How To Hang Curtains Without Nails

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Hanging curtains without nails is possible by using alternative methods such as tension rods, adhesive hooks, or magnetic rods. Tension rods can be easily adjusted to fit the width of the window frame, while adhesive hooks can be attached to the wall without causing damage. Magnetic rods can be used on metal surfaces, eliminating the need for nails altogether. These methods provide a convenient and damage-free solution for hanging curtains in any space.

No Nail Curtain Hanging Methods


Tension Rods: Fit between the sides of the window frame and hold up through tension. Best for lightweight curtains.

  • Command Hooks: Adhesive-backed hooks that hold curtains using curtain rings or rods.
  • Magnetic Rods: Stick to metal window frames using magnets. Only work with metal frames.
  • Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets: Slide at the top of your window frame. Curtains rods rest on them.
  • Wire Cable Curtain Systems: Use a metal cable attached to the sides of your window frame with adhesive hooks or clamps.
  • Over-the-Door Hooks: Hangover the top of a door. A curtain rod is placed in the hooks.
  • Suction Cup Rods: Use suction cups to stick to the window or surrounding wall. Only support lightweight curtains.
  • Velcro Strips: Attach one side of the Velcro to the curtain and the other to the wall or window frame.

Tension Rods for Curtains

Using tension rods for curtains is a highly efficient way to hang curtains without nails. These specially designed rods fit perfectly between two walls or within a window frame without requiring any nails or screws.

The process begins by measuring the width of your window to ensure that the tension rod purchased is of the right length. The rod is then extended slightly beyond the measured width, positioned within the window frame, and released gradually so that the tension secures it in place.

The curtains are then threaded onto the rod, and the rod’s position can be adjusted as necessary. This simple, nail-free method is minimally invasive, making it an ideal option for renters or those looking to prevent wall damage.

Adhesive Hooks for Curtains

The use of adhesive hooks presents a simple and effective solution to hang curtains without the need for nails, making it particularly suitable for renters or those who favor a damage-free method.

Selecting an adhesive hook that aligns with the diameter and weight of your curtain rod is the initial step. Following this, ensure the area where the hooks will be affixed is cleaned and dried. The adhesive back should then be removed, with the hook pressed against the wall for approximately 30 seconds.

This process is repeated for the opposite side, taking care to ensure both hooks are level. Once the hooks are firmly attached, the curtains can be hung. However, it’s advisable to wait for at least one hour after attaching the hooks to allow the adhesive to fully bond with the wall prior to hanging the curtains.

Magnetic Curtain Rods

Using magnetic curtain rods is a straightforward, damage-free method for hanging curtains without needing nails. These rods, designed specifically for metal surfaces, cling securely to the surface, eliminating the requirement for nails or screws.

Installation is a breeze, as all you have to do is place the magnetic ends of the rod against the metal window frame or door where you wish to hang your curtain. They have the strength to support lightweight to medium-weight curtains, making them a perfect solution for those who wish to avoid creating holes in their walls or window frames.

Furthermore, these rods offer flexibility due to their easy repositioning and removal, providing a non-permanent solution for your curtain hanging needs.

Hanging Curtains with Command Strips

Utilizing Command Strips provides an efficient and non-destructive method to hang curtains without nails. The process begins by pinpointing the precise locations for curtain placement and marking them accordingly.

To ensure proper adhesion, the marked spots are cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Following the instructions on the package, the Command Strips are then affixed to the wall. The curtain rod brackets are pressed onto the strips in a level position and left undisturbed for approximately an hour. This waiting period allows the adhesive to securely bond the bracket to the wall.

The curtains are then hung on the rod, which is placed onto the now firmly attached brackets. This approach is not only uncomplicated and effective, but it also safeguards your walls from potential nail damage.

Suction Cup Window Fixtures

Using Suction Cup Window Fixtures, an innovative tool designed specifically to adhere strongly to smooth surfaces like glass or tiles without causing any damage enables you to hang curtains without using nails.

Simply attach the curtain hooks or rings to these fixtures and press the suction cup against the window until it securely sticks. Cleaning the window surface prior to this process is recommended to ensure proper adherence.

This nail-free method is perfect for those who wish to refrain from drilling or hammering nails into walls or window frames, providing the added convenience of easily repositioning curtains when needed.

Damage-Free Hanging Solutions

Curtain hanging solutions that don’t inflict any damage on your walls involve the utilization of certain tools and methods. Tension rods, for instance, are adjustable and can fit your window frame without requiring nails or screws, working on the principle of tension force between the window frame’s two sides.

An alternative solution is command hooks, which can stick to the wall and support a lightweight curtain rod. The adhesive used on these hooks is strong yet removable, leaving no residue and causing no harm to the surface. For metal frames, magnetic rods are an option, adhering to the frame through magnetic force.

