Indoor Beaded Curtains For Doorways

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When your space needs a separation between rooms without being too heavy-duty, you might consider beaded curtains instead of doors.

This creates a sense of space and allows light and sound to pass through. It’s more flexible than a solid door, and you can easily change them out when needed.

They’re made with strands of beads that hang below from an overhead track. The bead material varies depending on what style you choose.  

Whether you prefer bohemian or chic style, there’s a beaded curtain for every room!

What are the beaded door curtains called?


A portière is a hanging curtain that hangs in front of an entrance, usually at the top or bottom of a doorway. 

Indoor Beaded Curtains for Door 

You’ll find a lot of choices for indoor bead curtains for the doors. The most important thing is that you need to choose the one that suits your home décor and matches all other things in your house.

The first step would choose what kind of curtain rod do you want?

With such a choice of rods, there are many options available, like metal or wooden ones. Wooden ones can give a more rustic look, while metallic ones have a modern appearance. If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant, then go for wood.

But if you prefer something different from this, try out some new ideas by using glass beads as an alternative. Glass beads come in various colors and sizes they add elegance to your room without making it too busy.  

Beaded door curtains

I have memories of my childhood of the beaded curtain rods that hung in our living room. I remember them being made from a plastic material and having beads on each end, which were used to hang the rod.

The only problem was they would get tangled with one another when you pulled down the rod. They also had little hooks at the top so you could hook it onto your window frame or wall. It’s been years since we lived there, but I still think about those things fondly!

A lot has changed now with modern technology and materials.

Glitter String Beaded Curtain

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Add a bit of glamor and sparkle to your space with these curtains. The shiny beaded curtain is a fun decor style to change up your room’s décor. It adds an element of glitz and glitter without being too flashy.

Hang it across any window or doorway as a decorative accent piece. It looks great in bedrooms, living rooms, windows, and even as a kitchen curtain.

If you have a boring plain wall, hang the curtain behind a piece of furniture to add some color and fun to your room. Add several strands to make it look like a curtain or leave them hanging with one strand. Either way, they are beautiful.

A simple way to add some color to your home, this curtain will brighten up any room. You’ll love how versatile this curtain is!

Crystal Beaded Tassel Curtain

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If you are interested in adding a colorful, vintage vibe to your room, consider buying a crystal bead curtain for your doorway. It will add a sense of sophistication to your room, while also serving as an attractive home decoration.

This is for a single curtain (not a double like in the picture). It’s Approximately 90cm Wide x 200cm Long or 39.4″ x 78.7″.  It’s It is easy to hang, and made from high-quality polyester fabric, that is non-fading and easy to clean.

it’s also available in a two-pack and a variety of colors to give that little extra touch to your furniture and give extra decoration.

It’s also a great addition to a girl’s bedroom if you’re looking for something special.

You can add this to your living room or bedroom for an awesome atmosphere, or you can add them to your balcony doorway for that unique touch.

Decorative Tassel Beaded Curtains

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This is a beautiful, lightweight, and easy hang curtain. They make the fabric out of 100% durable polyester, which makes it colorfast and washable, and long-lasting.

The curtains add color to the room and also make it look and feel cozy. The colors are vibrant, and the shimmers of the beads are very attractive.

Some people buy two, which makes them denser, but you can also hang one tassel curtain for a more subtle look.

If you want bright colors and don’t mind spending some money on this item, then get these curtains. They will definitely be worth your time!

These have great decorative elements for any house.

Beaded Doorway Curtains

So beaded doorway curtains can give a little privacy but are not sound-blocking curtains. They offer a nice effect by blocking sunlight and letting in natural light.

They come in different sizes and styles. Some are sheer, others opaque. There are many options to choose from depending on what kind of mood you’re going for. They are wonderful dividers between spaces.

They can help with keeping flies out of rooms where there isn’t much ventilation. If you live somewhere humid, they might keep bugs away better than other types of curtains.

What is the purpose of beaded curtains?

Beaded curtains can be used for many different purposes. They can help separate a space without being too heavy or bulky. They can create a feeling of seclusion when needed, or allow for plenty of airflow when desired. 

Furthermore, they let a lot of light in but filter out a lot of light as well, so the room won’t feel too claustrophobic. Curtains can also enhance the atmosphere of a room beyond dividing rooms or hiding stuff behind them.

You can add a natural feel to a room by using beaded curtains. You could use them to divide areas within a larger room, such as a dining area and kitchen.

Do beaded curtains keep flies out?

The best bead curtains to keep them out are those that reflect light back into the room. This helps prevent insects from flying around inside the room. It’s believed when they see their reflection, they become disoriented and fly off.

What are beaded curtains made of?

A beaded curtain is made by attaching nylon strings to a rod and then attaching materials to the string to make beads.

There is a range of beads, such as wood, bamboo, marbles, chains, gemstones, sparkles, crystals, raindrops, and literally a rainbow of colors.

I’m sure you’ve seen the amazing range available at home improvement stores like Home Depot.

How Do I Clean My Beaded Curtains?

It depends on how often you plan to change them out. Most people only need to replace them every few years if they aren’t getting dirty.

How Do You Hang Beaded Curtains?

If you want beaded curtains, it would be handy to know how to hang them yourself. 

Measure the doorway width and match it with the curtain’s width. Make sure both sides line up evenly. Use tape measures to mark the spot. Cut along the marks.

Remove the old material and put new ones over the top. Tie the ends together with an elastic band.

Hold up the curtains and level them against the top of the doorway. Using a level, check again to ensure everything lines up perfectly.

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