How to use Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains in a Room

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Buffalo check curtains in black and white are a timeless design that adds rustic panache to any setting. This article details why employing this pattern could improve your decor, offering information on both its history and application.

Valuable insight from experts, DIY hacks to implement the look yourself, and recommendations on products render this the perfect piece for creating an inviting space you’ll love.

Using buffalo check curtains is a stylish option worth considering when sprucing up your room’s aesthetic appeal. Understanding the history of the pattern as well as how it can align with design trends while also having access to tried-and-true tips and tricks will empower you to create an attractive living area that amplifies coziness.

Therefore drawing from professionals’ advice might make all the difference for flawless results. Completing your home will be a breeze with buffalo check curtains.

Why Choose Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains?


Derived from the Scottish Highlands in the 1700s, black and white buffalo check curtains have maintained their popularity for centuries as a versatile pattern.

Hailing from its outdoor clothing origins, buffalo check has found new life in interior design as a timeless classic that adds visual interest and charm to any space.

The pattern’s adaptability allows it to seamlessly integrate into a variety of room styles ranging from rustic farmhouse to sleek modern aesthetics without compromising its cozy and inviting qualities.

Buffalo check curtains serve as an eye-catching yet unobtrusive design element that never goes out of style, bringing warmth and character into any space.

Tips for Using Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

Now that we’ve established the benefits of black and white buffalo check curtains let’s explore some expert tips for using them in your room design.

Use them as a statement piece

Make a statement with buffalo check curtains hung on a solitary window. This method is perfect for neutral-colored spaces that could use a boost of excitement and pattern. Such curtains can serve as the centerpiece of your room, adding interest and flair in a flash.

Buffalo Check curtains create an eye-catching contrast against plain walls, making them ideal for providing balance to any space. The pattern creates a bold impression without overwhelming the area and serves as an excellent conversation starter when paired with subdued decor.

Harness the power of buffalo check curtains to transform any room into a visually stunning space while adding an exciting twist to your design style.

Pair them with solid colors

To achieve a balanced look, solid-colored furniture and accessories can be paired with black and white buffalo check curtains. A cohesive color scheme can be created by combining a white sofa with black throw pillows.

The use of bold patterned curtains can bring character and texture to a room whilst still maintaining the style by pairing them with neutral background tones. It’s one thing to take fashion risks, but in interior design, it’s important not to go overboard.

By sticking to neutral solid-colored furniture, you create flow and harmony in your space.

Then you can experiment with colors and textures through your accessories like throw pillows or rugs; these small details can make a big impact without being too overwhelming.

So the next time you are thinking about dressing up your windows, consider incorporating this playful yet sophisticated trend into your decor!

Mix and match patterns

Combining buffalo check curtains with other patterns, such as floral or stripes, can lend a unique touch to your home decor. To get the best of both worlds while keeping a harmonious balance, try selecting patterns that share similar color schemes.

Incorporating buffalo checks along with other prints elevates the look from mundane to eclectic; it’s about striking the perfect balance between pattern and proportion. Maintain an eye for detail when pairing different designs by ensuring each piece has coherence within its color palette.

By playing around with combinations and ensembles in a conscious way, you’ll give your home a personal touch that reflects your unique style while also keeping up-to-date on current trends in interior design. Follow these suggestions and admire how beautifully it all comes together!

Play with texture

Add some depth to your space by playing with various textures. Think about adding a soft shag rug or a handwoven throw to achieve a plush and intricate aesthetic. These subtle details can counteract the vibrant energy that comes with buffalo check patterns.

By using a combination of different materials, you can create an engaging look that will draw people into the room. Opt for natural fibers like wool or cotton and mix them together in unexpected ways. Balance the busyness of the buffalo check pattern with understated layering.

With these simple tweaks, you can elevate any room from plain to visually captivating. A little attention to detail goes a long way and helps to create a sense of warmth and comfort in any space. Take risks, experiment, and have fun creating an atmosphere that reflects your spirit!

DIY Tips for Making Your Own Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

Making your own black and white buffalo check curtains can be a fun and cost-effective way to incorporate this pattern into your room design. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to get you started:

Choose your fabric

When it comes to selecting the ideal material for your project, we recommend opting for lightweight cotton or a blend of cotton fabric that comes in a striking black-and-white buffalo check pattern.

