How To Make Curtains Longer

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Curtains are important in helping to cover your window for privacy. Also, when they are of an appropriate length, they influence the feel of the room.

It adds warmth, texture and makes the room look spacious. But when you move to a new home, the old curtains may not be long enough to cover the window.

So, if you still want to enjoy the privacy and want the curtains to influence the feel of the room, you may increase the length of the curtains.

There are two approaches to use to make your curtains longer. You can choose to sew another fabric at the end or use pins or glue to attach another piece of fabric at the end.  You may also hem another fabric at the end of the curtain and press the two pieces together.

It is common to reach home after you buy curtains only to discover that they are not long enough to cover the window. When the curtains are too short, they make the room feel disorganized and awkward.

So, the best thing you will need to do is to make them a little longer so that they can fall to the floor. Also, accentuate the feel of the room by making the curtains longer. 

But the challenge is that you may not know how to go about this. Here are ways to use to help you make your curtains longer.

Adjusting The Hem And Lowering The Rod


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This is the first option you will think about as soon as you discover your curtains are short.  But the method can only work if you know how to sew seams.

So before you sew the curtain to make it long enough to cover the window, you will need to measure the length of the window.

If the curtain is not too short, you may lower the window hardware a couple of inches to see if it will be long enough.

Also, you may need to check the curtain hem. If you can let it out and provide the required length, you do not need to make the length longer by sewing another piece on it.

Sometimes, the length may be enough if you combine both adjusting the hem and lowering the rod.

Stitching A Fabric At The End

If the hem is too small and difficult to adjust the rod, you will need to stick a fabric at the bottom of the curtain.

But this option can only be used by a person who knows how to stitch. So, if you are good at stitching, you may attach the part that you want to add at the end of the curtain and stitch it together.

But before you do that, you may need to undo the hem at the end of the curtains. 

Luckily, you can do this using a sewing ripper. Just slide the sharp end of the ripper under the thread stitches and pull gently to remove the stitches.

Ensure to remove a few stitches at a time to avoid pinching the curtain. Once you finish, pull it so that it does not remain in the folded state.

Ensure to remove and discard the loose threads. Also, check and eliminate the crease at the end of the original hem by spraying water and ironing it.

Continue to iron it until the crease is no more and the folding disappears.  Attach the piece of fabric you want to add at the end and sew the two together.

Using Adhesive To Add The Fabric

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You may attach a piece of fabric to your curtain without sewing.  To do this, you will need to use a ribbon to bind the fabric together. You will then need to use a steam iron to bond the two layers together.

You may also make your curtain longer by simply adding a fabric using adhesive.

Start by buying a fabric that blends well with the curtains.  You may then cut the right length of fabric depending on the length you want to add to your curtain.

Fold the bottom and the two sideways by half an inch each and press it using an iron to reinforce your fold. Don’t fold the top edge.

Cut a piece of stitch witchery equivalent to the three folded edges. Slip the Stitch witchery in the folded edge and ensure to cover the web-like ribbon completely.

Cover the folded edges with a damp cloth and use an iron with steam to press over it for a few seconds. Don’t slide the pressing iron back and forth the way you do when pressing clothes.  Instead, move it from point to point by lifting it.

Check the fabric you plan to add and ensure its width is equivalent to the width of the curtain you want to lengthen.

Put the two sides together and place the fabric on top of a curtain panel. Ensure to match the top edge of the fabric to the bottom edge of the curtain.

Cut another strip of the witchery equivalent to the width panel and try to slip it between the fabric edge and curtains bottom.

Press it with iron without moving back and forth. Layout the curtain panel while unfolding it and add a new piece of fabric.  You will then need to Iron the seam connecting the fabric and the curtain thoroughly.

Making A Curtain Longer By Sewing An Additional Fabric

It is easy to sew an additional fabric at the bottom of the curtain. But you will need to choose the right colors and a fabric that matches the curtains.

Of course, you have the option of creating a monochromatic effect or contrast. It all depends on your preferences and the style you want to use to decorate the room.

Realign the two fabrics and sew them together. Use an iron to press the seams to give the curtains some good-looking finish.

You may also decide to add lace to your curtain. But it may require some refined sewing if you want it to look attractive.

If you have a sewing machine, it makes the task easier. Also, you may choose to add a ribbon to the curtain to enhance the decoration of the room.

A ribbon will not just decorate the room but will also lengthen the curtain.

Hemming The Curtains Without Sewing

You can also hem the curtain using fusible tape. Just make ¼’’ fold on the fabric and iron it well. Make another ¼’’ fold on the curtain and also iron it so that it folds.

Put a fusible tape between the two folded pieces, use pins to hold them in place, and iron them well.

Flip them over and iron the other side until the tape fuses completely. Check and ensure that the tape has melted if it has not, iron it again.

Adding A Trim

You can make the curtains long by adding trim. It is simple, just cut a decorative ribbon which you can hem on the fringe of the curtain.

Use hot-glue to help trim and wrap around the edge of the curtain panel. It will give you a nice detail that you can use some glue to piece together.

You can also create a pleat using curtain clips. Fold the pinch and the pleat before you iron them.

Joining Fabrics Using Hemming Web

Also, you can make the curtains long by simply cutting the hemming web and placing it between the curtain and the fabric you want to use to make the curtain long.

You will then need to use an iron to press the two fabrics together until they bond.

It will make the curtain long enough to make your room look spacious and organized.

Hanging And Hemming Them Like A Pro

If the curtains are not too short, you can hang them like a pro to help create an illusion in the room. But first, you’ll need to hem them before hanging them on the rod.

So, start by washing them thoroughly, and press them nicely before hanging them on your windows.  Also, check and ensure that you hang them a few inches from the ceiling.

One more thing you may need to do is to ensure that you pull the curtain until they cover the window completely to create some feeling of width.

Thus, when you buy short curtains or move into a new house with longer windows, you do not need to worry even when you feel the curtains are too short for the windows.

You have many options to use to help you increase the length of the curtains. You can choose to sew pops up or unfold the seam. Similarly, you may use a hemming web to join two fabrics and make the curtain longer.

Whichever method you chose, you will make your curtains long and make the room look spacious and insightful.

Avoid hanging short curtains on your windows. They make the room look uneven and awkward. Sometimes, they even make the room look unkempt.

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