How To Hang Tab Curtains

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To hang tab curtains, start by measuring the width of your window and adding extra inches for fullness. Next, install a curtain rod above the window frame and make sure it is level. Then, attach the curtain rings to the rod and slide the tabs of the curtains onto the rings. Finally, adjust the curtains to your desired length and style, and enjoy your newly hung tab curtains.

How to Hang Tab Curtains on a Curtain Rod


Begin by threading the curtain rod through each tab of the initial drape, moving from the right side to the left. It’s vital to ensure the appropriate side of the curtain faces outward. Then, proceed to affix the second panel to the curtain rod. Introduce one tab at a time onto the rod, moving from left to right. This way, each panel is appropriately placed and displayed.

Methods for Hanging Different Types of Curtains

Tab top curtains, known for their casual and relaxed look, are easy to install. The process starts with measuring the window to establish the necessary width and height for the curtains, followed by purchasing a curtain rod that corresponds with these measurements.

After securing the curtain rod and curtains, the rod is slid through the tabs at the top of the curtains, then attached to brackets above the window. It’s important to ensure the rod is firmly secured and the curtains are evenly distributed for a uniform look.

For wider windows, the use of additional brackets in the middle can help prevent the rod from sagging. The evenly spaced tabs along the rod make the curtains easy to operate and contribute to a neat, pleasing aesthetic in any room.

Curtain Hardware

The process of hanging tab curtains can be significantly influenced by the right curtain hardware. Firstly, a robust curtain rod, broad enough to accommodate the weight of your curtains and fitting your window’s dimensions, is crucial.

It’s essential to measure the window’s width and add some extra inches on both sides to permit complete curtain retraction. Tab curtains feature built-in loops or ‘tabs’ at the top, designed to slide onto the curtain rod. It’s important to ensure the rod is firmly secured in the curtain rod brackets, and positioned at a height that lets the curtains just touch the floor or to a preferred length.

Once the rod is secure, the tabs should be evenly spread along the rod for a tidy appearance. Lastly, the chosen rod should harmonize with both your decor and the tab curtains’ style for a unified aesthetic.

Curtain Measurement Guidelines

To set up tab curtains in line with Curtain Measurement Guidelines, initially, the width of your window needs to be measured to ascertain the width of the curtain rod required.

Subsequently, the length from the top of the window, or higher if desired, to the floor should be measured. This measurement will establish the length of your curtains. It’s essential to measure from the top of the rod rather than the tabs as they sit below the rod. Taking into account the width of each tab in your measurements is necessary as it will dictate the number of tabs required for each curtain panel.

After obtaining these measurements, the appropriate curtains and rod can be purchased. For hanging, the rod should be threaded through the tabs on your curtains and then secured in place above your window. Ensuring the curtains are evenly spread along the rod will result in a tidy and fashionable display.

Window Treatment Styles

Tab curtains offer a versatile and stylish window treatment solution that can enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any room, regardless of whether it’s contemporary, traditional, or eclectic.

To install these, first, measure your window’s width and length to determine the size of your curtains. Once you’ve got the curtains ready, slide the curtain rod through the tabs on the back of each panel. It’s essential to ensure that the rod is robust enough to bear the weight of the curtains.

Position the rod brackets at your preferred height on either side of the window frame, ensuring they are level. Use the appropriate hardware to install the brackets, after which you can place the rod onto the brackets. Finally, adjust the curtains to distribute them evenly along the rod. This approach gives a refined and structured look, making it a practical solution for various window treatment styles.

DIY Curtain Projects

Engaging in DIY curtain projects such as installing tab-top curtains can be an easy and gratifying process. The first step involves measuring the width of your window to accurately establish the needed length of the curtain rod.

Following this, the rod brackets should be installed above your window, ensuring they are level and correspond to your window measurements. Once the rod is firmly affixed, thread it through the curtain’s tabs at the back. These tabs should glide smoothly onto the rod, enabling you to adjust the curtain’s position to your liking. After draping the curtain to your preference, secure the rod ends into the brackets.

The final outcome should be a neat, streamlined curtain with the tabs concealed behind it, providing an uninterrupted view from the room. This straightforward DIY project not only elevates your room’s aesthetic appeal but also allows you to personalize your curtain setting in line with your individual style and tastes.

Home Decor and Interior Design

In the world of interior design and home decor, tab curtains provide an elegant solution for adding character to a room, offering versatility in terms of both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality such as privacy and light control.

