Types of Painting Tools

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Learn what supplies you need for painting walls, trim, or ceilings. Different painting tools are available, including brushes and bristles.

If your room needs a boost, adding a splash of color can be as easy as using paint to cover up the wall’s imperfections. But if you’re not sure where to start, here is some advice on how to choose the right type of brush for different surfaces.

Painting is one of the most affordable ways to give your room an update without spending too much money. You don’t need professional-grade equipment to get started with a project. In fact, many people use items they already own when doing their DIY projects.

Having the right painting tools will make painting a breeze. Whether you want to apply paint to wood, drywall, plasterboard, tile, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, or any other surface, there are plenty of options to help you complete your job quickly and easily. 

You’ll need more than a good paintbrush to get the job done.



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When painting the edges of rooms with a paint edger, a roller makes things easier because you won’t have to worry about getting paint all over yourself.

The tool allows you to quickly and efficiently cover extensive areas while keeping your hands clean. It also helps prevent drips from dripping onto the floor.

 With the wide variety of roller sizes, you can easily select the size that best suits your application. For example, if you plan to paint around windows, doors, and molding, you may prefer a smaller roller.

 A roller’s nap affects the amount of paint applied to a wall. With a thicker nap, more paint will be applied, while a thinner nap will apply less.

Using thick nap rollers can cause paint to drip if you apply too much, so keep track of how much paint you’ve used.


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We need a tray when you’re using a roller to avoid having excess paint spill off the edge of the roller. 

Place the paint into the tray, then roll the roller across the area you wish to coat. The tray keeps the paint contained until you remove it from the roller.

We cannot evenly cover your roller with paint if you don’t buy a tray that is wide enough for the job. A standard tray should fit at least 2 inches wider than the widest part of your roller.

You need to ensure you roll the paint evenly, so you don’t get drips. The last thing you need is to clean them up after applying paint.

Likewise, the walls will be hard to cover evenly if there is not enough paint on the roller. After rolling a few times you get into the groove, you’ll know exactly how much paint you need to put on each section of the roller.

Paint Tray Liner

Wooster Brush BR496-11 Deluxe Tray Liner, 12-Pack, 11-Inch, Clear

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Paint tray liners eliminate the need to wash the tray after use. These are a great idea and save you time as well. They come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the shape of the tray itself.

They protect the sides of the tray by preventing paint from seeping through. This prevents unwanted stains on the side of the tray. 

These are usually cheap and fit inside the paint tray perfectly. You just place the liner inside the tray before filling it with paint. Then, once you finish painting, simply pull the liner out and throw it away.

So cleaning up your painting area and supplies becomes easy.


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Brushes play an important part in making painting a simple and enjoyable task. Make sure you check out the different styles available, such as flat, round, angled, and tapered.

It’s important to choose the correct brush based on the surface you want to paint. There are many brushes available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you buy a cheap brush or the wrong one for the job, the painting will frustrate you and most likely be messy. So, take some time to research which brush would work best for your project.

Low-quality brushes shed their bristles in the paint, leaving an unsightly texture on your walls. This has happened to me so many times! I always end up trying to pick the bristles out of the paint or off the wall.

High-quality brushes are made of durable materials like nylon and boar hair. They hold up better against harsh chemicals such as latex paints.

Painting your rooms will be much faster and easier if you buy a quality brush for the job.


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Painter’s tape is essential if you want to create a design on your wall or if you want to protect certain areas from accidental painting.

The advantage of painter’s tape over masking tape is that it doesn’t leave any residue behind. Masking tape leaves sticky marks all around the edges of the taped area.

The tape stays on the wall for days and gives your painting a sharp edge that makes it look professional. 

It comes in rolls and sheets.

When you’re done, simply remove the tape from the wall, but be careful when removing it because it may stick to other surfaces too.

Drop cloth

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Whatever type of flooring your room has, you’ll want to protect it from spills. You don’t need to worry about getting paint everywhere else, though. A drop cloth helps keep everything clean while also protecting the floor underneath.

Accidentally, spilling paint on your floor can quickly ruin it. A drop cloth help prevents this problem. It keeps the mess contained. It’s simple to lay down and roll up easily. The fabric absorbs quickly, making cleanup quick and easy.

If you want to throw it away after your project, choose a thinner plastic one instead of a thicker one. Thicker fabrics absorb more, and you can reuse them for another time also.

Corner Edges

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To maintain the edges tidy and clean, these plastic tools will fit around the corners of your cupboards or molding. If you want the most professional results possible, buying corner edges is a good idea if you don’t want to accidentally get paint on your furniture.

They come in various sizes and shapes. Some even include handles for ease of use.

These plastic tools will fit around the corners and help you keep the edges neat and clean. They are perfect for minor projects where you only need to cover a few square feet.

You can purchase these at home improvement stores.

They can also be used for painting windows, doors, cabinets, etc.


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If you are painting a large open area and want to get the job done fast, a paint sprayer could be just what you need. A sprayer allows you to apply multiple coats of paint without having to repaint sections again.

This saves both money and time. Use a paint sprayer only in areas with plenty of fresh air.

There are two main kinds of sprayers: manual and automatic. A manual sprayer is ideal for smaller jobs. However, they take some practice before using them properly. But, I guess with practice, you’ll get jobs around the house done faster than ever!

An automatic sprayer works by pumping paint through an atomizer which sprays fine droplets onto the surface being painted. This means there is less waste as well as no overspray.


Grafix 12” Painters Portable Straight Edge Tool, Protects from Overspray, Perfect for Painting Lines, Angles, or Corners, for Urban Art, Inch, Red

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In order to paint around door frames, windows, flooring, and the ceiling as quickly as possible using a paintbrush (which many people prefer), you need to get an edger.

