How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing

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How to keep outdoor curtains from blowing by securing outdoor curtains can prevent them from being blown away by the wind. Using weights or clips to hold down the bottom of the curtains can help keep them in place. Additionally, installing tiebacks or fasteners on the sides can further secure the curtains and prevent them from blowing in the wind.

How to prevent outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind


Preventing outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind involves a blend of careful selection and creative strategies. Choose heavier, outdoor-specific curtain fabrics and secure them with weights or ties. Incorporate wind-resistant design elements into your outdoor space, like strategic furniture placement and protective structures. Use landscaping to create natural windbreaks, and consider weatherproofing treatments for additional rigidity. By combining these approaches, you can effectively manage wind impact and keep your outdoor curtains calmly in place.

Outdoor Curtain Weights

Outdoor curtain weights offer a practical solution to prevent your curtains from blowing in the wind. By attaching weights at the bottom of the curtains, the extra heft helps keep them anchored, reducing their tendency to fly up in breezy conditions. Whether you choose to sew in weights, use magnet-based weights, or clip-on versions, the selection is vast, allowing you to match your outdoor aesthetic while ensuring your curtains remain in place.

Wind-Resistant Patio Design

Incorporating wind-resistant elements into your patio design can help keep your outdoor curtains from blowing. Utilize structural elements like walls, trellises, or even strategically placed furniture as windbreaks. You could also consider a wind-resistant layout, such as positioning your seating areas in sheltered spots. These features work together to decrease wind flow in your patio space, thereby minimizing the impact of the wind on your outdoor curtains, keeping them controlled and elegant-looking.

Outdoor Curtain Material Selection

Selecting the right material for your outdoor curtains plays a crucial role in preventing them from blowing in the wind. Heavier fabrics like canvas or outdoor polyester can withstand windy conditions better than lighter materials. Fabrics designed specifically for outdoor use, which combine weight with weather resistance, will not only stay in place better but will also withstand the elements and last longer, offering a durable, wind-resistant solution for your outdoor curtains.

Patio Furniture Placement

Strategic patio furniture placement can assist in keeping your outdoor curtains from blowing. Position heavier furniture pieces like sofas, tables, or planters near your curtains to act as windbreakers. You can also place tall plants or structures beside curtains to disrupt wind flow. By doing this, you create natural barriers that can limit the wind’s access to your curtains, helping them stay in place and maintain your outdoor space’s desired aesthetic.

DIY Outdoor Curtain Rods

DIY outdoor curtain rods can be an effective tool to prevent your outdoor curtains from blowing. Consider designing your curtain rods with additional anchor points, or make them from heavier, more robust materials to withstand windy conditions. Implement tie-backs or loops along the rod, allowing you to secure your curtains when needed. This combination of weight and added security points will keep your curtains more stationary even in breezy weather.

Weatherproofing Outdoor Textiles

Weatherproofing your outdoor curtains can help maintain their stability in windy conditions. Treatments and sprays are available that not only waterproof textiles but also add a certain degree of weight and rigidity, reducing their susceptibility to wind. Such weatherproofing measures help the fabric resist the wear and tear of outdoor elements, including wind and can be an effective way to keep your outdoor curtains from constantly blowing and disrupting your space.

Landscaping for Wind Reduction

Strategic landscaping can be effective in reducing the wind’s impact on your outdoor curtains. By planting wind-resistant trees or shrubs, you can create natural windbreaks that shield your patio or outdoor living area. These barriers can significantly cut down on the amount of wind that reaches your curtains. Not only does this help to keep the curtains from blowing, but it can also make your outdoor space more comfortable and enjoyable overall.

Outdoor Living Space Design

Your overall outdoor living space design can help in managing wind and keeping your outdoor curtains from blowing. Incorporate wind-buffering elements such as walls, fencing, or strategic plantings in your design. Opt for a layout that situates the curtain-protected area in a less wind-prone location, possibly shielded by your house or another structure. Consideration of these factors during the design process will ensure a more wind-resistant, comfortable outdoor living space.

Securing Outdoor Decor

Securing your outdoor decor can also help keep your curtains from blowing in the wind. For instance, attaching your outdoor curtains to heavy garden statues, ornamental stones, or other substantial decor items can help anchor them in place. It’s also worth considering items like decorative curtain ties that can be used to secure the curtains when the wind picks up. With a mix of aesthetics and functionality, your outdoor decor can contribute to maintaining your curtains’ position.

Outdoor Structures for Wind Protection

Outdoor structures can provide significant wind protection to keep your outdoor curtains from blowing. Consider installing features such as pergolas, gazebos, or windbreaks as part of your outdoor space. These structures can serve as barriers, minimizing wind flow across your patio or deck. By attaching your curtains to these sturdy structures, they’re less likely to be disturbed by the wind, helping maintain the calm and comfortable ambiance of your outdoor space.

How to prevent Outdoor curtains from blowing in the wind?

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Weigh Down The Curtains

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A popular way to help prevent outdoor curtains from blowing is to weigh them down. To achieve this, attach any kind of weighted material to the bottom of the curtain.

You can compare the price of curtain weights specifically built for outdoor curtains from different retailers in order to land the best bargain.

Similarly, most companies dealing in outdoor curtains know that this issue would become a menace eventually and thus would want to deal with it ahead of time. As a result, some curtains will already include some type of weight attached at the bottom.

You only require to have some kind of weight with you to accomplish this project. However, even if your curtains do not come with such weights, you can easily make your own which may function as well or even better. You can use larger weights or smaller ones up to the size washers.