The process of hanging tab curtains starts by measuring the width and height of your window to determine the appropriate curtain rod length and curtain size. After taking these measurements, you can select curtains that match your personal style and the room’s ambiance. The next step involves installing the curtain rod above the window, ensuring it is level and securely fixed.

The curtains are then slid onto the rod through the tabs, evenly spaced to achieve a smooth, pleated appearance. It is important to note that the rod should extend beyond the window frame on both sides, allowing the curtains to be fully drawn back to maximize natural light. Thus, tab curtains serve as a practical and stylish addition to any room’s decor.

Choosing the Right Curtains for Room Decor

Tab curtains are a popular choice for room decor due to their ability to significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. The process of hanging these curtains is straightforward and begins with taking measurements of the window’s length and width to ensure the correct curtain size is chosen.

It is crucial that the tabs on these curtains can easily glide on the curtain rod for a smooth opening and closing process. The rod should be placed a few inches above the window frame, allowing the curtains to fall gracefully and cover the entire frame when hung.

Tab curtains not only introduce an elegant touch to the room decor but their simplicity also allows the spotlight to remain on other design elements within the room.

Installing Curtain Rods

Installing tab curtains begins with the crucial step of mounting the curtain rods. Initiate the process by taking a measurement of your window’s width to establish the appropriate length of the rod, ensuring to add a few extra inches on either side for the curtains to stack back when opened.

Once you’ve acquired the suitable rod, determine the height of its placement, which is customarily 4-6 inches above the window frame, but can be modified to suit individual preferences. Utilize a level for accuracy in achieving a straight rod, then mark the points for the brackets on each side of the window frame.

Proceed to drill holes on these marked points and fasten the brackets using screws, making certain they are firmly secure. Prior to placing the rod onto the brackets, slide the tab curtains onto the rod. Finally, evenly adjust the curtains. Following these steps will ensure your tab curtains are hung successfully.

Care and Maintenance of Curtains

The process of hanging tab curtains can be straightforward, but it necessitates meticulous care and maintenance to preserve their freshness and newness. The process begins by ironing or steaming the curtains to smooth out any wrinkles. Ensuring that the curtain rod is sturdy and can support the weight of your curtains is also essential.

For a uniform appearance, each tab should be slid over the rod and evenly spaced. Once hung, regular cleaning of the curtains is required to inhibit dust and dirt accumulation. It’s important to consult the care label for specific cleaning guidelines as some curtains may need dry cleaning, whereas others are suitable for machine washing.

Prior to cleaning, curtains should be taken off the rod to avoid any potential damage. When the curtains are not in use, they should be drawn back using tie-backs or holdbacks to minimize sunlight exposure, which can lead to fading. Regular inspections for any signs of wear and tear are also necessary, and any minor damages should be promptly repaired to extend the curtains’ lifespan.

Fabric Types Suitable for Curtains

The type of fabric used significantly impacts the aesthetic and functionality of hanging tab curtains. Suitable fabrics for this purpose typically fall within the lightweight to medium weight range, such as cotton, linen, silk, or polyester blends.

Each material lends a unique ambiance to the room — cotton and linen offer a fresh, casual feel, while silk or faux silk imparts a formal, luxurious look. However, it’s important to avoid heavier fabrics like velvet or brocade, as they may not slide or hang well on the tabs, resulting in uneven or bulky curtains.

Equally, sheer or extremely lightweight fabrics might not provide sufficient privacy or light-blocking capabilities. Therefore, the key to achieving a visually pleasing and functional window treatment with hanging tab curtains lies in choosing the right fabric.

How Do You Hang Tab Top Curtains?

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One of the most convenient and affordable curtains you can hang in your rooms is tab top curtains. Because they are inexpensive doesn’t mean they are of inferior quality.

These curtains come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, weight, and intricate details. So if you are interested in learning how to hang tab top curtains, let’s look at that in this section.

1.   Measure the window

When you are shopping for the curtain rod, you’ll have to make sure that you measure the windows in advance. Measure the width of your window and add 4 inches, one on each side for 8 inches. Add the width to this figure, and that will be the length of the curtain rod you should get.

Apart from the window’s width, you’ll also have to measure the height of the window to know the length of the tab top curtains you require. You can get curtains that stop at the end of the window or choose panels that touch the floor to give an illusion of long walls. Allocate 4 inches above the window for the tabs and the curtain rod.

2.   Prepare the curtain rod and the curtain panels

Once you have taken the measurements in the above step, prepare the materials. In case you are using an old set of curtain rods and curtain panels, check if they fit the measurements you too. If you need to get new ones, use the measurements to look for a rod and a tab top curtain that fit well.