These tools help you to rapidly paint around any obstacles such as window sills, baseboard moldings, and so forth.

The best way to use an edger is to hold it against the obstacle and move it back and forth until all sides are covered.

Your edger will speed up painting because you won’t have to stop every now and then to wipe off excess paint.

Extension Pole

Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 6-to-12 Foot

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An extension pole is necessary if you want to save time painting high-up surfaces like ceilings. You can extend the reach of your hand when applying paint to those hard-to-reach places.

Using one gives you more leverage and less strain on your arms and back, allowing you to work longer while still getting great coverage.

It can help you paint high up on a wall, near the ceiling, or on a stairway without having to get on a ladder.

These poles usually have a threaded end for attaching your paint roller. Some models allow you to attach other accessories such as brushes, rollers, and squeegees.

While utilizing an extension pole for painting can be difficult at first, once you learn how to use it correctly, you’ll never go back to working without one.

Paint Remover

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While we may simply paint over most paints, you might need to look at paint remover to help remove old layers of paint from woodwork, metal, glass, tile, stone, concrete, brick, plaster, drywall, and much more.

When removing paint, always wear safety glasses and gloves. Never inhale fumes or dust particles. Wear protective clothing, including long sleeves, pants, boots, and goggles.

This solution can effortlessly remove up to 15 coats of paint. It’s also safe enough to use indoors and outdoors.

Always follow directions carefully. Do not mix chemicals together unless instructed to do so. Keep away from children and pets. Always read labels and warnings.

You can buy a non-toxic and odorless remover which is a good idea for indoors.

Paint Bucket

Bercom 1500-CC Handy Paint Cup, 1 pack, Clear

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They help save you time, especially when trimming a paint bucket can make a big difference in your ability to complete projects quicker.

If you don’t have a paint bucket, consider buying one. They come in different sizes and shapes but generally speaking. They should fit comfortably in your hands.

If you pour a little bit of paint into a bucket, you can easily go up and down a ladder, apply the paint, move the ladder and go again. This can really speed things up.

You need a bucket that’s small enough to carry yet has a lid that closes securely. The size depends upon what type of project you plan to tackle. If you’re doing interior walls, choose a smaller bucket than if you were painting exterior walls.

Paint Guide

Red Devil 4047 Multi-Purpose Painter's Trim Guard, 24"

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I just love this tool, and it’s come in so handy lately on a personal project. Using a paint guide makes sure I’m covering my entire surface evenly with no missed spots.

A painting guide helps prevent drips by keeping them contained within their designated area. A simple way to create a paint guide is to tape two pieces of paper together.

The last thing you need is to paint areas you don’t need, so this tool really comes in handy.

They come in different lengths, so depending on the size of your space, you will want to purchase one that fits well.

 They really save on time because you won’t waste any paint trying to cover those hard-to-reach places.

Different Brush Type

Stencil Brush

Adding detail to your wall with a stencil depends on the brush used. Stencil brushes are made specifically for applying designs onto surfaces like walls.

In contrast to conventional paintbrushes that brush along a wall, with a stencil brush, you dab the bristles against the wall creating an outline around the design.

By using a stencil, you won’t have to worry about paint leaking under the stencil and ruining the design.

These types of brushes are not great for large areas but really speed up design work and allow you to get creative quickly.

Angle Sash

Angle sash brushes have slanted bristles that hold more paint. They are ideal for larger jobs such as trimming windows and doors.

These brushes are perfect for getting rid of excess paint while still maintaining control over where the paint goes.

 With it, you won’t have to worry too much about dripping paint. It also allows you to use less paint since there isn’t as much waste.

Flat Sash

This style of brush is ideal for painting on flat surfaces. It works best on smooth surfaces and doesn’t require much pressure. This brush is easy to clean and store away after each use.

Flat sash brushes are not ideal for cutting in but are great for general application. You’ll be able to achieve a nice finish without having to spend hours sanding.

Wall Brush

Wall brushes hold more paint. You can use them to paint large surfaces, like walls, without using a roller. They offer great coverage and help you avoid wasting paint.

These brushes are good for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Just one thing to note is since they hold so much paint, they are not really suitable for fine detail work.

Trim Brush

A trim brush is brilliant for small details like moldings and window frames. These brushes apply even coats of paint. The bristles are angled at 45 degrees which means they provide excellent coverage when applied correctly.

Square Trim Brush – the ends of the bristles are cut square instead of round. This makes these brushes easier to handle than other styles.

Thin Angle Sash

The slanted bristles produce a good, straight line. They are great for smaller spaces like doorways and corners.

They don’t hold a lot of paint but do create a very neat look and are really for smaller areas. The one thing they give you is more control and hopefully less mistake that would ruin the overall appearance.

Chip Brush

Chip brushes are small and fine for painting in tight spaces or awkward places.

They are perfect for getting that finer detail into hard-to-reach spots. Chip brushes come in various sizes, from tiny ones to big ones.

Painting Kit

An excellent way to ensure that you have all of the tools you’ll need for a painting job is to purchase a painting kit.

They come with everything you will need, including rollers, paints, brushes, etc.

Most times, you’ll save money when buying instead of buying everything separately.  

In all honestly, you won’t find a professional buying a painting kit because these are aimed at beginners. It’s an ideal way to get started and learn to love painting. I found over time in my home. I bought brushes, rollers, etc., and built up a nice little collection. But, I still buy kits as I find them cheaper and better value for money.

Thinking of painting

The tools you use will depend on the type of paint you are using and if you’re doing indoor painting or exterior painting. Once finished, you’ll have a lovely-looking surface. You’ll have something to be proud of!

Hopefully, you’ll have a room you can enjoy and feel comfortable in.

You’ll build up your collection of tools over time, and eventually, you’ll want to think about how you’d tackle larger jobs.

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