Should I Wash Curtains Before Hanging

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New curtains can be stiff and may have a strong starch smell. Washing new curtains before hanging can help them hang better, can get rid of odor, and can help your new curtains look more vibrant. Washing them before hanging is an excellent idea.

Are You Supposed to Wash Curtains?


As with any textile, there are certain washing instructions that help to hold up the integrity and the vibrancy of the fabric and the item itself. Curtains are a great example of this principle.

Curtains are textile, they are fabric, and they can be washed. When curtains become soiled, as with dust, grime, or if someone smokes in a home, for example, they can certainly be washed.

Washing curtains helps to restore color and vibrancy to patterns that may be on the curtains, it can help remove smells, and it can help to soften the curtain.

Though there is no real precedence to washing curtains, you do not have to wash them if you do not want to. Washing curtains can be done and maybe a great idea for you and your home.

If you decide to wash your curtains, it is important to take the time to read the washing instructions on your curtains and make sure you follow them to prevent things like shrinking, damage to the fabric and even wrinkling.

Can You Put Curtains in the Washing Machine?

When washing curtains, it is important to keep a few things in mind. With curtains that are exposed to sunlight constantly, they can become fragile, and it may compromise the integrity of the fabric.

If you are washing older curtains, you want to be certain that you wash them on the gentle cycle to make sure that they will not be damaged in the wash. If you have used hem tape or regular tape, it can release when the curtains are washed.

If you have curtains that are made of silk, wool, or any other specialty fabric, opt for dry cleaning or professional cleaning rather than putting them in your washing machine at home.

A great method for washing curtains is to wash on the gentle cycle with gentle detergent. You should use lukewarm water and avoid over-washing or using a very rough cycle. After washing your curtains, you need to consider the proper drying method.

Curtains can be put in the dryer, but if you use too high of a heat setting, it can damage the curtains. To prevent wrinkles, to make sure that they are going to be gently dried, and to make sure that your curtains are going to dry well, you can always dry on a clothesline.

Drying in the sun is also a great way to get rid of smells and to make sure that your curtains do not get wrinkled.

Do I Need to Wash My Curtains?

With new curtains, you can get away with not washing them when you hang them as they are not exposed to dirt or grime and are not likely to be filthy.

A good rule of thumb when considering whether to wash your curtains is to simply look at them. Do they seem dirty?

Are there stains, foul smells, has something been rubbed on them, or do you simply want to refresh them? Washing curtains is also a great way to get rid of pet hair and other allergens. 

You can wash curtains are part of your routine cleaning, and it can help to restore their softness.

It may help to brighten up colors and patterns by removing dirt and dust, and it can help to get rid of smells as well. In the average home where there are no extenuating circumstances, you should be able to wash your curtains once or twice a year or as needed should they become soiled.

Should You Wash Your Curtains Before You Put Them Up?

This is a question that is entirely up to preference. When you get a new set of curtains, they are going to be stiff with starch, as that is how they are packaged and made.

They may also have wrinkles from folding, they may smell of plastic, and they may not hang perfectly.

That being said, cleaning them prior to hanging them can help to get rid of some of the starch, it can help to get rid of the wrinkles, and it can help to get rid of any smells that you might notice from packaging.

Put simply. This step is entirely up to you when you decide to hang your curtains. You can wash them, or you can simply hang them. If you want to get rid of the smell, or you want to get rid of wrinkles, a quick wash before you hang your new curtains is a great option that can really make a difference.

How Do You Get the Stiffness out of New Curtains?

When you purchase new curtains, they are almost always folded and neatly tucked into a bag or other packaging. This is to help conserve space, make packaging the curtains simpler, and making it easier to keep more curtains in stores for sales.

In order to make the curtains fit into the proper packaging, most of them are going to be searched. This can cause stiffness that makes it hard for wrinkles to release and can make your curtains hang in strange ways.

You can get rid of stiffness in a few different ways. Steaming curtains with a steamer while they hang is a great way to get rid of stiffness and help to release any wrinkles, and it is also a great way to help your new curtains hang better.

You can also spray your curtains with water and allow them to settle on their own, or you can wash them prior to hanging to get rid of the starch and soften the fabric overall and give a clean look.

Do New Curtains Drop After Hanging?

New curtains can drop after you hang them, and the wrinkles can fall out of the curtains. When you hang new curtains, they do naturally settle, and gravity will help to remove wrinkles. This can take time.

However, when you first hang curtains, it can take days, even weeks, for the wrinkles to settle and fall out on their own. If you do not want to wash your curtains, you can use a steamer or a wrinkle release spray after you have hung them to help encourage the wrinkles to release.

The hanging method makes a difference as well. When you hang curtains, they should be hung from the top, and this will help release wrinkles.

New curtains that have not been washed are going to take longer to drop than those that have been washed because of the starch that is in them. The starch helps keep the folds so that the curtains can stay packaged neatly.

If you wash them, this will remove the starch and make the dropping process easier and faster. If left to their own devices, your curtains will drop on their own. They just may not look the best until they do.

Do You Iron Curtains Before Hanging?

When you get new curtains and want to hang them, ironing is a great way to make sure that they are going to hang the way you want them to the right off the bat.

Though washing can release the starch and help soften your curtains, drying them in the dryer can cause wrinkles, and you may not have the time or the space to dry them on a clothesline.

Ironing is a great way to create the pleats and folds that you want as well and to help you make sure your curtains are going to hang in just the right way and in the manner that you want.

If you are going to iron your curtains, it is crucial that you take the time to read the care instructions and make sure that you are following them. Some fabrics are not strong enough to stand up to ironing and high heat. You should take the time to read the care instructions then choose the iron setting that is going to work for the fabric that your curtains are made of.

Ironing is not completely necessary. You can hang them without ironing, but if you want to get rid of wrinkles fast, ironing may be the best bet, and it may help you get your curtains up and looking great faster.

Following Proper Curtain Care Instructions

The best rule to follow is the rule of the curtain itself. You should take the time to read all the care instructions on your curtains as each fabric reacts differently to washing and ironing, and heat treating.

Taking the time to read your care instructions can help you learn what washer setting is going to work best, what ironing setting and can help you determine if your curtains can be washed and ironed or if there is another care method that is better.

If you are hesitant to wash your curtains, a fabric refresher is a great way to help get rid of smells and to help release some wrinkles as well.

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