Regardless of the chosen solution, it’s essential to remember to take into account the curtain’s weight to ensure it doesn’t exceed the holding capacity of the method employed.

Over-the-Door Curtain Rods

Over-the-door curtain rods are an innovative solution for those seeking to hang curtains without resorting to nails, thereby avoiding potential damage to walls or doors.

Specifically designed to comfortably slot over your door frame, these rods have a curved section that extends over and down the back of the door, ensuring a firm grip for your curtains. Installation is straightforward, just position the rod over your door frame and adjust it until it fits securely.

You can then slide your curtains onto the rod, adjusting them to your preferred length. This provides an efficient, damage-free method to hang curtains.

Using Twist and Fit Curtain Rods

Twist and Fit Curtain Rods provide a superb and easy way to hang curtains without the need for nails, thus avoiding any potential damage to walls or window frames.

Their unique design incorporates a special mechanism that lets you twist the rod to adjust to the length of your window. The tension from releasing the adjusted rod firmly secures it in place within the window frame. The following step is simply to slide the curtains onto the rod and hang them.

This process is not only efficient and straightforward but also allows for the frequent changing of curtains without the inconvenience of using nails or additional hardware.

Velcro Attachments for Curtains

Using Velcro attachments to hang curtains allows for a simple, no-damage method that doesn’t require nails. The process begins by measuring the length of your window or door, followed by cutting matching lengths of Velcro strips.

The next step is to affix the hook side of the Velcro to the top rim of your window frame, while the loop side should go along the top hem of your curtain. It’s crucial to align the Velcro strips on both the curtain and window frame properly to ensure a secure attachment. This approach enables easy curtain hanging and removal, eliminating concerns about leaving permanent damage or marks on your walls.

Creative DIY Curtain Hanging Methods

In the sphere of innovative curtain-hanging techniques, the concept of hanging curtains without nails provides numerous opportunities for those living in apartments or those keen to protect their walls from damage. Utilizing command hooks, which are adhesive-backed and robust enough to support curtain weight, offers a simple solution that leaves no trace upon removal.

By sticking them to walls at the desired height and width, curtains can be easily hung. An alternative is the use of tension rods, which are adjustable and rely on the tension between two surfaces to hold them in place. For a unique and vintage appeal, coat hooks can also be employed.

After screwing them into the wall, curtains can be elegantly draped over them. These non-invasive methods not only safeguard walls from potential harm but also allow individuals to display their creative flair in their living environment.

How Can I Hang Curtains Without Damaging the Wall?

Nowadays, plenty of options are presented to hang curtains without damaging the wall. Holes in the wall look awful.

Thus, if someone wants to change the place of something in a wall, the hole will remain there until this is covered; too many holes in a wall may not be that difficult to cover, but the structure will be affected.

Some options can be applied if someone wants to hang curtains without damaging the wall. Here are some of these simple but effective options:

Kwik-Hang Brackets

Kwik-Hang Single Curtain Rod Brackets – No Drill, No Damage – Perfect Curtains Every Time – 1” Bronze

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Kwik-Hang Brackets is one of the most viable solutions. They don’t need too much time to get installed and can hold over 20 pounds. Kwik-Hang Brackets don’t damage the wall nor leave any mark on it.

These are easy to install; there is only needed to place the bracket on the window frame and tap it a few times with a hammer!

Though anything is completely perfect, and this is no exception. Kwik-Hang brackets can only be used on the window frame.

Command Hooks

Command Small Wire Hooks, 16-Hooks, 24-Strips, Organize Damage-Free

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Command hooks are very convenient, and they can hang things that people even didn’t know. Command hooks come in different sizes, and they don’t leave any mark on the wall.

There are only needed two –and sometimes 3 or 4– to hang the curtain.

Even though command hooks are one of the most viable options, for me, they have three cons. First, command hooks can hold only 8 pounds. Second, they can only be used on flat surfaces.

Otherwise, the command strip won’t stick well on the wall. And finally, command hooks have to be used with small curtain rods because rods thicker than ¾” won’t fit.

Can You Hang Curtains with Command Hooks?

Command Large Utility Hooks, 7-Hooks, 12-Strips, Organize Damage-Free

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Command Hooks have many uses, and these are effective in hanging curtains without damaging a wall. According to the length of the window, only a few of them are needed.

With normal-sized windows, just two Command hooks are needed; thus, as the window gets larger, more command hooks are needed to support the rods in the middle.

Before going into the explanation of how to hang curtains with command hooks, remember that these cannot hold heavy curtains, so choose a lightweight fabric; otherwise, the hooks will break, or they will fall easily!

