What Accent Chairs Go With A Leather Sofa?

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Interior designing is all about knowing what goes well with what. That means that if you are going with a specific design in one of your decorations, such as your sofa, it is necessary that you know what goes well with that.

In that regard, if you choose to go with a leather sofa, it is necessary for you to decorate according to what fits its style. That said, what accent chairs go with a leather sofa?

The best accent chairs that go with a leather sofa include matching leather chairs, leather chairs with a different color, fabric chairs with a matching color, fabric chairs that have colors and patterns that go well with leather, and wooden chairs.

The thing you need to know about matching a leather sofa with accent chairs is that it really isn’t rocket science. A lot of this is simply trusting your instincts and using common sense without going overboard with the design of the accent chairs use.

But then again, it still is better to have a guide for choosing the right accent chairs, and that is what we are here for.

Which accent chairs go well with a leather sofa?


For your home’s interior, the thing you need to do is to make sure that everything is coordinated well enough because you want to have certain styles that match well with one another, or else you are only going to end up with a home that just seems like everything is all over the place.

Even your sofa and your chairs need to match whenever you are decorating your home.

That means that, whenever you are getting a sofa, you should also get chairs that actually match with the sofa’s style and design, so the sofa and the chairs all coordinate with one another.

In that regard, what if you decide to go with a leather sofa? Which accent chairs actually go well with a leather sofa’s overall design? Well, that’s what we are here to find out.

Matching leather chairs

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If you want a no-nonsense kind of approach, the best decision you can make is to get matching leather chairs as well.

That means that when you are choosing a leather sofa, you should also choose accent chairs that come with the same look as the sofa that you want in your home.

Getting matching leather chairs means you should get the same color and style that your leather sofa has. In short, everything is uniform. After all, nothing is more uniform than interior décor that follows the same style and looks.

This will allow your interior design to have straightforward coordination that is simple yet very effective.

Leather chairs with different colors

As an offshoot of the previous item that we talked about on this list, it is also nice to get leather chairs if you are planning on getting a leather sofa.

However, the difference here is that you will now get accent chairs that come in a color that isn’t the same as your leather sofa.

So, if you really want to stick with the leather upholstery but you don’t want your interior to have mundane coordination where everything has the same color, you can mix things up by using a different color for your leather accent chairs.

For example, saddle tan looks nice with a brown leather sofa because of how they are in the same color group but are still different in shades. In the same way, choosing gray leather chairs might look good with a black leather sofa.

As long as you know the colors don’t clash, it is nice to pair any leather color with your leather sofa.

Fabric chairs with a matching color

Next up are fabric chairs with a color that matches that of your leather sofa. The one thing that you need to know is that there is no requirement that says that the materials of your sofa and your chairs should match.

In fact, you can choose fabric chairs instead of leather ones. However, to make sure that we don’t ruin the coordination between your sofa and the accent chairs, the chairs should come with a color that matches that of your leather sofa.

In fact, fabric accent chairs are actually pretty popular with matching them with leather sofas. And there really isn’t a need to make sure that their colors actually match.

As long as the color of your fabric accent chairs are loosely the same as the one your leather sofa has, you are already doing a good job.

For example, if your leather sofa comes in a gray color, you can go for black fabric accent chairs. The colors aren’t exactly the same, but that they belong to the same group is more than enough.

Then again, it still is better for your overall coordination if you choose fabric chairs that exactly match the color of your leather sofa.

Fabric chairs with patterns

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This is probably the trickiest one to pull off because the patterns on your chairs can make or break the entire style.

But you should know that fabric chairs with patterns actually go well with leather sofas as long as you know which patterns don’t clash with the sofa’s color.

The thing about fabric chairs with patterns is that they act as a backdrop to the leather sofa itself. It’s kind of like a movie with background characters that add color to the entire scene, but they aren’t the stars.

In this sense, the patterned fabric accent chairs act to give more life to the entire scene of your living room, but they don’t exactly clash or overshadow the leather sofa, which should remain the star of the scene.

So, the goal here is to find patterns that add a splash of appeal to the entire look without ruining the style you want to achieve.

Wooden chairs

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Nothing beats the rustic look that wooden chairs come with. These accent chairs should provide a cabin-like feel to your entire interior design while also complementing your leather sofa.

You can never go wrong with wooden chairs because of how they are universally accepted as stylish as long as you know how to properly use them within the grand scheme of your entire interior decoration.

If the style you want to achieve with your living room doesn’t match the rustic and cabin-like approach that wooden chairs usually come with, then it only follows that wooden chairs aren’t exactly the best choices you can have in this case.

But, if you are looking for an old-school look, then wooden chairs will more than likely compliment your leather sofa.


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Why not skip accent chairs altogether and go with ottomans instead?

Using different ottomans can be a great way for you to have seats that can match the style of your leather sofa because ottomans don’t really stand out, but they are still very functional and stylish.

Going with a leather ottoman with the same color as your leather sofa can put a nice touch of coordination, but it won’t hurt to use different colors as well.

And the best thing about ottomans that may come in different colors and styles is that, even if they don’t coordinate with the entire style, you are going to be fine because ottomans don’t really stand out as much as accent chairs do.

Is the chair height a factor?

Now that you know what accent chairs go well with your leather sofa, the next thing you need to know is the height of the chairs and the sofa.

So, does height really become a factor? Or can you get chairs that don’t exactly match the height of the sofa?

What you need to focus on here is the height of the seat and not the overall height of the furniture pieces. You need to look at whether or not the accent chairs have seats that are on the same level as the leather sofas, but you can add or take four inches.

Anything over four inches will just be ruining the coordination.

Just make sure that they are close to one another in terms of the height of their seat and not the height of the headrest.

That’s because accent chairs are normally taller than most sofas, and that fact can make it more difficult for you to coordinate the heights of your pieces.

Do the legs of the chair need to match?

One last question that you might be asking yourself is in relation to the legs of your chairs and your sofa.

That’s because they may come in different legs that don’t really match, no matter how well their colors and fabric match. So, do the legs really matter here?

For the most part, having furniture legs that match one another can make everything a lot more cohesive.

But the one thing you need to know is that it is perfectly fine for the furniture legs to come in different styles and colors because of how they won’t exactly ruin the style you may try to achieve.

Still, if you could find a matching set composed of a leather sofa and accent chairs that all come with a uniform look, that might be better for the overall cohesiveness of the interior.

But, if you can’t find one, the requirement as to the legs of the pieces is a loose requirement that doesn’t have to be followed all the time, unlike the color and the fabric of your accent chairs, which should always be in coordination with your sofa.

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