How To Hang Blackout Curtains

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If you work on shifts, you must find enough time to sleep and rest during the day. Similarly, if you have a baby that must catch a nap during the day, you will need to find a way of blocking out the light to make the room dark.

Luckily, there are black curtains to use to block out the light.

Perhaps you’ll need to visit a home décor supplier for blackout curtains. Once you secure the curtains, the next thing you must do is to hang them correctly to optimize their usage.

It ensures that the room remains dark during the day.

You will need to hang the blackout curtains on your windows to block most of the sunlight.  To get the most from the darkening qualities, you will need to install the blackout curtains a few inches beyond the window frames on either side. Try to use wraparound rods to get better results.

When you install them correctly, the blackout curtains will darken the room to signal the body that it needs to sleep or rest.

Also, they can come in handy if you have a baby that needs to take a nap during the day. Also, the blackout curtain can be helpful if you work on shifts that require that you sleep during the day.

But installing them can be a daunting task. Besides, it should be easier for you to pull them when you want the room to receive maximum sunlight.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you hang the blackout curtains easily.

Step 1. Take The Measurements


The first thing you will need to do before you try to install blackout curtains is to take window measurements. Pull the tape measure from the window’s top corner up to the edge of the frame at the bottom.

Repeat the process across and in the middle of the window if it is not a perfect square.

But if the window has a curtain rod, the only thing you will need to do is measure the curtain rod’s length to give you an estimate of where the blackout curtains will end. If you will install rods, ensure to add 10 cm to allow the rod to hang 4 inches above the top of your window frame.

But you can choose to hang it even higher if you want to give the window some illusion and make it look taller. However, ensure not to add over six inches. Curtains that are hung so high do not look nice. Also, they may not block all the light below it.

Step 2. Getting The Right Material And Equipment

You will need to gather the material and tools you will use to hang the curtains. It also makes it easier for you to know where to drill holes in the walls and how deep they should be.

But it would help if you also remembered to buy the right blackout curtains and the right rods.

Also, if the curtains don’t come with screws, you will need to purchase the right screws and the right mounting brackets to use to hold the window rod in place.

Also, ensure to buy the right drill bits depending on the size of the screws you will use to mount the window rod on the wall. You’ll need a hammer, a measuring tape, and a pencil before you install the curtains. 

Step 3. Installing The Blackout Curtains.

Unpack the blackout curtains and treat them first before installing them. Treating them will help them make the correct shape. Once they are ready, you will need to carefully read the instructions on how to install them.

Washing removes any crease that may accumulate because of packing them for long periods. Use a light iron to remove the creases once you unfold them.

Step 4. Drilling The Holes

The most important part of installing blackout curtains is to drill holes in the wall. Ensure to drill the holes 4 inches above the edge of the topmost part of the window.

You may also need to use a measuring tape to mark the spots where you will drill the holes.

Use the power drill to drill holes on the wall. If you find it hard to locate spots to drill the hole, consider putting the brackets along the wall. They will help you identify and mark the points that are four inches above the window.

Step 5. Installing The Anchors

Once you drill the holes, you’ll need to hammer anchors in the holes. You will then use a screwdriver to mount the brackets into the wall. Let a friend help you connect the curtains on the rod before placing the unit on the mounting bracket and screwing it.

Also, confirm that everything is ok before you tighten the screws. You may then attach the curtains on the road and twist the knob a little. It allows the curtain to remain attached to the rod.

However, if this project does not go as per your plan or is the first time you are trying to hang blackout curtains. You may encounter problems when drilling into the wall.

Sometimes, you will hit a stud, making it difficult for you to continue drilling. Try to use a stud finder to check if there are studs in the wall. You may need to do this before you embark on the drilling process.

Here are some resources you may need to help simplify the installation.

Extra material- when buying the installation materials, ensure to purchase extras. Also, buy more anchors, drilling bits, and screws.

Some will break, while others will get ruined during the installation process.

Solicit for help from a friend- you will need an extra set of hands to help you install the blackout curtains.

Time- if you do not have enough time, you may need to delay the starting process. Also, do not scream at your friend when they break the anchor.

This is bound to happen, and it is the very reason you may need to buy some extras.

If you do a good job installing the curtains, you will make your bedroom dark to enable you to enjoy a host of benefits.

Blackout curtains stop filtering light into the room and feature a black lining that will block light from getting into the room while helping to muffle the sound if you live in a busy street.

Should Blackout Curtains Hang Down To The Floor?

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You may choose to have your curtains reach the floor or a few inches beneath the window frame. But for anyone looking for elegance, allowing the curtains to go up to the floor will give you better results.

The longer your curtains are, the better they will look, and the more stylish the room will become. But you may need to look at the different curtain lengths before you choose the style you think is the best for your room.

Which Side Should One Hang Blackout Curtains On?

The side on which you will need to hang the blackout lining is critical in determining how best the curtains serve you. Remember, when you expose curtains to sunlight, they discolor.

So, choosing the right side prevents your curtains from fading and discoloring.

Also, regular rubbing against the window frame as you close and open them is likely to reduce the effectiveness of blackout curtains.

So how should you hang the blackout side?

Well, the best way to go about this is to hang them with the textile side facing the window. It helps to reduce how you expose the specialty coating to the sun.

Besides, it will prevent the coating from further damage when it rubs against the window frame during the closing and opening of the curtains.

How Do You Keep Blackout Curtains Closed?

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Once you hang the blackout curtains, one challenge you are likely to face is to ensure that they remain closed. Keeping them closed ensures that no light has time to penetrate the room.

But you will need to seal the edges of your black curtains, especially at the opening, to get the best results. Also, you can keep the curtains closed by placing magnets inside the edges.

But it would be best if you positioned the magnets on both sides of the curtains—the best place to place the magnets is where the curtain panels meet.

Also, you will get better results if you try to place the magnets on the two sides of the bottom of the curtain.

Also, keeping the magnets inside the vertical edges where the panels meet each other is vital since it seals the curtain’s openings completely.

Can A Tension Rod Hold Blackout Curtains?

You cannot use a tension rod to hold the blackout curtains.

The rods are heavy and are likely to become loose after a while.

When they become loose, they may not help keep the blackout curtains in the right position.

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