3.   Install the curtain rod and brackets

Measure 4 inches above the window and 4 inches to the right of the right side corner and mark with a pencil. Do the same on the left-hand corner of the window. Using an electric screwdriver, install the brackets that come with the curtain rod. You can use a drill if the wall is too hard for the electric screwdriver to penetrate.

4.   Hang the tab top curtains

The next step is to take the tab top curtains and begin putting the rod through them. Once you are done, hang the curtain rod on the brackets you installed in the step above. Stand a few feet back and confirm whether the rod is leveled perfectly.

And just like that, you are done installing your tab top curtains.

How Do You Hang Back Tab Curtains?

If you crave a well-pleated, tailored, and elegant look, then back tab curtains are the way to go. This fabric has a built-in tab sewn at the back lining of the curtain header.

This allows you to easily slip the rod through the tabs. This makes it invisible from the front. The hidden tabs give off an illusion of a floating curtain which creates a clean design that is breathtaking.

Clip rings are useful when installing back tab curtains because they help slide the curtains open and shut without worrying about the crisp edge of the fabric hindering movement.

Clip rings can also help you customize the length of the curtains. If you’d like to have elegant, clean, and floating curtains without sacrificing the flexibility of ring attachments in opening and closing window curtains, then clip rings are a perfect solution.

So with all that said, how do you hang back tab curtains?

You’ll first have to get your hardware set. This process will be much faster if you already have your brackets and rod in place.

However, if this is your first time, then you’ll need a pencil, a measuring tape, clip rings, brackets, your curtain, and a pre-measured curtain rod for your window.

With these, you can then start the hanging process.

1.   Secure the brackets

If you already have the rod and brackets in place, you can skip this step. If not, mark where you want the brackets to go. The standard is at least 4-8 inches above the window sill. Using a measuring tape and a pencil, mark where the screws will go in. Drill the holes and secure the brackets in place.

2.   Attach the clip rings

Place the back tab curtain such that the tabs are facing you. To attach the clip rings, you have two options:

Attaching to the top of the tab

Place the clips on the top part of the curtain and slide the rings on the rod. This option lets you add length to your back tab curtain without the need to alter the fabric. You can achieve puddling of fabric pooling on the floor, which will add a sophisticated and grand look. Using this option, you can use standard-length curtains and make them appear longer than they really are. Attach a ring at every tab to achieve tight-looking pleats. If you want to achieve a loosely hung curtain look, skip one or two tabs when attaching clip rings.

Concealing it behind the tab

If you’d like to attain the floating appearance of your curtains, you can conceal the ring behind the fabric. Just pinch the middle of the tab and clip the ring an inch or two below the top.

Try pulling the ring to see its full length before sliding it across the rod. If the ring is attached too far up, move it another inch below. Just be sure you don’t go beyond the hem of the curtain’s tab. Once you feel the ring is attached at your desired length, slide it across the curtain rod.

3.   Hang the rod and slide in your back tab curtains

With the ring slid perfectly on the rod, attach the final pieces at both ends. Hang your rod onto the brackets and adjust them as is necessary.

You can touch up your curtains with an iron, ironing each tab flat. If the curtains are made of linen fabric, make sure you use that setting on the iron. Doing this will make sure that the curtains look their level best after hanging them. Easily slide your curtains and move them from left to right, opening and closing the shutters as you please.

And just like that, you will successfully hang your back tab curtains. Using clip rings is popular because it lets people customize the length of your curtain without alterations.

How Do You Make Tab Curtains Slide Easier?

If you are using back tab curtains, you can make them slide easier by using clip rings when installing them. Clip rings will help you slide your back tab curtains open and shut without having to worry about the crisp edge of the fabric hindering movement. There are, however, ways you can make the rings slide easier, thus enabling you to open the curtains easier. These include:

  • Using dry silicone spray– Silicone spray is a lubricant that’s non-sticky and drying. When you apply it to the top of the curtain rod, it creates a smooth surface allowing your curtain rings to slide easier.
  • Using curtain slide tape– Curtain slide tape is applied to the top of the curtain to create a smooth surface for your curtain rings. This allows your curtains to open easier.
  • Using measuring tape– If you want to bypass the connector joint so that your rings slide easier to open your curtains, then you can use a measuring tape for a quick DIY method. Cut 6 inches from your measuring tape. Using glue, adhere the measuring tape over the connector joint like a ramp. It’s easy to round the measuring tape, so it should be easy to lay across the top of the rod.

Tab curtains can be an impressive addition to your space. So why not try them out and use the installation tips in this guide to great effect.

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