This choice of fabric will provide you with an effortless touch of elegance and sophistication while boasting optimal comfort and breathability. It’s certainly a winning formula for any design project.

And if we may say so ourselves, this selection is both practical and stylish, allowing you to make a bold statement while ensuring functionality. So why not take advantage of this classic pattern?

Measure your window

Take note of the dimensions of your window and make sure to factor in the additional material needed to account for hems and seams. Be precise in measuring both length and width to ensure a proper fit.

Once you’ve taken measurements, calculate the amount of fabric you’ll need to avoid any mishaps or unexpected shortages. Remember, accuracy is key when it comes to successful window treatments.

To be certain that your calculations are correct, double-check all measurements before making any cuts or purchases. Taking this extra step will save you time, money, and potential frustration later on in the process.

Cut your fabric

Cut two pieces of fabric to the width of your window and to the desired length for your curtains.

Sew your curtains

To make your curtains, join the two fabric pieces with the right sides facing each other, leaving an opening at the top for the rod pocket. Sew the bottom and sides of the curtains together. To finish up, hem all edges neatly.

Once complete, you’re now set to hang your brand-new curtains! Slip a curtain rod through the pocket at the top and place them onto your desired window. With this simple solution achieved, say goodbye to unwelcome sunlight and hello to style and functionality in any room.

Where to Use Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

Black and white buffalo check curtains can be used in a variety of rooms throughout your home. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Living room

Complete the look of your spacious living room with buffalo check curtains as the focal point. Place coordinated neutral-toned accessories alongside suitable furniture to create a harmonious appearance.

The window can be transformed, resulting in a dramatic change in the overall atmosphere by hanging buffalo check curtains. A unique and trendy look is achieved through contrasting dark-colored buffalo checks with earthy or soothing decor colors.

If you want to draw attention to your windows, these curtains are an excellent choice for any interior design style. Just remember that simplicity and balanced use of decor colors assist in keeping the modern design simple yet stylish.

With this easy-to-implement tip, beautify those vast walls or large windows while creating an appealing ambiance in no time.

Dining room

Buffalo check curtains are a winning addition to any dining room. Channel cozy vibes and keep things interesting with the timeless pattern.

Pair them off with wooden tables and classic black and white tableware for an instant rustic touch that hits all the right notes.

The result is nothing less than warm, welcoming, and effortlessly charming. Don’t be surprised when your guests linger on long after dinner has been served.

After all, it’s no secret that timeless design elements can quickly become the talk of the town.


Buffalo check curtains are the ultimate element to create a cozily comfortable and snug bedroom. The classic and rustic pattern evokes a sense of traditional style that never fades out. Crisp white bedding pairs perfectly with this charming design, creating a fresh and airy backdrop to showcase the bold checks.

A plush and fluffy rug under the feet will instantly elevate the comfort level of the space, adding an extra layer of lushness to the decor.

One can experience a welcoming ambiance in any season with buffalo check curtains draped in their bedroom!


Achieve a whimsical yet gender-neutral ambiance in your nursery with the timeless charm of buffalo check curtains. This classic pattern adds a touch of playfulness without sacrificing style.

For maximum impact, opt for bold colors that complement the room’s existing palette or go with a subtle tone for a more understated effect.

Not only do these curtains add character to your little one’s space, but they also provide practical benefits such as light filtration and insulation. Plus, their durable construction ensures they can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Create an inviting atmosphere where your child can learn and play with this simple yet effective decor choice. Buffalo check curtains are a versatile accent that will stand the test of time, just like your baby’s growth and development.

What to Pair with Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

Pairing black and white buffalo check curtains with the right furniture and accessories can help to create a cohesive and balanced look. Here are some ideas for what to pair with your curtains:

Solid-colored furniture

Creating a harmonious balance between patterned curtains and furniture can be achieved by pairing them with solid-colored pieces. For a chic and contemporary style, consider pairing your curtains with a black sofa and white armchair.

This creates a sleek contrast that will help to tone down the boldness of the pattern without overpowering it. A key to making this work is to ensure the colors are balanced so that one does not become too dominant over the other.

By achieving this harmony, you can create an inviting space that exudes both personality and sophistication all at once.

Natural materials

Wood and rattan are ideal natural materials for achieving a warm and rustic aesthetic that pairs perfectly with the classic buffalo check pattern. Incorporating these elements into your decor can create an inviting ambiance that exudes comfort.

