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Draperies can make a room go from boring to beautiful in the snap of a finger. Many designers and homeowners feel that no space is complete without window treatments.

But it does not matter how beautiful the draperies or hanging curtains are if they are not properly hung.

Before you install your window treatments, understand that they can be hung in different ways, including as ceiling-mounted curtains. But no matter how you choose to hang them, it must be done correctly.

When Should I Hang My Curtains From the Ceiling?


It is common to hang curtains just above the tops of windows. But did you know that draperies can be hung from the ceiling? Floor-to-ceiling curtains and drapes are a stylish option that creates a chic and elegant appearance.

This is a solution if you want to improve the look of a large room or refresh the windows of a little space.

How Far From the Ceiling Should You Hang Curtains?

The window covering should be hung at least 4 to 6 inches above the top of the windows.

If you are styling a living room or bedroom with an average ceiling height of eight feet, the interior designer’s rule of thumb would be to install the curtain rod about six inches above the top of the window’s frame.

This is true even if the total space between the top of the window and the ceiling is less than 12 inches. It creates a dramatic feel in any room.

Why Do People Install Floor to Ceiling Curtains?

By hanging curtains from the wall’s highest point, allowing them to fall to the floor, you create a soft and subtle way for the eye to take in all the space you have, creating the illusion of a larger room. 

Are Curtains Supposed to Touch The Floor?

The material should barely touch the floor or hover half an inch above. Use this approach for café curtains, too, short panels covering only the lower portion of a window, hitting the sill, which works well in kitchens and bathrooms, where long drapes or curtains aren’t practical.

How Do You Hang Curtains if You Have a High Ceiling?

Where you mount your window treatments may not seem important, but that is far from the truth. The placement you choose for your drapery has the power to expand or dwarf a room visually, so stick to these tips for the best results.

The correct height to hang draperies or longer curtains is primarily one of fashion, not function. And fashions change over time. It was once popular to hang curtains directly at the top of a window level with the top.

But today, you are more likely to see curtains placed at varying heights. The reason is that extra height can visually stretch your windows, making the ceiling seem more expansive, causing the space to appear larger, even with rooms that have standard ceiling heights.

If you have windows that are bowed, arched, or bayed, the answer is simple. Café curtains or shades hung on inside-mounted rods, those mounted inside the window frames, look best. But if using wall-mounted rods to cover a standard window, there is more flexibility in how high you hang your curtains.

Do Floor to Ceiling Draperies or Curtains Make a Room Look Bigger?

Yes. Installing an extra-long curtain rod at the ceiling for floor-length drapes creates this illusion. If you want your room to look larger and your windows appear wider and taller, hang the rod higher.

How High Should You Hang Curtains With 8-Foot ceiling?

For an 8-foot ceiling with standard windows and window installation, curtains are 84 inches long. The curtain should start about 6 inches above the window frame, probably about 12 inches from the ceiling.

How Can I Hang Curtains From the Ceiling Without Drilling?

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To hang curtains from the ceiling with no hole drilling, follow these instructions.

  • Gather needed materials
  • Measure, then mark the hook placement
  • Remove any ceiling texture
  • Install the adhesive-backed hooks
  • Put curtains on the rod
  • Then hang the rod

Can Curtains Be Hung Without a Rod?

Most people prefer curtains or draperies to frame their windows but choose not to put time or money into the project.

Hanging curtains on a rod can be challenging and a little too permanent for someone who likes to change their décor as styles change. There are several creative ways you can grace your windows with curtains without using a traditional curtain rod.

Some of these avant-garde methods are great for a child’s room or any room in the house decorated with a theme but probably will not work in a room with ornate or decorative windows.

Coil of Wire

Use a heavy gauge wire rather than a curtain or drapery rod. It is an easy and inexpensive option for hanging your window treatments.

Brackets will be needed or something on each side of the wall to wrap the excess wire around. Use tiebacks to pull each side of the curtain open to allow light into the room.

Command Hooks

There are a variety of different styles and sizes of the easy-to-use Command Hooks. These hang any size picture or decorative items on your wall without leaving a single mark. These are very easy to use, with instructions on each package.

