What are Bathroom Sinks Made of?

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Bathroom sinks are some of the longest-lasting parts of your entire home, as you may have a sink that has been there for more than a decade already.

Then again, the durability of a bathroom sink still depends on the material used to make it because there are other materials that are better and more durable than most other bathroom sink materials. S

o, in that regard, what are the usual bathroom sinks made of?

Most bathroom sinks are usually made of materials such as porcelain, ceramic, fireclay, stainless steel, polymer, iron, stone, tempered glass, copper, and composite. However, the most common materials used for bathroom sinks are porcelain and ceramic, even though stainless steel and tempered glass are more durable.

Bathroom sinks are fixtures that are very versatile in the sense that they can be made of a lot of different materials. Of course, all of the materials used to make bathroom sinks are quite durable themselves.

But only a few of these materials stand out as truly the best and most popular with bathroom sinks. Then again, it is also important to make sure that your bathroom sinks are not only durable but stylish as well.

What materials are bathroom sinks often made of?


With some fixtures in homes, bathroom fixtures need to be durable enough to last for a very long time because they always are in use.

These include your sinks, which are usually made of materials that are very durable themselves. Then again, what are the materials that most bathroom sinks are made of?


Among the many materials that bathroom sinks are made of, porcelain is one of the most common. That’s because porcelain is not only very durable but is also one of the most stylish materials that you can use when it comes to your bathroom sink.

Porcelain is elegant and very sophisticated.

However, there are some sinks that are actually made of iron or steel but are then coated with porcelain on the outside to hide the less stylish look that iron and steel come with.

This means that your sink will be not only very durable on the inside but also elegant on the outside.


In terms of appearance and durability, there aren’t a lot of differences between ceramic and porcelain as they are very similar to one another. That means that ceramic sinks are also just as common as porcelain sinks are.

The good thing about ceramic sinks is that they are some of the most affordable bathroom sinks, but they still give you a very stylish and elegant bathroom sink.

They also look clean and are built to be tough. That’s why ceramic sinks are some of the most common sinks you can find in most bathrooms.


Fireclay is another material that is very durable and resistant to minor damages such as chipping. But the problem with fireclay is that it is very easy to stain, and that will make your sink look bad in the long run, especially if you can’t clean those stains out.

So, if you aren’t really someone who has a lot of time to clean and maintain the bathroom, you are going to have issues with fireclay due to how it easily stains.

Then again, for those who don’t mind cleaning the bathroom from time to time, a fireclay seems to be an excellent choice because of its overall durability.

Stainless steel

Sinks that are made from stainless steel are always some of the most durable sinks. In fact, these sinks are right up there in terms of durability, as you will hardly find anything that can damage stainless steel easily.

The thing about stainless steel sinks is that they give your sink a utilitarian look in the sense that they are not stylish, but they give you the look that will say that these sinks are going to be used a lot.

That means that stainless steel sinks are more common in bathrooms that are usually in use, such as common bathrooms found in apartment buildings, dormitories, and commercial spaces.


Cast polymer or simply polymer sinks are very affordable when compared to the other options on this list.

While they are not as luxurious as some of the other sinks on this list, polymer sinks still look very good and have an appearance that is quite similar to ceramic without the extra cost. And the best part is that polymer sinks are also very durable.


Like steel, iron sinks are very durable as these sinks are hardly going to get damaged quite so easily. But iron sinks are very expensive as some would easily cost over a thousand dollars, give or take.

Iron sinks are usually used for houses that want to achieve that farmhouse look because these sinks are classic and timeless.

The problem with them, however, is that they can be prone to rust, just like anything that’s made of iron.


Stone sinks are like iron sinks in the sense that they give you that classic and timeless bathroom look because stone sinks have been in use for a long time already.

Sinks that are made of natural stone are usually very durable because of how durable stone is. Of course, stone sinks also look very attractive and chic, to some extent.

The problem, however, is that stone sinks need to be sealed properly because these sinks are quite prone to cracks, chips, and stains. So, in that regard, by sealing them properly, stone sinks can last for quite a long time.

Tempered glass

You usually won’t associate durability with glass, but tempered glass is one of the most durable materials that you can use for a sink.

Tempered glass can also be a great material when it comes to beautiful custom-made sinks that come with the style and sophistication that you would want your sink to have.

As luxurious as tempered glass bathroom sinks may be, they are very affordable and are easy to clean.

You will only spend a few hundred dollars for a good-tempered glass sink, but the more expensive ones are those that are custom-made to your specifications.


Another metallic sink that we have here is the copper sink, which is also just as attractive as most of the other sinks we have on this list.

These sinks are on the affordable side of things, but they can still be quite expensive, especially when you have one custom-made to your specifications.

The best thing about copper sinks is that they have antibacterial properties, thanks to how copper is great at fending off harmful bacteria.

And they also come with the visual appeal that you hardly ever see in most bathroom sinks.


Finally, we have composite sinks, which are made of various composite materials that imitate other types of materials by giving them the same luxurious look. However, sinks made of composite materials are more affordable.

Composite sinks, depending on the materials used on them, are usually very durable and attractive.

They don’t lose their color so quickly, and they are resistant to heat and other types of damages. Therefore these sinks are also great for those who are looking for stylish and long-lasting sinks they can use for their bathroom.

What is the best material for your bathroom sink?

With all that said and done, you already know that there are plenty of different materials that can make a sink. This means that plenty of different sinks around the world have different appearances and properties due to how they are made using different materials.

But then again, which material is actually the best for a bathroom sink?

In terms of popularity, the most common bathroom sink materials are usually made from porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain is popular because of how it gives that classic bathroom a luxurious look while keeping the sink durable.

However, porcelain can be quite expensive. Meanwhile, ceramic is an excellent choice for those who want a bathroom sink that looks like porcelain but is more affordable yet just as durable.

However, if you want your bathroom sink to be durable and long-lasting, then there are several other options that you can choose from, as porcelain and ceramic are not always the best in terms of overall durability.

Stainless steel stands as one of the most durable materials that sinks are made of because stainless steel is resistant to bacteria, corrosion, and harmful cleaning agents. Stone can also be a good idea, but its porous nature can be hard to deal with.

Still, a stone sink is probably going to outlast any other sink out there.

Of course, tempered glass is an excellent choice as well because it isn’t only durable but is very stylish to the point that you can have one custom-made for your bathroom.

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