Should Curtains Puddle On The Floor

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Many ideas and styles can be applied when the inside of a room is going to be decorated. Interior decoration is thought to create a place where people can feel comfortable, and it is pleasant to the eye.

Then, when the curtains and drapes are being located, there is the intricate matter of whether curtains should puddle on the floor!

Curtains should puddle on the floor for ½ of an inch or even more! This will add a stylish finish to the entire room. It is almost an implicit rule. Whenever someone doesn’t know how much the curtains should puddle on the floor, just let them hover a little on it.

Interior decoration is not as easy as people think. There are a lot of elements that affect the final look of the entire room, and how much the curtains puddle on the floor is one of these. So, let’s read a little bit more about it!

How Much Drapes Puddle on the Floor?


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Many things have to be considered when a curtain is being placed in a room, and one of those is how much they have to puddle.

For interior decorations, there are many types and styles of curtains, and some of these puddle on the floor; however, to make a room look stylish and sophisticated, there is a specific measurement to let the drapes puddle on the floor.

According to the style that they want to be accomplished, people can select between five different types, styles, or measurements to apply when it is wanted that drapes puddle on the floor. These are:

Light or Minimal Puddle

With a minimal or light puddle, the drapes are almost touching the floor. The curtains are “kissing” or “brushing” the floor. This looks sophisticated and will give a clean look to the room. To apply a light or minimal puddle, the measures have to be taken carefully. Otherwise, the curtains will be hovering over the floor and not brushing nor “kissing” it.

Hovering Puddle

Here is when the drapes start to really touch the floor. A hovering puddle is achieved when the drape is touching the floor. The curtains will touch the floor, but not like in the light or minimal puddle where the drapes are “kissing” or brushing the floor. The curtains are plenty touching the floor without really lying on it. This is the simplest look to achieve since the length of the curtain doesn’t have to be perfect, and these just have to touch but not cover the floor, so ½ or almost 1 inch is needed.

Breaking Puddle

The curtains now are lying on the floor, but not too much. To achieve this breaking puddle style, just 1 or 2 inches more of length is needed. It is said that it is a slight break on the drapes, so therefore this look received this name. This breaking puddle gives a tailored look to them. However, it is important to consider the maintenance of the curtains. Otherwise, they would look dirty and will give an unpleasant look to the room.

Medium Puddle

Here the curtains are puddling in the floor, almost pooling it. The drapes create a fall from the wall right to the floor, giving it a more dramatic look. To make this style, 2 to 4 inches of more length is needed. The drape will extend over the floor to create an intense style. This style looks well to cover large windows that go from the ceiling to the floor. It gives a perfect combination between trendy and classy.

True Puddle or Pudding

It is the most dramatic style on the list, here the drapes pool on the floor. True puddle style is simple to achieve, but the form that is given to the drapes that lay on the floor can vary. The last look of true puddle curtains can be divided into Flowing Puddle, Fold-Under Puddle, and Stacked Puddle.

Are Curtains Supposed to Drag on the Floor?

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Curtains can drag on the floor, and this will vary according to the style that someone is giving to the room. When a room is being decorated, minimal details matter, and how the curtains lay –or not– on the floor will affect how the entire room looks.

However, not all the curtains drag on the floor. There are over 30 different curtains, and definitely, not all of them drag or even touch the floor; thus, I’m going to explain a little bit about the curtains that can drag or lightly touch the floor. Here are a few types of curtains that can go from simply touch the floor, drag or puddle on it:

Curtain Pairs

These are divided into two sections, but they are joined at the top. This type of curtain is more about the shape; however, this can be short or any size until it reaches the floor. Thus, curtain pairs tend to just touch the floor but not puddle on it.

Curtain Panels

These can be single curtain panels or a pair of them. These are completely separate and don’t have anything joining them. Curtain panels can be short to even pool on the floor.

Lace Curtains

The lace curtains have an intricate design, and they come with valances at the top. Also, these are divided into pairs but still join at the top. They are normally touching the floor, or they have a minimal puddle on them.

Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor curtains are commonly panels made of a soft but resistant fabric. Outdoor curtains truly puddle on the floor.

Priscilla Curtains

These are ruffled curtains that are separated into different pairs of sections to create an overlap cross effect between them. The Priscilla curtains commonly are just touching the floor or hovering over it.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are panels of semi-transparent fabric. These can be of any length and even be used as outdoor curtains.

How Much Should Curtains Puddle on the Floor?

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Before I talk a little bit about this, there are different styles of the puddle that can be accomplished. However, when it is talked about puddles, there are different styles. Thus, just three really puddles on the floor. Let’s read more about this.

Breaking Puddle

The curtains lay on the floor by 1 or 2 inches. Here the drapes have a minimal break. As a result, the curtains have a tailored look. This is the simplest look, the drapes would flow naturally, and the minimal break on the drapes is easy to accomplish. A breaking puddle will give a formal look to the drapes and consequently a fancier look to the entire room.

Medium Puddle

In a medium puddle, the drapes create a spectacular style that will look like a fall that will make the room look casual but elegant at the same time. A medium puddle is achieved when 2 to 4 inches of drapes lay on the floor. However, take into consideration the maintenance of the drapes. Otherwise, it would look dirty and will give a gross look to the entire room. Whenever the drapes touch the floor, the end of these has to be kept clean.

True Puddle or Pudding

This is the most dramatic style on the list, and the way the drapes puddle on the floor can vary, though not that hard to achieve the look. To make a true puddle, over 5 inches is needed.

Should Drapes Pool on the Floor?

Hanging curtains is more than just placing a piece of cloth to cover a window. There are many variations of curtains, how this should be placed, and the last look that I want to achieve with these. According to the design that is going to be accomplished, drapes should pool on the floor or not. Though there are different lengths, and not all of them have the same finish.

The most common look is when the curtains are hovering over the floor, but to accomplish this look, the length has to be perfectly measured. However, if one more inch is added, the drapes will have a minimal break, giving it a tailored finish.

For outdoor décor, a true puddle look to the drapes is more than perfect. To achieve this look, 5 inches –or a little bit more– of extra cloth are needed, though the way of how the drape lay on the floor varies.

How Many Inches Should Curtains Be Off the Floor?

Before I mention the different lengths or styles to make the curtains puddle on the floor; however, there are specific measurements to achieve a specific look. These are:

Light or Minimal Puddle: At ground level

Hovering Puddle: Less than ½ of an inch

Breaking Puddle: ½ – 1 inch

Medium Puddle: 2 – 4 inches

True Puddle or Pudding: 5 inches, or a little bit more.

Are Pudding Drapes in Style?

Let the curtain puddle on the floor. It’s something that decorators have been doing. Even nowadays, pudding drapes are something that is still on trend!

This will add a nice finish to the whole room: However, whenever the drapes touch the floor, they always have to be kept clean; otherwise, it would be unpleasant.

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