Should My Bedroom Furniture Match?

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Forget cookie cutter. When it comes to bedroom design, personalized style, and eclectic mixing are in. While matching furniture sets used to reign supreme, creating a uniquely curated oasis using diverse pieces is now king.

By starting with a foundation piece, repeating finishes, and blending textures and eras you can fashion a one-of-a-kind sleep sanctuary that’s distinctly you.

But don’t dismiss a coordinated set just yet. We’ll explore insider tips to customize matchy-matchy pieces and infuse character through paint, bold bedding, and beyond.

From maximizing storage solutions to thoughtfully arranging your furnishings, we’ve got you covered on how to create a bedroom that stirs your soul.

Ready to unlock the secrets to fashioning your ideal restful retreat? Read on.

The Appeal of Matching Bedroom Sets


Matching bedroom sets offer a coordinated aesthetic by selecting furnishings like a bed frame, nightstands, dressers, and more that complement each other in finishes, materials, and style. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing bedroom sets:

Cohesive Look

With matching furniture, you can easily achieve a pulled-together, cohesive bedroom design. When all the finishes and details are uniform, it creates consistency and flow.

Ease of Decorating

It’s simple to build upon a matching set and select complementary accent pieces like bedding, rugs, and decor since the foundation is already in place.

Space Planning Efficiency

Since bedroom sets are designed with spatial proportions and functionality in mind, they utilize bedroom space well. Pieces are sized appropriately so the furnishings work together seamlessly.

While matching can offer simplicity, some feel it lacks personality or limits creative freedom. This is where mixing and matching can shine.

The Allure of Mixing and Matching

For those who want to infuse more individual flair into their bedrooms, mixing and matching different pieces and styles allows you to create custom spaces that are distinctly you. Here are some of the advantages of an eclectic, curated bedroom:

Unique Personality

Choosing signature pieces you love and combining them lets you put your personal stamp on a space. Diverse textures, eras, and finishes blended together ooze character.

Design Flexibility

The possibilities are endless when selecting complementary furnishings from different collections. You have the freedom to pick exactly what you want.

Ease of Building Over Time

There’s no need to purchase and install everything all at once. You can gradually curate your bedroom by adding special finds that appeal to you.

While both matching furniture and mixed furnishings have their advantages, how do you thoughtfully blend pieces to create a cohesive, curated bedroom? Follow these tips.

Tips for Mixing and Matching Bedroom Furniture

1. Select a Foundation Piece

Having one focal point piece to build around helps anchor the room. Maybe you already have a beloved antique dresser or headboard you want to feature. Source complementary furnishings based on this starting point.

2. Limit Main Styles

While variety is the goal, restricting yourself to two or three main styles provides some cohesion. For example, combine clean-lined modern pieces with weathered farmhouse finds and industrial touches.

3. Repeat Finishes

Incorporating the same finish amongst several pieces helps reinforce the connection. If you love the look of warm wood, select nightstands, a dresser, and accent chair in complementary natural wood stains.

4. Echo shapes

Notice geometric forms in your foundation piece, like an arched headboard, and reflect those rounded shapes in side tables or chair frames. Repeating shapes creates flow.

5. Use Consistent Color Palette

Pull a color scheme from fabrics or artwork you want to highlight. If cool blues are the focus, carry that color through in pieces like bedding and decorative objects.

6. Mix Textures

Vary textures and materials for visual interest. Offset sleek glass tops with nubby linen upholstery, or combine weathered wood with cozy knits.

7. Vintage + Modern

Blending vintage or antique pieces with modern, contemporary items strikes an eclectic balance. Aged charm meets sleek lines.

8. Mirror Proportions

Make sure mixed furnishings align in approximate size and height. Nightstands flanking a bed should be similar heights and widths to “mirror” each other.

9. Feature What You Love

When entering a boutique shop or flea market, be drawn to pieces that speak to you – then envision how to incorporate special finds within your existing space. Curate with passion.

10. Add Personality with Layers

Finish off your thoughtfully curated furnishings with personality-packed layers like art, accent chairs, greenery, rugs, throws, and accessories that reflect who you are.

Make Matching Sets Your Own

For those who still gravitate towards matching bedroom sets, but also crave some unique flair, there are ways to customize your space:

  • Seek out sets with classic bones that speak to you, then paint or reupholster pieces in on-trend hues.
  • Mix metal finishes like brass hardware with chrome handles for subtle eclecticism.
  • Replace old hardware with updated knobs or pulls that reflect your style.
  • Arrange furnishings in unexpected ways like placing the bed on an angle or nightstand in the corner.
  • Accentuate with contrasting decorative objects like an antique mirror or modern sculpture.
  • Add pops of color and sheen with satin bedding and jewel-toned decorative pillows.
  • Incorporate whimsical lighting fixtures like paper lanterns or marquee signs.

Design Considerations

When selecting bedroom furniture, first consider the size and layout of your space. Scale pieces appropriately so they don’t overwhelm you.

  • Decide which pieces you need to invest in quality for longevity, like a bed frame, versus those you can afford as inexpensive finds like side tables.
  • Determine the amount of storage you need and seek out nightstands, dressers, chests, and beds with storage space.
  • For small spaces, multi-purpose furniture saves room. Choose items like ottomans with lift-tops for concealed storage or side tables with shelves.
  • Arrange bed placement wisely. Having the head positioned between windows allows you to layer in nightstands and dressers while optimizing natural light.

The Takeaway

Hopefully, these tips give you the confidence to either curate an eclectic bedroom filled with personal treasures, design around a cohesive matching set, or even blend the two aesthetics.

Remember that a thoughtfully decorated bedroom should reflect who you are. The pieces you surround yourself with make a statement. So embrace your unique style and personality by creating a sleeping space that stirs your soul.

The right mix of furnishings, layers of vibrant color, treasured collectibles, and harmony of textures all come together to make you feel at home. A bedroom should be a sanctuary for self-expression. The restful retreat you look forward to retreating to at the end of each day.

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