How to Measure for Cafe Curtains

Previously limited to just bathrooms and kitchens, cafe curtains are becoming increasingly popular as people now use these curtains almost anywhere in their homes.

If you are looking for how to measure cafe curtains and style them in your homes, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about cafe curtains.

The length of cafe curtains depends on how close to the bottom of the window you intend to hang them. You can hang cafe curtains halfway up the window, at the dividing line on the window, or nearly at the top.

The key advantage of using cafe curtains is that they offer better light control while maintaining privacy.

Since cafe curtains don’t completely cover windows, more light enters the room. However, the windows are not completely exposed, so you still get privacy.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn about factors to consider before hanging cafe curtains, getting the dimensions of your cafe curtains right, and different places where you can use cafe curtains.

How long and wide should cafe curtains be?

While cafe curtains are usually about 24 to 36 inches, the actual length of your cafe curtains will depend on the length of your windows and how close to your windows’ bottom you intend to hang them.

It’s more common to see cafe curtains hung halfway up the curtains, usually at the dividing lines on the windows.

You can also hang your cafe curtains above the dividing line on your windows. Your discretion is allowed regarding your window treatments as long as you are satisfied with the resulting look.

It’s important you window measurements right to get cafe curtains that fit your windows perfectly.

The width of your curtains can be 1 – 2 times wider than your windows or 4 to 6 inches wider than your windows.

Cafe curtains aren’t as wide as conventional curtains.

The location of your windows (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, e.t.c) will determine the type of fabric, materials, brackets, and rods you are going to use. Cafe curtains for nurseries and kitchens will require different fabrics.

The width of your cafe curtains, they are not as wide as conventional curtains. Cafe curtains are usually about 1 to 2 inches wider than the windows.

This shorter width gives cafe curtains a simple and tailored look.

Where to use cafe curtains in your home?

1.   Bathroom

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The bathroom is an obvious location to use cafe curtains since the windows are usually smaller. Hanging cafe curtains halfway through your bathroom windows will allow an adequate amount of light while still maintaining your privacy.

Airy, white curtains or bright flowy linens work best in the bathroom. They allow enough sunlight while also keeping wind down at night.

You can also go for thicker or darker-colored fabrics if you want more privacy.

2.   Kitchen

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Another excellent location to hang cafe curtains. A short digression here, but cafe curtains were originally used in European cafes to cover windows and provide more privacy for customers.

You can reproduce this in your kitchen by hanging neutral cafe curtains next to the dining table.

We bet you’ll be well pleased with the modern look you get. You can also hang buffalo plaid or gingham cafe curtains on your kitchen window for a farmhouse look.

Note that curtains used in the kitchen shouldn’t be made of any flammable material like polyester.

3.   Dining room

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Cafe curtains work well in the dining room, which isn’t usually far from the kitchen.

You can use the same cafe curtains in your kitchen for your dining room or get a bit more creative.

4.   Bedroom

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Cafe curtains are outstanding candidates for window treatments in your bedroom. They offer more light control while adding a unique style to your windows.

However, the cafe curtain (fabric, design) you use in your bedroom depends on the style of the bedroom.

Bright voile cafe curtains bring about a modern look. You can also use elegant silk valance to achieve a modern feel.

However, if you want something more elegant, look at cafe curtains made of linen or colorful cotton.

5.   Nursery or playroom

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Cafe curtains also work well in nurseries or kids’ rooms. They offer better light control and are easier to maintain since they don’t extend beyond the sill of the windows.

Practicality aside, cafe curtains are aesthetically pleasing in kids’ playroom as they look soft and dainty.

You can use cafe curtains made of sheers for aesthetics or blackout curtains for more privacy or a good rest.

6.   Office space

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Cafe curtains in your office space or study can inject more life into it by providing more life or brightening the space up.

Sheer or light-colored cafe curtains are more aesthetically pleasing. However, if you feel the space is too bright, you can go for thicker or darker colored fabrics to control light and encourage focus and productivity.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with cafe curtains in your workspace, as you can hang them in your favorite colors or patterns.

7.   Living room

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We weren’t kidding when we said you could use cafe curtains almost anywhere in your home. Your living is another place you can hang cafe curtains.

Cafe curtains especially work well in your home when the windows are behind the sofa.

There are several benefits to hanging cafe curtains in your living room. For one, they require less maintenance as they don’t touch the floor.

Also, you don’t have to open cafe curtains in the morning for light or close them in the evening for privacy.

8.   Small nook or narrow hallway

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Cafe curtains on the windows of the reading nook make the space cozier, relaxed, and more inviting.

You can also add privacy to a narrow hallway by hanging cafe curtains, as they will add a pleasing softness to the hallway.

Hanging Cafe Curtains

Hanging cafe curtains is easy and less expensive. We’ve already outlined the different places you can use cafe curtains above, so you should know where to hang them.

Cafe curtains are hung from a rod positioned within the window frame.

You can also install a rod and brackets halfway through your window to hang your cafe curtains.

It’s also common to see cafe curtains hung from a series of rings that slide along the curtain rod.

Below, we’ll talk about easy steps to hang your cafe curtains.

Using a cafe curtain rod

You use a decorative cafe curtain rod and brackets to hang your cafe curtains. If your window is located where it’s difficult to reach, say a kitchen sink, you’ll need a chair or stepladder to elevate yourself to the window before you mount the hardware.

Here’s how you hang cafe curtains on a curtain rod and brackets:

1. Use a tape measure to determine the height of the inside window frame. You can write the measurement down somewhere for future references. Since cafe curtains are installed halfway up the window, you’ll want to mark the halfway point with a pencil.

If your window has a dividing line, then you don’t need to measure the height of the window frame and then mark the halfway point. The dividing line will be your halfway point.

2. After using a pencil to mark where you’ll be installing the bracket, hold the bracket up to the pencil mark. Doing this will help you figure out where to drill the bracket’s holes on the window frame. Mark this area and remove the brackets.

3. The next step is to drill pilot holes on the spot you marked. We call these holes ‘pilot holes’ because they will be smaller than the diameter of your bracket screws. You can then enlarge the holes to the size of the bracket screws.

4. Once the holes are of the right size for your screws, alight the brackets with the holes and then use a screwdriver to fasten the screws into the bracket.

5. The next step is to attach the ring clips to your cafe curtains. Inspect your cafe curtains after you receive them to ensure they aren’t wrinkled. If they are wrinkled, you’ll have to iron them yourself or give them to a laundry or ironing service near you.

After you slip the rings onto the rod, the next thing to do is to set the rod carefully on the mounting brackets.

Using a spring tension rod

You can also use spring tension rods to hang your cafe curtains, and you start by adjusting the spring tension rod by rotating the telescopic end.

Be careful not to overextend the rod. Instead, it should be extended long enough to fit within your window frame.

The tension rod will be placed halfway up your windows since you are hanging cafe curtains.

You adjust the telescopic end again after placing the rod at the midway position to ensure it fits snugly within the window frame.

You can mark the placements of the tension rods with a light pencil mark which will help you align the rods after putting the curtains or serve as a reference for the future hanging of cafe curtains.