When you want to remove the item from your wall, it comes off without leaving a hole or mark. This is an excellent solution if you want to hang curtains but don’t want to use a traditional curtain rod. You can use a few more of them if your curtains are a little heavier.

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes provide a simple touch of elegance to any modern décor. You can find these pipes in any home décor store. While you are there, you need to pick up brackets to hold the pipes in place.

Use something such as a vintage doorknob or drawer pull to put on the ends to finish the look and keep the curtain from slipping off.

Drawer Pulls

Find a drawer pull that is the right size for the eyelet hole in the curtain to enable it to slip right on. Shop for antique-looking drawer pulls in a hardware store or big box home improvement store for use as a hook.

You will find an assortment of styles — modern, country, abstract — as well as a wide variety of colors. You can screw the drawer pull into the wall as you would on a desk drawer or cabinet.

Hammer a Nail in Wall

If you prefer to keep things nice, simple, and inexpensive. If you have a simple curtain made from a lighter fabric, use nails long enough to drape the curtain directly over each one.

Make a straight line of nails using a ruler, ensuring the line is straight. You can then hang the curtain in a straight line or create a ripple effect by letting the curtain hang between the nails.


There are many hooks available for you to use to hang your curtains. Check out self-adhesive curtain hooks that you find anywhere curtain rods are sold. Allow enough time with this project, carefully measuring the distance between the grommets that are on the curtains.

Once they are in place, just place each eyelet ring of your curtains right on the hooks.

Plastic Figurines

The creative idea is to take a couple of plastic figures or animals from a dollar store and turn them into curtain holders. Cut them in half, spray them any color you choose, and mount them on the wall.

If using elephants, take each end of the curtains and drape them over elephant trunks. You could even use several of them across the wall creating a draped effect. This would be a darling idea for a baby’s nursery and continue to work well for a toddler or a school-age child.


The first thing to do before selecting your rope is to measure the width of the curtains you will be hanging. If you have two panels, measure the width of one, then double it. This option is perfect if you love country décor and want to hang curtains with a western or country pattern.

Find a sturdy rope that will fit through the top opening of the curtain easily. If you are buying rope in a craft store, a fabric store, or a hardware store, once you have the correct width, ask for it to be cut the length you need.

Be sure to get several extra inches on both sides, as you will need to screw in a hook supporting the rope. Then you wrap the rope around the hook to secure it and let it hang down.

If it’s a broad area you are covering, use a small but strong nail or tack to hold the middle up.

Sports Equipment

For the bedroom of a young sports lover, or if you have an athletic décor, you can use several pieces of equipment in place of traditional curtain rods.

Hockey sticks, golf clubs, baseball bats, and even a boat oar are exciting selections. It is necessary that the curtain be able to slide over it, however.

Add a finial on the end, so the curtain doesn’t come off when opened or closed—for example, baseballs if using bats and pucks if using hockey sticks. Golf balls work perfectly with golf clubs, and there are many ocean-related options if using a boat oar.

Tree Branches

Hanging your curtains on a tree branch is an eco-friendly and natural way to add a touch of the outdoors to your décor. The tree branch doesn’t need to be shaped perfectly, but make sure it is sturdy enough to hold the curtains. If they are heavy, you will need a sturdy branch.

Carefully cut a branch off a tree. Remove excess growth from the branch, and when it is free of any extra growth, use sandpaper to get it even smoother.

You need a bracket at each end where you will be placing the branch. Then you are ready to hang the curtain.

Upholstery Tacks

If you are currently renting and don’t want to drill any holes in the wall, hang your curtains directly on the wall using upholstery tacks. You wouldn’t be able to pull the curtains open, but you could get tiebacks for the curtains, using tacks to attach them to the wall.

You can find many inexpensive materials at your local dollar store that would make this an easy and affordable look to put together.


The use of a yardstick for a curtain rod would be a clever way to enhance the bedroom of your favorite handyman or his man-cave. It would be easy to put into place, then use measuring tape as tiebacks for the curtains.

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