How to Get Rid Of Black Worms in The Bathroom?

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Imagine taking a shower, and you saw a blackworm wriggling about in your bathroom. I’m sure this would be a disgusting sight, and some people might even get traumatized from such a scene.

On the other hand, such a situation could inspire questions like how do I get rid of blackworms in my bathroom?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so you should prepare for a long-term cleaning to have a black worm-free bathroom. It’s advisable to have multi-pronged methods in dealing with these unwanted guests. Some of these methods include cleaning bathrooms with bleach, using enzyme cleaner and insecticide, and reducing moisture.

Blackworms are not harmful, and they don’t pose any threat to our general well-being. Notwithstanding, that’s not to say we just let them keep mating and populating. This article will tell you what blackworms are and how to eliminate them in your bathroom.

What Are Blackworms?


In a bid to curb the infestation problem of blackworms, it’s best to know what they are. Blackworms are the children of drain flies, and they often appear in drains or taps that form a slimy residue.

You would often find them in a moist environment, like your bathtub, washbasin, bathroom, shower, and toilet bowl. This crawling pest is only active at night-time; that’s why you often notice them at night.

Even though they have a short lifespan of 3 weeks, drain flies are consistent breeders. Their eggs can hatch within 48 hours, thereby filling the bathroom with a new set of blackworms.

Blackworms are tiny in size and are less than three inches in length. Thankfully, they are easy to notice due to their slimy body and cock screw swimming pattern. Though fully grown, blackworms become drain flies that hop around in the bathroom.

These slimy worms don’t have any interest in humans, and fortunately, they don’t bite. Instead, they feed on decaying bio-matter in your drain. These bio-matters can comprise dead skin cells, hair, grease, and leftovers that shelter them.

They are often noticeable after a period of rain or after a large amount of water passes through the pipes. You may find them coming up to breathe anytime the pipes are filled with water.

Blackworms can’t be drowned as they breathe through their skin. Some subspecies even breathe through their tail by sticking an end of their body out of water. However, these creepy crawlers also possess incredible regenerating power, so squashing is not the best option.

Why Do I Have Blackworms In My Bathroom?

Before we can get rid of blackworms, we must understand why they are there. They aren’t actual worms but drain fly larvae that eventually turn to flies. These black irritants are there because your bathroom has enough moisture and organic material they find comfortable.

Blackworms aren’t life-threatening, but be ready to get squicked out while taking a bath. They neither bite nor cause any harm to the skin or spread diseases. Above all, drain worms or blackworms shouldn’t be tolerated in the bathroom or anywhere else.

How To Get Rid Of Blackworms In The Bathroom

Reducing Moisture In The Air

We need to understand that blackworms and their hatchlings need to have a moisturized environment to survive. In other words, if the environment is too dry, they would leave of their own accord. This implies that blackworms do not like dry climates, which is one way to get rid of them.

One of the ways one could get rid of excess moisture in the air is by opening the bathroom window. In addition, you could turn on the vent or use a dehumidifier if it’s that bad in terms of humidity. It’s less likely that you would come across a black worm if the environment is dry.

Cleaning With Bleach.

If your blackworm problem has gone beyond the shower drain, then an extensive cleaning is recommended. At this point, every surface of your bathroom has to be scrubbed with bleach. The bleach is an agent that’s strong enough to kill off worm tissues and eggs that may be lying around.

This process should be carried out in a well-ventilated bathroom due to the harsh smell of bleach. This method is not a fun process, but it’s a sure way of getting rid of blackworms.

Use Of Insecticide

Another method is to apply insecticide if you feel the job hasn’t been wholly handled after using bleach. Blackworms are relatively easy to get rid of, so any insecticide or “bug bomb” could easily do the trick. However, it’s best to use non-toxic powders that are guaranteed to get rid of blackworms.

A simple process is to place small piles around your bathroom or corners where you might have noticed them. If there might be a case where your blackworm might be millipedes, I recommend a more potent insecticide. Be careful on which product you choose to buy, as some of these worms and millipedes develop immunity to them.

Enzyme Cleaners

They are called blackworms (drain flies) because they live in drains. This means they’re often found nesting in drains that have substances like hair, grease, bacteria, or dead skin cells. These biological grime-like substances are the conditions for blackworm survival, as it’s part of their food.

In other words, enzyme cleaners are a good agent in the war against blackworm infestations. You might have to use a clog-removing kit to remove the hair manually to get the best result. After which, you can apply an enzyme cleaning product; these are usually considered the standard of drain cleaning.

What Could Be Done If You Still Have Drain Worms

In some cases, you might have exhausted the options above and find out that you are still plagued by blackworm. It might be that the clog is somewhere deeper that the cleaner can’t reach. Your best option at this point is to manually remove parts of the pipe and take out the clog.

You may also employ the service of a professional if you can’t handle exterminating the worms. Again, this is to avoid causing damages to your plumbing system and avoid unnecessary expenses.

In some cases, manually removing the clogs in sinks and showers should do the trick. Nonetheless, if there ever comes a time when these methods do not complete the task, then you have a problem. It would be best to call for a professional exterminator to help handle such a problem in your house.


Having blackworms that disrupt quality shower time in your bathroom is not enjoyable. So it’s advised that you handle all blackworm-related issues once noticed. Thankfully this isn’t the worst pest infestation out there, but you should control it.

Though blackworm isn’t dangerous or harmful, it’s still best to address the issue unless you want to get spooked. These unwanted guests can ensure you get irritated and, in some cases, traumatize you. So keep an eye on them even after extermination to ensure they don’t reappear.

A simple solution to blackworm infestations, or any future threat, is to keep your bathroom clean and moisture-free. When you do your best to make your bathroom inhospitable for this creepy crawler, they will leave and never return.

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