What Accent Chairs Go With a Gray Sofa?

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Choosing to go with a gray sofa regardless of its fabric will offer you plenty of different choices for decorating the rest of the living room. That’s because gray is such a versatile color that is close to the versatility that black and white have.

Still, not everyone knows what exactly goes well with a gray sofa, especially for accent chairs.

What accent chairs go with a gray sofa?

For the color, it is easy to choose gray accent chairs, but you can also use complementary colors too. Patterns on the accent chairs are also nice to have, especially if they don’t overwhelm the gray sofa. Of course, you can choose any material so long as you still maintain the balance in your living room.

Choosing good accent chairs that go well with a gray sofa isn’t something that should overwhelm you because this isn’t too hard to do once you realize how simple this task can be.

That said, it sometimes takes common sense a keen eye to know which accent chairs go with a gray sofa. But if you are a no-nonsense kind of person, let’s look at some considerations to look at when you are looking for accent chairs that go with your gray sofa.

Things to consider when choosing accent chairs for a gray sofa


Decorating your living room may or may not be that difficult, depending on how you actually approach the entire task. And it all boils down to the colors that you choose when the centerpieces of your living room, such as a sofa.

One popular choice among different people is using a gray sofa, which has an amazingly versatile color that basically goes well with plenty of other different decorations and living room pieces.

But, as versatile as a gray sofa may be, there are still some people who might struggle to choose the accent chairs that go well with a gray sofa. So, what accent chairs go with a gray sofa?

The thing you need to know is that there are no exact accent chairs that will complement your gray sofa because of how a gray sofa is very versatile to where there are plenty of different accent chairs you can choose from.

Then again, when it comes to choosing the best accent chairs for your gray sofa, we have listed down some considerations that will certainly make it easier for you to choose the ones that best fit your living room.


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The first consideration you need to look at when you are choosing accent chairs for your gray sofa is the color of the chairs.

That’s because their color can make or break the entire balance and cohesiveness in your living room, as one minor mistake in choosing a color can very well ruin the entire look.

That said, when choosing the color of the accent chairs, the easiest way to go is to pick neutral colors such as gray, white, or black because these colors are amazing when they go together with a gray sofa.

But you are also free to choose other colors as well, just as long as they go well with gray.

For example, red goes well with gray, and that is why you can choose red accent chairs. A darker shade of blue can also be a good example when it comes to looking for accent chair colors that best go with a gray sofa.

Then again, it doesn’t hurt to use different colors as well. For example, using a blue accent chair color can pair well with an orange accent chair color because it gives your sofa a nice contrast without clashing with one another.

So, when mixing colors, it is best to go with colors that complement one another while also matching well with gray.

Mixing and matching colors can be tricky here, but it can be rewarding once you pull it off.


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The next consideration that you need to look at when you are choosing accent chairs for your gray sofa is the pattern that the chairs come with.

For those who are looking for the easy way out, it is best to go as plain as possible by using accent chairs that don’t come with any patterns.

However, spice things up depending on the pattern that the accent chairs come with.

The reason why you might go with patterned chairs is that they give an element of excitement to the living room without overpowering the gray sofa.

It’s like providing your sofa with exciting background characters that come with their own uniqueness but are not better or more eye-catching than the sofa itself.

That said, go with chairs that have unique patterns as long as the patterns don’t clash with one another. Make sure that you coordinate the patterns well enough, despite how challenging this task might be.

But the best way to coordinate the patterns is to use your entire living room as your basis so that you will know whether the patterns that the accent chairs come with fit the greater scheme of things in terms of your living room’s overall design.

One good rule to follow is to use three distinct patterns that are similar. Make sure that you limit the patterns to three, but you can have over one furniture piece of each pattern as long as you don’t exceed three patterns.

For example, if your gray sofa comes with vertical patterns, you are now limited to two more types of patterns for your other pieces, such as your accent chairs.

Still, you can use over one patterned accent chair so long as the chairs come with the same pattern.


Finally, we have the material, which should be the last consideration to look at because it doesn’t affect the coordination of the living room as much as the color and patterns of your accent chairs do.

The thing you need to know about the material of your accent chairs is that you are free to choose a different material for them.

It might be very easy to just go with leather accent chairs if your gray sofa is also leather, but you are free to use other materials such as fabric as well.

And the best part is that the accent chairs need not be the same material as one chair can have a different material from the other.

But the one thing you need to understand here is that you still have to consider the overall balance and cohesiveness of the room in the sense that one material should not overpower the other.

For example, if your sofa is already leather, fabric chairs certainly won’t overpower it and would just simply complement or even offset the leather sofa instead.

What colors go well with gray?

As mentioned, gray is a very versatile color, such that there are plenty of different colors that go well with it.

We also discussed that choosing the color of your accent chairs is the most important part of choosing accent chairs that go well with gray.

But which colors actually work best with gray?

Again, gray is very versatile to where it is right up there, with black and white for its overall versatility.

There are simply plenty of different colors that go well with it, as you can go with lighter colors like pink or cream, but you can also choose bolder colors, such as orange, yellow, and red, to make the colors pop out.

You can even use natural wood colors to complement gray.

But the thing you need to understand for complementing gray and finding colors that match it is that it is very important that you understand that the colors that you want to match with gray should not clash with one another.

If you choose a softer color, then use another soft color as well. For example, pink and green both go well with gray, but you shouldn’t mix them both in the same living space or design.

Instead, go with another color that belongs to the same group as either pink or green, whichever of the two colors used.

As much as many designers are more than willing to tell you to choose colors other than gray because different tones and colors are more popular today, don’t let their opinions cloud yours.

Gray will never be out of style because it is versatile and neutral. It might not be the trendiest color out there, but you understand that gray will last longer than any trend out there.

But, if you insist on keeping up with the trend, the best decision you can make is to simply complement your gray furniture with other pieces that come in trendy tones.

This will allow you to stay in style without sacrificing the versatility of a good gray furniture piece such as a sofa.

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