The texture of wood and rattan infuses a touch of organic charm into any space, heightening its cozy atmosphere. These materials also add a sense of timelessness, contributing to the character and appeal of your design.

By combining the buffalo check with wood or rattan accents, you can achieve a seamless blend of nature-inspired elements that amplify each other’s visual impact. The interplay between these textures and patterns creates a pleasing contrast while maintaining an overall harmonious look.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different finishes and woods or get creative with the arrangement of your rattan pieces. With the right combination, you can give your home an authentic yet modern feel that epitomizes countryside elegance.

Bold accents

Enhance your décor by incorporating vibrant pops of color into your space, like a vivid crimson cushion or a textured floor covering. This fun and diverse approach will energize any room with a playful character.

Utilizing bolder accents in your decorating scheme is both dynamic and creative, transforming the aesthetic into something whimsical and unconventional. The addition of patterned elements, such as a striking rug, can facilitate an eclectic ambiance that’s alluring to the senses.

When employing this technique, keep in mind that balance is key. You want to strike a harmonious chord between boldness and understatement. It’s about achieving that perfect blend of vibrant energy without overwhelming the overall aesthetic.

In essence, adding brightly-hued elements elevates your design game through simple yet powerful adjustments.

You don’t need flashy details or complex designs; just subtle touches of color are enough to liven up any decor. Give it a try yourself and see how easy it is to create a strikingly chic space!

Mixing and Matching Patterns with Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

Mixing and matching patterns can be a fun way to add visual interest to a room design. Here are some tips for mixing patterns with black and white buffalo check curtains:

Stick to a color scheme

Creating a cohesive design in a room can be challenging. One way to ensure that your patterns don’t clash is to stick with a similar color scheme. You could, for example, pair buffalo check curtains with a floral throw pillow that incorporates black and white accents.

This creates visual harmony and brings the different elements of the space together. By using patterns with an overlapping color palette, you can create a sense of balance and order in your decor without overwhelming the room.

Remember, simplicity is key when it comes to pattern mixing – stay within the same family of tones and let your design speak for itself.

Vary the scale

Creating a visually harmonious space requires considering the scale of patterns used. Mixing a large buffalo check curtain with a small polka dot throw pillow creates an appealing contrast. It’s about creating a balance between dynamic and subdued patterns.

By varying the size of patterns, you can create an interesting atmosphere that adds character to any room. A subtle use of different pattern sizes is essential in achieving this effect without overwhelming the space.

Using small-scale patterns in combination with larger ones will draw attention to details that might have gone unnoticed, resulting in a cohesive and thoughtful design. Keep in mind that striking the right balance between these different components will give each piece its own moment while contributing to the overall aesthetic value.

Choose complementary patterns

Selecting harmonious patterns can achieve a unified appearance. For instance, buffalo check window treatments may be matched with a striped floor covering that shares comparable hues.

By incorporating similar color schemes in your decor, you can effortlessly create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

When choosing fabric for your black and white buffalo check curtains, there are a few factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind:


For a structured, formal look, choose heavier fabrics like cotton canvas. But if relaxed and casual is what you’re after, lighter fabrics such as cotton voile are the way to go. The weight of the fabric can greatly influence the overall feel of an outfit, so it’s important to consider the desired aesthetic when selecting materials.

However, keep in mind that fabric weight is not the sole determinant of formality or casualness. Other factors such as color, pattern, and cut also play a role in creating different vibes.

Incorporating different types of fabrics into your wardrobe can add variety and depth to your outfits. And don’t be afraid to mix and match textures for a more interesting look. As with any fashion choice, confidence is key – wear what makes you feel great and let your unique style shine through.


The touch of your curtain fabric is key to the ambiance of your room. Textured linen is cozy and relaxed, whereas smooth silk adds elegance.

Think carefully about which texture will best complement the tone of your space. Don’t let your choices get too fussy or overwhelming; instead, strive for a tasteful feel that draws out warmth and comfort in every glance.

Plan every detail carefully in order to ensure that you achieve precisely the look and atmosphere you desire. After all, a small shift in texture can make a big difference in how people perceive any environment.

Simplicity is always chic. So choose wisely, and blend the texture with color for added impact if needed. Your curtains are a key design element that will define your space with subtle sophistication!