Now, to hang curtains with a command hook is only needed:

  • 2 3M Command™ Hooks (Extra pieces may be needed)
  • A piece of cloth
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Curtain Rod (not bigger than ¾” of diameter)
  • Command™ Strips

All the procedures are simple, and no one should struggle following the next steps.

  1. Soak the piece of cloth in the rubbing alcohol, and with this, it is going to clean the space on the wall where the command curtains are going to be stuck. Don’t rub too hard, or the paint may be removed.
  • When a pen, make a small mark where the command hook will be placed on the wall.
  • Command Hooks came with their command strips, so it is not needed to buy a part. So, divide the strips, and remove the red liners. Press the latter to the hook. Then, remove the black liners, and press them to the wall for 10 seconds.
  • Slide the hook of the base, and press it for 30 seconds. Then, slide the hook into the base, and let it sit for an hour.
  • Finally, put the rods and curtains in place, and that is it!

Will Command Hooks Hold a Curtain Rod?

Command Hooks come in different sizes, though. To hang curtains with these, there are few things to take into consideration, and one is the size of the curtain rods.

Curtain rods have different shapes, sizes, and styles; however, not more than ¾” can fit on jumbo command hooks –which are one of the biggest sizes–.

So, let’s go into a brief explanation of some types of curtain rods and their standard sizes to know which one can fit with command hooks.

Whenever the next curtain rods are ¾” in diameter, they can be used with command hooks. Let’s know a little bit more about them!

Conventional Rod

A conventional rod is a traditional rod that people are used to seeing. They have a basic shape, so conventional rods will fit perfectly on the command hook; additionally, the conventional rods are made of light materials, so they won’t break the hook nor make the whole structure separate from the wall.

Decorative Rod

Decorative rods come with more creative styles, but they remain cylindrical in shape. Whenever these don’t have an intricate design that won’t fit on the hook or be made of heavy material, decorative rods can be used with command hooks.

Double Curtain Rod

This type of curtain rod is made to hold two curtains at the same time. I mean, it has two rods!

These are heavier than the other rods in the list; even if these are made of light material, because of this, the fabric of the curtains has to be extra lightweight. Otherwise, the hooks will break.

Adjustable Curtain Rod

This curtain rod type has an adjustable length, is not heavy, and is commonly made of light materials.

Adjustable curtain rods have more pros than cons! Whenever the diameter is ¾” or less, they will fit perfectly on the hooks!

Corner Curtain Rod

Corner Curtain Rods have an adjustable curve in the middle of the hook, so they can be placed in a corner. These rods are not heavy, and the diameter may vary, though they come in ¾” or less. However, to install a corner curtain rod, at least four command hooks are needed.

How Much Weight Can a Command Hook Support?

Jumbo size command hooks can support around 7.5 pounds, that is 3.4 kilograms.

While command hooks are useful, they won’t damage the wall, and people will forget about drilling walls; people will have to use a lightweight fabric for their curtains, and the heavy blackout curtains are out of the list if someone wants to install their curtains using command hooks.

Weight and size are two things to consider when it is time to choose the curtain rod and the fabric for the curtain. Jumbo command hooks will not support more than 7 – 7.5 pounds, and any rod bigger than ¾” of diameter will fit on it.

This can be considered one con of the command hooks. And maybe someone may be thinking while reading this that the more command hooks, the more weight they will hold; that is mathematically true, but it looks awful to use more command hooks that are needed.

How Can I Hang Curtains Without Drilling?

Before I mention some options to hang curtains by damaging the wall, yet there are few options available that people can take into consideration if they want to hang curtains without drilling the wall. These are:

Tension Rods

Tension rods are useful and simple to install. To set tension rods up to the window frame, it is only needed to measure the length of the window and choose a tension rod that fits on it; though, there is no need for a perfect nor exact measure of the window.

Although, tension rods can slip sometimes, and they can’t hold heavy curtains.

Magnetic Rods

Magnetic rod brackets are functional, and they can even add a more modern finish. It is only needed to choose the perfect size for the window, and if this is made of a metal frame or it is a metal door, this only has to be placed on it.

If the frame is not metallic, a metallic piece of the size of the bracket can be placed on the wall with an adhesive strip.

The cons about magnetic rods are that they can’t hold heavy curtains, and it is more expensive than the options in the list.

How Can I Hang Curtains Without Curtain Rods?

If people want to avoid using curtains to hang curtains, there are some creative options such as using tension cables, brackets, and knobs, though there is the risk of potentially damaging the wall.

Also, without a rod curtain, loose mobility, and it could be more expensive than buying a conventional rod.

Yet it is possible to hang curtains without rods, and it may add a different finish to the room; be ready to lose some comforts.

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