Should My Bedroom Furniture Match?

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It’s not uncommon to hear people say, “I don’t care if the bedroom furniture matches.” But that might not be the best idea.

It can be frustrating if your stuff is all different colors or styles if you have a roommate.

To you reading this article, the question is, should your bedroom furniture match?

Your bedroom furniture should match because it can be an eyesore to look at your mismatched bedroom furniture every day. There are three things to consider: color, style, and material. Color- Matching is essential because you want your room to have a cohesive feel. Use colors from the same color wheel for this effect.

You deserve a bedroom that reflects your style. You might have dreamed of the perfect bedroom since you were young. It would be big enough for all of your friends, and it would have a closet for all of your clothes.

But with most rooms being about 9 square meters, most people’s dreams are cut short.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make your bedroom more personal to express who you are! One way is to choose furniture that matches.

A bedroom is a place of peace and tranquillity. It’s your sanctuary away from the world. It’s an essential part of your home that deserves to be treated like royalty.

Your bedroom should be a place to get away from the world. It should feel like a personal sanctuary where you can recharge and relax after a long day.

Decorating your bedroom will be a process of trial and error, but there are some things that you can do to make it more enjoyable.

If you’re worried about what colors will work best for your space, or if you’re unsure about what furniture to buy, don’t worry! In this post, we’ll explore some easy ways to decorate your bedroom so that it reflects who you are and makes you feel comfortable.

Why You Need To Match Your Bedroom Furniture


Depending on the style of your furniture, your room’s color palette can either look cohesive or uninspired. For example, if you have a striped couch and a cream-colored guest room chair, the two colors look drab together.

It would be much easier to have the guest room chair match the color palette for the rest of the room.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors in the same color family. Mixing white and cream together will make a completely different room. If you want to match your dresser with a pair of cream-colored sheets, you can do it by pairing the two.

For a neutral look, you don’t need to have matching furniture to achieve it. However, it would help if you were mindful of the style of your bedroom.

Be sure to think about what will be most practical and valuable to you.

When To Match Your Bedroom Furniture

You should match your bedroom furniture to your bed’s color. Most people should match their bed’s color to a neutral color in their bedroom. For example, if your bed is a light shade of beige, that would be a good match for your bedroom furniture.

Ideally, you want to match your bedroom furniture to one of three colors: light gray, natural wood, or deep gray.

But many people don’t think about that. You should match your bedroom furniture to match the color of your walls, floor, and artwork.

Some colors look good on certain types of furniture. For example, if you have a dark wood dining table, you probably shouldn’t have a light wood couch.

What Should You Match With?

Colors: For example, purple, green, and blue are all paler shades of blue. Purple and blue are a perfect match because you can combine them with the complementary color green to create a subtle purple room.

However, if your bedroom furniture is cream-colored, those colors wouldn’t go well together. You’ll need to go darker to find a better match. Another option is to use darker tones. For example, black and white. Black and white are complementary colors.

This would be a good match if your bedroom furniture were a light cream color.

You could also go a little darker if your bedroom furniture was dark wood.

How should you match the color?

Bright colors look great on bedding and on the walls, but if you use a bright color in the pillows and carpet, it will look too loud in the room.

How To Successfully Match Your Furniture

  • Blue and white or pastel colors are best for keeping things modern.
  • Navy and gray are a classic match, but avoid dark colors for this color scheme. You can also mix blues and grays together to get a deeper, richer look. -Mix different styles to create interesting combinations.
  • Look for furniture that has more than one color: Matching your furniture to an existing style works well, but you can also use patterns and textures. Patterns and textures can come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Use patterns for a pop of color without overpowering your decor. Patterns add depth to a room.
  • Texture can be a very subtle element of a decor style: For example, use a texture on a chair or bed to add a softness to the overall look.


So many people have black or brown furniture, which creates a rather drab space. You can use furniture that is a different color than your walls, but it will have to have the same color or tone.

How do you get the color off the walls? Typically the easiest way is to remove the paint. You can use a putty knife, acetone, and scraping tool.

The use of these tools can be messy, and you need to wear proper clothing and gloves.

You can also try baking soda. This is a really easy home remedy that works. Soak a rag in one part baking soda, and soak the area you want to scrape in the other.

Swirl the rag in the baking soda to make a paste, then apply the baking soda with the scraper.


If you are matching a solid color (or color family) to the color of your walls, then you can skip matching the material. Match the color on your walls. You can also compare the color of your closet, dresser, and furniture.

This is a little trickier with other furnishings, though. Matching them requires a little more thought.

Style whether you match a solid color with a pattern or the opposite, matching the style of your furniture can also be important. Decorative pillows and drapes can go a long way in improving your bedroom’s style.

The verdict: match the style of your furniture. You can always put different pieces of furniture in different rooms, but matching the style is good for the aesthetics of your bedroom.


Style is essential because you want the room to have a cohesive feel. You can use styles from the same color wheel for this effect, using either hues or shades of one color family.

You can also create a high contrast custom look by choosing a piece of furniture that has an entirely different style from the bed. Don’t be afraid to mix up the shape, styles, and other pieces of materials

Now let me give you some bonus information.

Your bedroom floor plan also has a role to play in planning the layout of your bedroom furniture.

According to Colostate, “before you start decorating your space, it is imperative to do an analysis of the space and have an accurate floor plan.” According to them.

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