How To Hang Curtains On A Narrow Window

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Some houses have narrow windows on them. These windows are stylish and provide extra beauty and make the houses appealing to the eye.

You’ll notice the little windows on the walls, especially in the bathrooms or the relaxing areas or even in the study room.

They are purposely for enhancing the aesthetics of the house while maintaining privacy.

So, do you know how to hang curtains on a narrow window?

The ideal way to hang curtains on a narrow window is to make it appear larger than it is. You can quickly achieve this by putting your curtain rod firmly and in a straight line. Hang the rod higher to make the window appear taller, or extend the rod past the window’s sides to make it appear more expansive.

Having narrow windows in your home is very stylish. However, don’t leave them plain and without curtains.

There are ways you can amplify that beauty and transform your home to a whole new level which the correct curtain fittings. 

Unlike standard windows, getting curtains for narrow windows can be quite a hassle. This is not a common trend, and thus getting suitable drapes for your window won’t be a walk in the park.

Search for the correct curtain measurements to fit your house and make it outstanding.

If you have a narrow window at your place and you don’t know what to do about it, read along.

I will tell you about some of the best ways to hung curtains in a narrow window, the best type of curtain dimensions, and even the fabrics that will perfectly fit in the limited openings.

Steps and Methods of Hanging A Curtain On A Narrow Window


You have probably had an experience on how to hang the curtain on a standard window in your home. If so, this should be a straightforward task for you.

There’s not much difference between hanging curtains on narrow and standard windows.

Provided you keep the steps and follow the correct procedures, you will hang your curtain seamlessly and enjoy the comfort in your home with the right tools and equipment.

Most narrow windows are in such a way that there are no provisions for opening them.

This should ease your work when covering them since you won’t be required to open and close them frequently.

Others allow for opening and closing, and you have to have a fresh approach to covering them.

Here are simple steps to follow when hanging curtains on a narrow window. 

1.     Measure the size of your window

Hold your tape measure at the left side of your window and stretch it across to the right. Make sure the measurement on the left side starts at zero.

Hold the tape measure at the top of your window and drag it down until it reaches the bottom. This calculates the overall length of your windows.

These measurements will guide you to getting the correct sized curtain for your narrow window.

2.     Hanging the curtains

Erecting the curtain rods just above the window frame is the most common method that many people use to hang their narrow curtains. This style saves the size of the curtain fabric used on the window. 

Hanging the curtains close to the ceiling is an alternative style as well. This is the best style if you want your window to look conspicuous and make a confident statement.

 Hanging close to the ceiling will also make your room look taller and provide a touch of style for your home. This style will go perfectly with a long curtain that sweeps that floor or touches the floor.

Use a slightly wider curtain rod that extends beyond the window to the sides. When you open your curtains, the extended part of the curtain rods will hold the curtain in place.

They maintain a cozy look in your room. The vast amounts will also provide a space for drawing the curtains aside to not block the light from entering the room.

Best Curtains For Narrow Windows

Unique windows have unique curtains, and narrow windows are not an exception. If you have a narrow window, look for curtains that will fit your windows properly.

There are unique curtains made for narrow windows.

These curtains are elegant and made of the perfect fabric for the tiny windows, depending on what you prefer your room’s atmosphere to feel.

Some of the best curtains for narrow windows include:

●       Nicetown door curtain panel

Rose Home Fashion RHF Voile French Door Curtains-Set of 2 Panels, 40W by 72L Inches, Sheer White (W40 x L72|2 Panels, White)

Nicetown door curtains here on Amazon!

These French door curtains are composed of triple weave blackout cloth, blocking 95% of harmful lights and UV rays. The curtain keeps hot air in the summer and chilly wind in the winter from entering the room by using a particular weaving technique.

It is designed for sidelight glass or gazed doors for style and privacy. Pure color is appropriate for most home decorating styles. Adjustable tiebacks allow you to adjust the amount of light that enters the room; you may tie up for decoration or full shade for privacy.

All of the door panels have been thread-trimmed and pre-ironed to make your life easier. You will not go through many hardships putting them in shape before hanging them on your window.

You can easily install these with your sash rods right out of the box. Double-rod pockets at both ends offer a multitude of hanging alternatives for your door curtain.

Nicetown curtains are simple to maintain. Machine washable in cold water with gentle detergent, no bleaching, tumble, or natural dry. Steam ironing is an excellent way to erase wrinkles and fold marks.

The door curtain bundle includes one panel. Each panel is 25 inches wide by 72 inches long and includes a matching adjustable tieback. The curtain has a perfect fit thanks to two-rod pockets on both the top and bottom sides. The fabric for this curtain is made entirely with polyester.

●       Pony dance blackout panel

PONY DANCE Blackout Curtains with Sheer - Sheer Linen Drapes with Grommet Window Treatments Decoration for Girls' Bedroom, 52 x 63 in, Grey, 2 Panels

Pony dance blackout panel curtains here on Amazon!

Pony dance door panel comprises triple layers of blackout fabric, the same material on both sides. It has an elegant and sophisticated appearance—no need to be concerned about streetlights or porch lights because this product blocks light and reduces noise.

By shielding UV rays, you can keep your furniture and rugs from deteriorating. Ideal for glass or glazed doors.

You and your family will have complete privacy thanks to the door panel. The energy-saving door curtains cut heating and cooling expenditures. The adjustable tie lets you choose how tight you want the tie while still blocking out light.

●       Deconovo room darkening curtain

Deconovo Solid Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtain Kids Bedroom, Dark Grey, 42x84 Inch,1 Panel

Deconovo room darkening curtains here on Amazon!

This solid color blackout curtain is a smooth and elegant fabric with a silky touch and a stunning drape that will add charm and modernity to your space.

These thermal insulated curtains block out sunlight, maintain temperature balance by insulating against summer heat and winter chill, and reduce outside noise.

They also suppress outside noise, providing you with a pleasant environment regardless of how noisy your neighbors are.

What To Consider When Choosing Curtains For Narrow Windows

Do you want to brighten your home with unique thin curtains? It would help if you were keen on some factors.

These will help you get that stunning look you want in your house. These aspects include the curtain’s and the house’s décor.

●       Off the shelf and custom window curtains

Custom window treatments have many advantages, including the ability to change the measurements to your window size and produce a tailored effect, similar to a perfectly fitted suit.

Custom panels are available in an infinite number of design options, ranging from material to header style. These possibilities, however, come at a significant cost premium above off-the-shelf curtain panels.

●       Care and maintenance

Decide if you want to buy dry-clean-only or machine-washable curtains – it will save you time and money in the long run. Keep in mind that attempting to wash high-quality curtains yourself can cause them to deteriorate.

●       Length and lining of the curtain

Before you pick out the tape measure, decide how high above the window you want the curtains to start. Hanging panels higher than the window creates a sense of height in the room.

Curtains are customarily draped six inches above the window frame, but some designers go higher for a more dramatic effect.

Measure from the top of the window to the floor, plus the extra inches where the curtains will hang.

Add two or three inches to the length of your curtains for a more classic look, with the fabric puddled on the floor.

 For a sleek, modern look, let the panel fall flat on the floor.

When measuring the width of your window, including some extra fabric on both sides to provide fullness.

●       Color of the curtain

The curtain color should match the entire decor of the room. A matching color will ensure you keep your space cozy and beautiful.

Matching does not, however, mean that the colors should be the same. You go use different shades of the same colors to enhance the beauty.

Just make sure that the colors do complement the rest of the décor in the room.

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