However, the wind may be too strong for the weight to withstand. As a result, even if your curtains came with their weight, they weren’t heavy enough to withstand strong winds. In such cases, I recommend you attach a weighted rod at the bottom of the curtains to help hold them down.

Although this solution might inconvenience you in various instances, you will no longer need to worry about keeping your outdoor curtains from blowing.

Make Use Of Cables And Dog Ties

You can decide to be creative and try methods that seem simple but still bear excellent results. This involves running some cables through your outdoor curtains and securing the cable to the ground using dog ties.

This is a cost-effective method since cables come at a low price, and you can easily purchase dog chain stakes or dog ties at any pet store near you.

Besides being quite inexpensive, dog ties will work brilliantly to help you achieve whatever you want.

After securing the cables to the dog stakes or dog ties, run a few tests to ensure that the curtains cannot move around after you finish setting up everything. This includes double-checking the dog ties- or dog stakes, as it might be with your case and guaranteeing their stability.

This will help prevent them from falling over on a blustery day, resulting in your outdoor curtains blowing around.

Purchase Heavy Curtains

Another solution to help avert the issue altogether is purchasing heavier curtains that do not blow easily, even in strong wind.

While having heavy curtains may not seem convenient, you will be better off with them since they cannot blow around all the time.

Most outdoor curtains on the market are heavier compared to the normal ones. This might be because the manufacturers understand the need for them to be heavy.

Thus, picking a curtain that seems heavy enough to withstand the wind will help you solve this problem once and for all.

However, remember to use your best judgment when picking outdoor curtains to suit your needs.

Use Magnets

I use magnets to help prevent my outdoor curtains from bowing. This rather interesting idea involves sewing magnets on the curtains, preferably at the bottom part.

These magnets will then attach to a metal rod placed behind or below. Ensure that you secure the metal rod you are using to a deck or any other outdoor structure you have.

You will enjoy having outdoor curtains that do not blow around regardless of the intensity of the wind.

While this method works best with outdoor blinds, it can work for your curtains, provided that you use a strong enough magnet that will keep the curtain attached to the metal bar.

Block The Wind Instead

Depending on your outdoor setup, blocking the wind has some significant merit, so I mentioned it there for you to consider.

If you are using some type of deck near your outdoor curtains, you can choose to move some furniture around to block the winds. Your curtains won’t be able to move around half as much as they would have.

Here, place a heavy piece of a decorative item in front of the curtains. Ensure that the item you use can’t move in the wind either. Sometimes, I have seen people placing a bench or chair on the bottom of the curtain to help weigh it down.

However, this requires that you have curtains that are long enough to sweep the ground. Hence, this idea may seem impractical, especially if your curtains are of the exact size.

Since the idea to block the wind to help mitigate its impact on the curtain has worked for many people, consider exploring this option.

However, keep in mind that while this wouldn’t solve your problem completely, it helps keep the curtains in a still position without blowing too much.

This doesn’t mean that it can prevent it from blowing completely.

Tie The Curtains To A Railing

The idea of tying your outdoor curtains to a deck railing or porch railing seems practical.

Depending on where you positioned the curtains outside, fastening your curtains this way will ensure that they remain secure even on a gusty day.

To do this, you require a cable or rope, which you’ll use to tie the curtains to the railings.

One major drawback to this option is that it becomes impractical, especially if your curtains are not close to the railing.

Otherwise, if you can meet this condition, I assure you of the best experience with outdoor curtains.

Before diving headfirst into this project, take some time to see if your curtains are near the deck railing. If not, consider picking another option from this exhaustive list.

Why Use Outdoor Curtains?

Reading the above fixes for preventing your outdoor curtains from blowing might leave you wondering whether using the curtains is worth the effort.

While it appears to be a thorn in the flesh to tie the curtains down, among other fixes to help them stay put, using outdoor curtains usually comes with many benefits.

My outdoor curtains provide a thrilling shade whenever I’m resting on my deck or porch.

They come in handy, especially in summer, where it gets swelteringly hot. Things worsen whenever you want to have an outdoor rest, but the sun beats down on you.

In short, having outdoor curtains allows you to enjoy a little reprieve while being able to catch a breath of the fresh outside air.

They offer you total control of your environment since you can easily pull them up whenever you want to enjoy the sun.

However, you may not access the convenient pull-up functionality depending on the method you used to prevent the curtains from blowing in the wind. This includes if you had them tied down on railings.

If you are the typical person who enjoys throwing outdoor parties, consider using outdoor curtains on your property.

Even if you aren’t a party animal, having such a curtain is worthwhile, especially if you often like to spend time outdoors around your home.

How To Enjoy Using Outdoor Curtains?

Outdoor curtains are hardly expensive, and they do the trick by providing a suitable shade. To enjoy using them, ensure that you clean them often, since they are likely to be exposed to dirt and dust.

Similarly, knowing how to best keep them from blowing in the wind will allow you to enjoy the shade they provide with little ado. If you’ve read this post, you will enjoy using your outdoor curtains since you will do away with the nuisance.

Thus, you can comfortably sit down in the sun, enjoying the shade that your curtains provide. Regardless of your reason for using outdoor curtains, how nice would it be knowing that you needn’t have to worry about strong winds that cause the curtains to flap or blow around while making noise? “How To Keep Outdoor Curtains From Blowing” becomes an important concern, especially if you desire a tranquil outdoor space. Try either of the options above, and you’ll enjoy seeing that all of them seem to do the trick. Provided you find the method that suits your needs, you shouldn’t find it hard to get excellent results.

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