How To Hang Swag Curtains

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Swag curtains are created using a flowing material and draping it loosely over a drapery rod or a bracket. The material is usually sheer, but you can still create different and intriguing looks by incorporating curtains with different fabrics, colors, and lengths.

You can add an extra valance or a set of blinds to the window beneath the swag curtain for additional privacy. It isn’t difficult to achieve the look of a perfect, flowing swag curtain.

But for some people, installing swag curtains can be quite a difficult undertaking. So how do you do it?

To install swag curtains, you will first have to choose the rods and brackets. The second step would be to install the brackets at an appropriate height above your window. Once the brackets are installed, you’ll have to put up the rod and then slide the swag curtain onto the rod.

In this article, we will look at all that pertains to installing swag curtains in your home. So if this interests you, read on to find out more, as this is guaranteed to be a delightful read for you!

How Do You Hang Swag Curtains?


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To hang up swag curtains, you’ll need a curtain rod, several brackets, and a drill. Once you’ve gathered all these supplies, putting up your swag curtains will be a breeze.

There are three steps involved in hanging your swag curtains, and these have sub-steps. So let’s have a look.

Step 1: Choose your rods and brackets

  1. If you are going to hang the swag curtains by themselves, use single brackets. If you only have the swag curtains over the window, then you should use single curtain brackets. Single brackets hold up just one curtain rod, which is all you’ll need if you’ll have just the swag over the window.
  1. If you’d like to include a set of valance or blinds besides your swag curtains, then double brackets are the way to go. These brackets come with two slots instead of one like the single ones so that they can hold up two curtain rods. Your swag will most probably go on the first rod and the other additions on the second rod.
  1. After deciding in the brackets appropriate for you, the next step will measure the width of your window. This will help you know what length of the rod to get. To do this, take a tape measure and measure from the outer edge of the window frame on one side of the window to the outer edge on the other side of the window. Note this measurement so you know what to look for when shopping for curtain rods.
  1. When buying your curtain rods, get ones that are at least 2 inches longer than the width you measured. Traditionally, curtain rods are longer than the width of the window. The longer the curtain rods are, the larger your windows will appear. If you’d like your windows to look even bigger, consider getting rods that are up to a foot longer than your window’s width. Take heed you don’t use a rod that isn’t at least 2 inches longer than the width of your window frame. Also, don’t use a rod that’s longer than 1 foot if you want to make your windows appear bigger otherwise, the rod will look too long above your window.
  1. Consider getting a decorative or a café style curtain rod for your curtains. If your swag curtains are heavy, then you should use a decorative rod since this type is sturdier. At all costs, avoid using traverse curtain rods as these are usually designed to hold curtains that have pins. These pins hook into the rod. Because swag curtains don’t have these pins, these rods won’t work.

Step 2: Install the brackets

  1. Above your window on either side, use a pencil to mark 4-8 inches as you feel is appropriate. This is the height you’ll hang your curtain brackets at. If you go higher, your window will appear larger, so it’s really a matter of preference. Never hang the brackets over 8 inches above your window, as this may make your swag curtains appear to be too high. In the same breath, don’t hang the brackets less than 4 inches above the window; otherwise, you risk making it look too crowded.
  1. Hold the brackets onto the wall above the frame and mark the screw holes. One bracket on either side of the window frame will do. Hold the brackets so that the screw holes are level with the marks you made in the step above. Ensure that the distance between your brackets isn’t longer than the length of your curtain rod; otherwise, it will fall off. Using a tape measure, measure the length of the rod and then measure the distance between the brackets. If the distance between the brackets is more, then you should move them closer toward the window frame.
  1. Using a long level, make sure that the bracket marks you made in the step above line up well. You just place the level between the two marks so that the top edge lines up with each of the marks. Afterward, check the gauge in the center of the level- if the air bubble is outside the marked lines, then the marks you made aren’t level, and you’ll have to re-do it, so they become level.
  1. If the bracket marks line up perfectly, drill pilot holes through the screw mark you made. Pilot holes make it easier for screws to go into a surface. To drill these holes, use a drill bit that’s smaller than the screws that came with the brackets. Drill on the screw hole marks you made on either side of the window frame.
  1. Afterward, screw the brackets into place on the walls. To do this, hold the brackets on the wall such that the screw holes line up perfectly with the pilot holes you drilled. After this, drill the screws that came with the brackets through the holes until the brackets are secured in place.

Step 3: Put up the rod and the swag curtains

  1. Your swag curtains should have a rod pocket. Rod pocket swag curtains have a pocket along their top edge that slides perfectly onto the rod to hold your curtains in place. Just slide one end of the curtain rod into your swag curtain until it appears on the other side. After this, center the swag on the rod so that the front of the curtain faces out.
  1. Some swag curtains, which are rarely used, don’t have a rod pocket. If yours is a scarf-style swag, then wrap it around the curtain rod so it drapes like a regular swag. Just hang one end of the swag over one end of the rod and then hang the other end of the swag at the other end of the rod. The fabric in the middle you should let drape down. Experiment with different wrapping styles.
  1. You most probably have rod pocket swag curtains, so you can skip the above procedure. Next, mount the curtain rod in the brackets. Place the curtain rod ends in the bracket holders so that the rod is centered over your window. If you are using double brackets, mount one in the front and the other in the back.
  1. After this, adjust the center of your swag curtain. If you are using rod pocket swags, ensure it’s slid all the way to the center of the rod. Make sure that there aren’t parts of your curtain that are bunched up. If there are, then smooth them out.

How Do You Hang a Swag Curtain Without a Rod?

The traditional method of hanging swag curtains involves a rod. You can, however, still, hang swags without using a rod. Some common methods are:

1.   Using a pair of hooks

Hooks are an easy substitute for rods if you are looking to install swag curtains. To use them, you just have to install some large hooks on either side of your window frame on the top of the window. Afterward, drape the swag curtains over each hook and pull the curtain through them. To get the characteristic sag that swag curtains have, then you’ll have just to pull the middle of the dip down.

2.   Using thumbtacks

Some landlords may not allow you to install hooks, so you may have to get creative. Swag curtains that are light and made of thinner material can be held up using thumbtacks. Use them on the curtains at the high points you want your swag to peak at.

Using this method gives you more room to alter the shape of your curtain’s dip. So if you are huge on customization, this method should prove beneficial.

Are Swag Curtains Out of Style?

Mostly, yes. Even though they can add a look of splendor to your space, swag curtains are out of fashion. They are classic elements of traditional-style window furnishings, and for this reason, they aren’t used so much nowadays.

Swag curtains are popular for their traditional yet elegant look, and they are famous among people who want to install layered window treatments.

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