How to Fill the Gap Between Headboard and Mattress

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It’s one of those annoying things, isn’t it? You’re lying down on your bed, trying to get some sleep, and the mattress scooches forward, the pillows fall into the gap.

Only then do you realize when that there are gaps between your mattress and your headboard. 

Whether your headboard or bed base is too high or too low, these tips will help fill in the space.

Quick Tips


  • Buy a new Mattress
  • Lower the headboard
  • Get a higher-profile Bed Frame
  • Buy A New Headboard
  • Use decorative pillows
  • Buy a gap filler

Buy a new Mattress

You need to measure the headboard’s height before you think about buying a mattress. This will ensure that you don’t end up with an uncomfortable sleeping experience because of a mismatch between the two.

Get familiar with the most common types of mattresses before you buy them.

  • Innerspring mattresses have coils, providing traditional bounce and solid support.
  • Latex mattresses are typically more responsive and bounce than innerspring mattresses.
  • Memory foam mattresses conform to the body, which may provide pressure relief. 
  • Hybrid mattresses feature both memory foam or latex layers atop an innerspring mattress.
  • Air mattresses an air pump is used to inflate an air mattress to the desired firmness level. 

Make sure you have all your measurements before heading to a store (or online). You can ask for advice in the store as they will have all this information readily available. 

There are standard sizes for frames, mattresses, and headboards in the United States. But, some frame makers sometimes make whatever they like, which causes all these issues.

Make Adjustments and Lower the Headboard

Headboards with adjustable heights make closing the gap a simple task. To do this, unscrew the headboard’s bolts, reposition the headboard, and then simply tighten the bolts again.

Make sure there is no slack in the screws so that the headboard doesn’t move while tightening. 

If this works for you, great! If not, keep reading. We have more tips.

Get a higher-profile Bed Frame

The easiest way to close your mattress to the headboard gap is to use a high bed base. This will raise the entire bed by several inches. The best part is that you won’t even notice the difference. It’ll be seamless.

Bed bases come in different shapes and styles. Some beds have built-in bed bases; others require additional pieces such as box springs. Regardless of what type of bed you own, if you want to eliminate the gap, consider getting a higher profile bed base.

Buy A New Headboard

Select a hardwood frame with a wood finish. Try and avoid metal frames since they tend to rust over time and can be a bit noisy.

Also, avoid plastic frames since they scratch easily.

You want

  • High-density foam padding,
  • Wear-resistant fabric
  • A covered back.

Slipcovers make style swapping and cleaning easy. They also protect the headboard from scratches and wear.

Height is important

Tall mattresses and stacks of pillows hide a small headboard. When sitting in bed, measure your height for a comfortable lean back.

Most headboards attach to standard bed frames. You can use D-ring hooks or interlocking brackets to wall mount the headboard if you wish.

Keeping it Clean

A pillow helps to keep hair oils off the upholstery. Make sure to vacuum regularly; a lint brush works for touch-ups. When staining occurs, make sure to spot clean as soon as you notice

Use decorative pillows

Decorative pillows can cover up the gap if it is merely an unsightly one. Place throw pillows along the head of your bed to create visual interest. Your kind of hiding the gap a little with this idea, but it really does help.

You can change the decorative pillows on a regular basis to give them new life and maybe inspire a new look.

Buy a Gap Filler

SnugStop Bed Wedge Mattress Filler Wedge (Queen) Headboard Pillow Gap Filler Between Your Headboard and Mattress Don't Lose Your Pillow

This SnugStop is available here on Amazon!

Gap fillers are another option. They come in all shapes and sizes to fit most bed types.

Wedges can be made of foam or other materials, and many have storage space for storing a remote control or even a pair of glasses.

They are often composed of foam rubber, polyurethane, or vinyl. These products are available at home improvement stores and online retailers. They go between the bed’s headboard and the mattress or box spring.

Gap space eliminators are available in three sizes: 2″, 4″, and 6″.

Make your own gap filler – You can find some super tips here 

Wedge pillows

Bed Wedge Pillow - Adjustable 9&12 Inch Folding Memory Foam Incline Cushion System for Legs and Back Support Pillow - Acid Reflux, Anti Snoring, Heartburn, Reading – Machine Washable

Wedge pillows are available here on Amazon!

Wedge pillows are usually made of polyfoam or memory foam. They’re designed to sit under the edge of the mattress and provide support where needed.

Some wedge pillows include pockets for remotes, cell phones, etc., which makes them ideal for keeping items out of sight when guests arrive.

These wedges are typically sold individually, although sometimes they may be packaged together in sets. Once this is in place, you wouldn’t find your pillow slipping down the gap.

You can also purchase inflatable wedge pillows, which work by inflating once placed into position. This allows you to adjust their size according to how much room there is between the mattress and the headboard.

The best thing about using wedge pillows is that they allow you to get rid of those pesky gaps. They are another idea that might help you with your problem.

Additional Pillows

So, I’m not sure if this will work! But’s it worth a try at least.

You could add some additional pillow to your bed and see if this helps. I know people move around a lot during sleep, and pillows move, so adding extra ones would probably stop that from happening.

Prevent Mattress Movement

Your mattress moving or slipping can be an issue, and there are a number of ways to stop this. 

Rubber can be put between your mattress and box spring. Yoga mats are relatively cheap and easy to use. The mat should be thick enough to prevent slippage yet thin enough to still feel comfortable.

A clean rubber welcome mat might also do the trick, so another option is worth trying.

Self-adhesive rubber strips would also work well as long as they don’t slip off while sleeping.

Another way to keep mattresses stable is to buy a firm mattress pad. It provides stability without being bulky.

Mattress pads are generally used to protect furniture against damage caused by moisture. However, they can also be useful for preventing movement between the mattress and box springs.

Velcro strips could be another solution. You might need small adjustments to some of the ideas above to ensure they fit properly and don’t move.


Lots of ideas above to help point you in the right direction. If money is tight, consider some of the affordable options. Sometimes the better, less expensive option is all you need.

Mattress wedges can also be good for sleep, so you kinda get a two-for-one bonus.

No matter if you have a queen-size mattress, king-size mattress, or a single-size mattress, the solution you need is above. You might need to experiment a little to ensure everything fits correctly.

During the night, our sleeping position can change, so expect movement.

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