions styles of Priscilla curtains include bold colors and rich brocade and designs. These are most often found in more formal rooms. They can also include accents such as beaded trim and elegant trims to complete the formal look.

Priscilla Curtains for a Bedroom:

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Priscilla curtains are often seen in bedrooms. They come in styles and fabrics that match the bedding for a consistent look. Priscilla curtains are the perfect choice for a romantic look and are often used to accent rustic, shabby chic, French-inspired, and down-home country style.

They are used in children’s rooms but more in girls’ rooms than boys because they do impart a feminine look with their ruffled edges.

Some of the best things about Priscilla curtains are their versatility and the affordable price. They are great for a little girls’ room because they can be easily changed out when they outgrow their style and upgraded without breaking the bank.

Vintage Priscilla Curtains:

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Until the mid-18th century, window covers were only found in the bedrooms of the rich and rarely in other rooms. Priscilla curtains came into fashion during the Colonial Revival. At first, they were only in luxurious homes.

They initially were used to adorn the windows of parlor rooms, but at the beginning of the 19th century, even middle-class families were dressing their windows in curtains, including Priscilla.

Elegant homes of this time paid great detail to the curtain rods as well. Because a portion of the rod may be exposed, some of them were very ornate. The higher class the individual, the more elegant and ornate the curtain rod.

Early styles of vintage Priscilla curtains were very ornate, especially in homes of the wealthy. They include beads, an over-abundance of lace, and fills. Today, most of the Priscilla curtains found in homes are more basic. 

How do you Measure Priscilla Curtains?

To make sure Priscilla curtains look their best and drape perfectly, you will need to take some window measurements. Follow these instructions to get a perfectly fitting Priscilla curtain:

  • Measure the width of the window frame. Each curtain needs to be twice the width you measured of the window frame to create the full, billowy look. It is better to have the Priscilla curtains too wide than too narrow for the window. These measurements are also needed before purchasing the double curtain rod needed to install the curtains.
  • Measure the length of the window frame: This measurement is important because it will tell you how long the curtains panels need to be. There are a couple of different options here, depending on the individual choice of the homeowner. Some like the Priscilla curtains to come to the bottom of the window sill. This is the preferred size for kitchen windows. For bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, some opt for the curtain to nearly touching the floor. It is a matter of choice, and considering the room, they will be hung in.

What is the easiest way to Hang a pair of Priscilla Curtains?

Compared to other types of curtains, hanging Priscilla curtains is relatively easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Curtain Rods: The first thing you will do is install the curtain rods after determining the proper size. Rods may be double rods or two separate rods. One should be slightly longer than the over to allow for the overlap. They will be installed side by side.
  • Tie Backs: After the rods are in, tiebacks should be attached to the wall. They will be placed about halfway. So, measure the curtain and affix the tie back about mid-point.
  • Time to Install the Curtain Panels: After completing the installation of the rods and tiebacks, it is time to hang the curtains. Before doing so, make sure they are free from wrinkles. Follow the manufactures’ guidelines for reducing wrinkles by ironing, steaming, or having them professionally pressed. When ready to attach, slip one curtain into each rod so they overlap and hanging one in front of the other. Make sure they are gathered perfectly across the top, and the ruffles hang neatly.
  • Apply the Tiebacks and Draping: The final stage in hanging Priscillas is to make sure they drape perfectly from the tiebacks. Some prefer a tighter look; others prefer a looser edge. It is up to the personal desires of the homeowner.

How Can I Make a Distinctive Priscilla Curtain?

If you are an accomplished DIYer and know how to sew, you have the option of making your Priscilla curtains to get the look you desire. (NOTE: If you are learning how to sew, leave this project for someone else as it can be complex for a novice.)

The most important thing to remember when making ruffled curtains is to get your measurements correct. You are investing time, energy, and money into the project and will want a perfect outcome.

According to HomeGuides, here is how to make Priscilla curtains at home:

  • Cut the first curtain panel according to your measurements. Turn the top edge under by ½” and press. Measure another 4 inches and press. Sew along the bottom. This creates the rod casing.
  • Cut the bottom curve of the panel. Place a mark on the bottom of the panel 20″ to the left of the bottom right-hand corner. It will be the edge of the finished curtain that reaches the middle of the window.
  • Do the same for the other side of the panel, first making sure that the correct side is facing out.
  • Measure from the top of the panel to the bottom. Multiply this by 3; this will be the size of the ruffle. Cut the fabric 5.5″ wide, turn the fabric over ½,” and then again and sew to secure. Sew to the inside of the curtain to create the flouncy ruffle.
  • This will be repeated for the other side using a mirror-image process.
  • Tie back can be made from the same material or accenting material. They are often used to bring in colors from other furnishings to give the curtains a cohesive look.


What Type of Materials Can Be Used for Tie-backs?

Many use tiebacks made from the same material that the curtains are made of.

Others like to make tiebacks of contrasting materials or even ribbons that may highlight the color of the curtains.

Tiebacks can add a nostalgic look or contemporary depending on the look and feel to be achieved.

Interior Design Ideas for Priscilla Curtains:

As seen from the images below, Priscilla curtains are versatile enough for any room.

Also, note that wide windows may need an extra-wide curtain, with a tie in the center curtains, which give it an extra elegant look.

Those that thought that Priscilla curtains were out of style will find that they can work in just about any room in the house.

All that is required is a little imagination.

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