Choosing the right fabric depends on more than just aesthetics. For a low-maintenance and practical option, consider fabrics that are easy to clean. Cotton and polyester blends are good examples of durable yet effortless to-maintain materials that can withstand everyday wear and tear.

This tip is especially crucial if you have kids or pets since spills, stains, and pet hair can quickly become an issue without proper consideration. Opting for fabrics that resist dirt and stains can alleviate some of the stress of cleaning up after accidents or messes.

But keep in mind maintenance isn’t just about cleaning. Some materials may require special care, such as dry cleaning, ironing, or avoiding direct sunlight exposure. Consider your lifestyle needs when selecting a fabric that not only looks great but also fits your practicality requirements.

Care and Maintenance of Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

Proper care and maintenance can help to ensure that your black and white buffalo check curtains stay looking beautiful for years to come. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Machine wash cold

For a thorough cleaning of your curtains, opt for cold water and a gentle cycle. Refrain from adding bleach or fabric softeners to preserve the quality of the fabric.

These chemicals can cause harm and be detrimental to the lifespan of your curtains.

Hang to dry

Avoid using the dryer to decrease the likelihood of shrinkage and maintain the shape of your curtains. Instead, opt for hanging them out to dry.

This simple yet effective method can save you from having to purchase new curtains due to damaging them through improper care. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly option that also saves energy consumption.

Iron as needed

To smooth out wrinkles in your curtains, gently iron them at a low heat level. Taking care to avoid ironing directly on the eye-catching buffalo check pattern, which could harm the fabric.

By avoiding this mistake, you can maintain the visual appeal and charm of your curtains for longer periods.

Store carefully

To keep your curtains in pristine condition, practice proper storage techniques. Neatly fold them and store them in a dry, cool location away from the direct glare of sunlight or humidity. Doing so will help prevent any deterioration, such as fading or mildew.

Sunlight can cause fabrics to become brittle and fade over time when exposed to it consistently. Therefore it is crucial to exercise caution when storing window treatments. Keep the curtains dry by avoiding damp areas where mildew could form as well.

By following these simple steps, you can maintain the appearance of your curtains for future use without having to worry about damage caused by improper storage practices. Taking good care of your possessions ensures both longevity and optimal performance.

Product Recommendations for Black and White Buffalo Check Curtains

If you’re not up for making your own black and white buffalo check curtains, there are plenty of options available for purchase. Here are some product recommendations to get you started:

Tied up

Achim Home Furnishings Tie Up Shade Buffalo Check Window Curtain, 42" x 63", Black & White

Black and white buffalo check curtains here on Amazon!

A good way of using black and white buffalo check curtains is by including them in your kitchen and by tying them so that you will give your kitchen windows a bold look.

Most kitchen windows stay open throughout much of the day, and that is where the tied-up look comes in to make these curtains look fashionable with kitchen appliances that usually come in black or white.

Get the cottage look

2 Pack Buffalo Check Plaid Window Valances White and Black Farmhouse Design Window Treatment Decor Curtains Rod Pocket Valances for Kitchen/Living Room 16" x 56"

Available here on Amazon!

The main reason black and white buffalo check curtains are so great in farmhouses, cottages, and other country-like houses are that plaid curtains come with different shades that all filter light in their own way.

Here, the black and white buffalo check curtains come in three distinct colors of black, white, and gray. Such colors filter light differently.

So, due to how the curtains can filter light differently thanks to the different colors that the curtains come with, having a country-like interior decoration can be great.

What we mean by that is having different wooden décor can go well with black and white buffalo check curtains as the curtains enhance their overall appeal when different shades of sunlight hit them.

This is better for homes with wooden floors.


Black and white buffalo check curtains offer a versatile style to any room. From adding rustic appeal in the living room to creating a cozy aura in the bedroom or a playful feel to a nursery, these curtains will elevate your space.

Become empowered through our expert tips, DIY tutorials, and product recommendations that’ll guide you on using this classic pattern effectively, thus reflecting your personal style. Try it now and experience how effortlessly you can create an inviting environment for yourself.

With easy-to-follow tips, creative DIY tutorials, and trustworthy product recommendations at hand, achieving your desired look with black and white buffalo check curtains has never been simpler. Expressive patterns blend effortlessly with any aesthetic trend, whether traditional or modern, so why not give it a try?

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