How To Hang Curtains In A Rental Apartment

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Making a rental apartment feel like home often involves personalizing it with your own decor. However, limitations on drilling holes can make hanging curtains a challenge. Thankfully, there are many creative, budget-friendly solutions for installing curtains that don’t damage walls or violate rental agreements. This guide will explore the top methods for hanging curtains without drilling, so you can decorate your windows in a rental.

Use Existing Curtain Rods


Before installing new hardware, check if your rental already has curtain rods or tracks. Measure your curtains to see if they are compatible with the existing rods. If not, consider these options:

  • Customize the length of your curtains by hemming them to fit the rods. Add compatible curtain rings to hang them easily.
  • Buy new, ready-made curtains scaled to the window and rod size. Simply drape them over the existing hardware.
  • Artfully arrange ill-fitting curtains on the rods in a decorative swag or inverted pleat style.

If none of those are feasible, it’s time to explore some creative no-drill curtain-hanging solutions.

Command Hooks

Adhesive command hooks make it easy to hang lightweight curtains without tools. The hooks stick securely to walls and then pop off cleanly when removed.

  • Use large command hooks designed specifically for holding up curtain rods.
  • For lighter curtains, smaller hooks can attach directly to curtain panels.
  • Follow weight limits carefully to prevent hooks from failing. Curtains should not exceed 5 pounds.

This is an affordable solution but it works best for sheers and other lightweight fabrics.

Tension Rods

Tension curtain rods fit snugly into a window frame without screws or brackets. These spring-loaded rods have rubber tips to prevent wall damage while staying firmly in place.

  • Position towards the top of a window for full coverage.
  • Lower on the frame for a cafe curtain look.
  • Adjust the length to fit different window sizes.

Tension rods work beautifully with lightweight curtains and come in colors to match your decor.

Twist and Fit Rods

Twist and fit curtain rods securely by twisting across window frames like tension rods. However, their integrated bracket design mimics the look of a traditional pole.

  • Styles range from simple to ornate. Select metal finishes like oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Sturdier models can handle heavier curtains if needed.

This adaptable option fits in windows of varied shapes and sizes.

Compression Curtain Tracks

Custom compression curtain tracks give a polished look without drilling. Brands like RediShade make fabric shades on an adjustable track that clicks into place by pressing it into the window frame.

  • Choose blackout, light filtering, or translucent fabrics.
  • Have shades made-to-measure for each window.
  • Compression mounting stays in place securely.

While pricier, custom compression shades beautifully integrate function and style.

No-Drill Curtain Rod Brackets

Specialty brackets securely mount curtain rods without screws, nails or adhesive. Spring-loaded brackets clamp onto window trim and hold rods in place.

  • Sturdy models like Kwik Hang hold up to 20 pounds.
  • Swap out rods for cleaning or style changes.
  • Remove brackets without wall damage.

This provides the upscale look of wood or decorative metal rods on a budget.

Suspend From the Ceiling

In rooms with high windows, suspending curtain rods from the ceiling looks natural and frees up the walls.

  • Install ceiling mount brackets and drapery track hardware.
  • Ensure brackets are anchored securely into a stud.

Ceiling mounts work well with taller windows and lightweight curtain panels.

Tension Rod With Command Hooks

Connect tension rods end-to-end for wider windows using Command brand utility hooks.

  • Space hooks evenly across the underside of the upper window trim.
  • Rest each end of the lower tension rod in a hook.

The adhesive won’t damage paint, yet lets you easily remove and reposition rods as needed.

Spring Clamp Rings

Affix spring clamp curtain rings directly onto window trim or molding with no tools needed. Use them to hang lightweight curtain panels or cafe curtains.

  • Clips close tightly and won’t slip.
  • Protect trim with felt pads to prevent marking.

As no hardware is needed, this technique works well for temporary curtain solutions.

DIY Ceiling Curtain Rod

Without usable walls, fashion an improvised ceiling curtain rod with a wooden dowel or tube with eye screws at both ends.

  • Use sturdy picture frame hanging wire to suspend between screws.
  • Hang curtains from rings along the rod.

It’s easy to install and won’t damage the ceiling.

No-Drill Drapery Clip Rings

Clip drapery rings to attach a curtain rod to crown molding or lip of ceiling trim with no drilling or hardware.

  • Cover clips with felt to protect trim.
  • Works best with lighter rods and sheer panels.

The clip-on rings blend discreetly once the curtains are hung.

Adhesive Hooks

Heavy-duty adhesive hooks can dangle lightweight curtain rods on smooth surfaces like metal, glass or tile.

  • Ensure hooks are rated to bear the rod and curtains.
  • Take care removing to avoid paint damage.

Use these when walls and ceilings lack moldings for other attachment methods.

In Conclusion

With a little creativity and the right tools, there are many ways to hang window treatments in a rental without permanent damage. Tension rods and adhesives provide easy temporary solutions. For more permanent installations, compression tracks and specialty brackets mimic traditional hardware. Ensure your landlord approves, then install curtains to make your rental feel like home.

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