Should Bedroom Doors Have Locks?

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Keeping doors locked is essential for privacy and safety in the home. However, having a lock on your bedroom door could be a safety issue during an emergency. While privacy remains a significant purpose for a bedroom, is it safe to have a lock on your bedroom door?

You could have a lock on your bedroom door as long as it doesn’t pose as a hindrance to safety. Different door locks are suitable for a bedroom, but key locks aren’t advised. This is because doors locked with keys can be tougher to open or break down during an emergency.

Asides from the bedroom, other areas of your house can have high-security locks, like the main entrance, for example. However, it’s essential that you know the proper lock for a room door to endure optimum privacy and security. In this article, you’d learn about the type of lock that is preferred for a room door.

Why Shouldn’t You Use A Keyed Lock-On Bedroom Doors?


Keyed bedroom doors are a serious safety threat; these locks could be fatal in a fire emergency. A keyed door prevents help from reaching the locked room in a fire incident. It can be challenging to break down the door if the key is lost or the victim is incapacitated.

For these reasons, some communities and properties prohibit keyed interior door locking. It’s crucial to know your local construction laws and community standards, especially rent. So don’t make huge adjustments unless you’re well-informed.

What Type of Lock Should a Bedroom Door Have?

The bedroom is your private area which needs a door lock to guarantee your privacy. However, having certain kinds of door locks could be dangerous for your safety, especially in times of emergency. While your bedroom door should have locks, ensure that it doesn’t require a key to secure it.

Furthermore, it’s challenging to open or break down doors with key locks, especially in a case of emergency. An indoor lock such as sliding bolts is better for a bedroom door. A sliding bolt would be easy to break down in an emergency, and you won’t have to worry about losing your keys.

If you feel an indoor sliding bolt isn’t secure enough, there are other alternatives for a bedroom door.

Sliding Bolt

Sliding bolts, also known as barrel bold, are ideal for interior doors, including the bedroom. However, a sliding bolt should not protect the front door. Keeping your space private is the primary function of a sliding bolt.

Since sliding bolts can only be accessible from the back of the door, they are installed there. The lock feature of sliding bolts is attached to the door, while the other part is attached to the frame.

Knobs locks

The most common sort of bedroom door lock is a knob lock. They’re incredibly versatile and could be used in any room or door of the house. A doorknob is a perfect addition to any interior safety if you’re looking to maintain some level of privacy.

Some doorknobs feature an emergency key that can open the door from the outside using everyday household items like coins. This would be very useful in cases of emergency.

Knob locks are also stylish as glass, ceramic, and vinyl are common materials used to create them.

Electric Lock

High-security electronic locks are also available. Although it’s not common in homes, they are primarily found in many commercial structures. Unlike traditional locks and keys, electric locks use buttons, codes, biometrics, or even your smartphone.

Even if it’s a good alternative for the bedroom, this type of lock isn’t commonly associated with it. You may also unlock the door in a matter of seconds by simply placing your finger on the safety. Keeping tabs on anyone with access to your space is a lot easier with an electronic door lock.

Furthermore, electronic locks help to keep unauthorized persons out of restricted areas of your property at all costs. You won’t have to bother opening and closing the door with electronic doors because they’re automated.

Chain Lock

Chain locks are also an excellent choice for your bedroom; they guarantee the privacy and are stylish and flexible. They are commonly used in hotels because they allow you to greet visitors while keeping the door closed. The visitor won’t enter your room unless you close the door and remove the chain.

The track of the chain lock is secured to the door and the door frame. Installing a chain lock is simple, and if done correctly, prevents the door from being opened without using force. Other types of locks can also be used with chain locks.

Should I Lock the Bedroom Door Before Sleeping?

It is best to close your bedroom door at night but don’t lock it. For added security at night, get extra locks for the front door. Then, in cases where incidents beyond your power happen while you’re sleeping, help would be easy to reach you.

For example, a closed bedroom door can slow down the spread of flames and reduce smoke inhalation. There are also cases where a locked door can stop you from escaping flood events.

If your room is on fire and you need to escape quickly, a locked door will only slow you down. On the other hand, some may argue it adds more protection in a home invasion.

While it may ease your fears to keep your bedroom door locked, consider adding extra security to the main entrance.

Should Your Kids’ Bedroom have Door Locks?

It’s proper for teenagers to have locks on their bedroom doors. However, Locks on doors are not recommended for children under the age of 11. This is because close monitoring is required at this age.

Instead, show them you respect their privacy by always knocking before entering their room. This will also teach your kids to respect others’ privacy.

Your child’s bedroom should have a lock, but not one that requires a key. Before choosing a door lock for your needs and door, it helps if you study the features of each type. Nonetheless, use a strong lock for your entrance door to safeguard other components and rooms in your home.

How Do I Secure A Bedroom Door Without A Lock?

There are different ways to secure a door without a lock. You can achieve this using a door wedge or door stopper. When pushed beneath the closing door, this equipment act as a deterrent that requires great strength to remove.

Many homeowners also utilize a portable door lock. Portable door locks are perfect for individuals who travel frequently but want extra security. Most portable locks are affordable and don’t require much skill to use them.

A common way to secure a door without a lock is to jam a chair underneath the knob to prevent swinging. However, most bedroom doors open inward; therefore, this method might not hold your door for long. The chair helps barricade oneself inside, but it doesn’t stop an intruder from forcing the door open.

Although they won’t hold up well under pressure, forks can also be used as a door lock. The fork must be chopped in two, resulting in some sharp edges. However, this strategy is only utilized in challenging situations.


Bedroom doors with locks are a good idea because most people want privacy in their bedrooms. This can be done affordably while maintaining security in your home.

However, always prepare for an emergency, especially if your kids’ rooms are locked. It’s a good idea to remind them not to lock their doors before bed.

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