How to Create a Beach-Themed Room For a Teenage Girl

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The beach represents peacefulness, calmness, and relaxation. Since you’ll likely never get a day alone at the beach, the closest you can get is a beach-themed bedroom. So, how do you create a beach-themed room without losing the usual feminineness of a teenage girl’s room?

The first step to creating the perfect beachy room is decluttering the room. After the room is free of unnecessary clutter, you can change the color scheme to match the beach. Finally, setting the atmosphere right with beach-themed music and murals will help finalize the perfect sea-loving teenage girl’s bedroom.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create the perfect beach-themed bedroom for a teenage girl. Also, you’ll learn some tips to keep the room feminine, making it the perfect teenage girl beach-themed room.

Tips for Creating a Beach-Themed Room


If you’re designing a room for a sea-loving girl, you’ll want a beachy theme without losing the feminine touch. Fortunately, achieving this might not be as hard as it seems. Willingness to follow some simple tips can help you replicate the calm feeling of a typical beach in any room.

Here are some expert tips for creating a beach-themed room that looks perfect for a teenage girl.

Put Away Unnecessary Items

A beach always looks spacious and decluttered, and a beach-themed bedroom should be too. So naturally, a teenager’s bedroom is commonly filled with books, apparel, and other items. While teenage girls aren’t as guilty of this as boys, you may still need to put many things away.

Putting away unnecessary items will make your room look and feel spacy like most beaches. While that won’t magically make the room look like a beach, it’s a great way to get started.

For items you can’t simply keep away, you’ll have to replace them with alternatives that match the look of a beach.

Change Your Room’s Color Scheme

While decluttering a room will make it feel beach-like, changing the color scheme will give it a beach-themed look. Beaches have soft color patterns that make everything look calm and peaceful. Investing in beach-themed furniture and home accessories might be the best way to create a beach-themed room for teenage girls.

Many room supplies are available in a color scheme that projects the feeling of being at a beach. Here are some of the best beach-themed room supplies to change your home’s look and feel.

Beach-themed dressers

Since blue isn’t exactly a girly color, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything pink at the beach. To reflect the true colors at a beach, you’ll need blue dressers to replace whatever you’ve been using previously. If you detest blue passionately, a wooden dresser might also work, as long as it’s not in an unnatural color.

To make it look even more beachy, you can adorn the dresser with some flowers. It would help to position the dresser appropriately to avoid cluttering the room. Remember, decluttering your room is the first step to getting a beach-themed bedroom in the first place.

Beach-themed beddings

After getting rid of the unnecessary components of a room, your bedding becomes the largest item in the room. So you can imagine how much bed covers impact the overall design of a beach-themed room. Getting your beddings right is essential to getting the perfect feminine and beach-like design you’ve always wanted for your room.

You can start by getting a duvet with a jellyfish pattern for your bed. When you see a jellyfish pattern, your brain associates it to water, and you naturally associate water to the sea. Consequently, a jellyfish-patterned duvet will instantly create a beach-themed design in your room.

There’s also a fantastic collection of ocean duvets on most online stores to help you get a beach-like room. Simply typing “ocean duvets” into any relevant search engine should bring up beautiful beach-themed bedspreads for a girl’s room.

Beach-themed murals

Paintings and murals aren’t rare sightings in a teenager’s bedroom. By adding paintings and pictures of the beach-side, you can make a room look beachy without making it look cluttered. Of course, you don’t need a seaside painting for a beach-themed room; any wallpaper with simple colors should work fine.

Install beachy window treatments

Apart from your bed coverings, your window is the second most visible part of any bedroom. Ignoring the windows when creating a beach-themed room is a rookie mistake that may ruin your entire design. Going for natural or sea-like window treatments is key when planning a room that should look like the beach.

Carrying the natural design of the beach, you’re either getting 100% sunlight or the calming effect of the beach. Your beach-themed room design should be complete with a decluttered room and a specific color scheme.

You can also invest in wooden blinds for an unconventional room design. While wood or bamboo shade may not look beachy enough, their color is widely prevalent on every beach. Even if it doesn’t look so at first glance, wooden furniture in a beach-themed bedroom would be a good fit.

You can also get creative when decorating your window to create a beach-like effect. While picking up a beach-themed curtain is recommended, other alternatives are equally as beachy.

Keep it simple

From the first step, that’s a recommendation to declutter your room; you should understand why you should keep it simple. Of course, a teenage girl’s room will naturally look simple, but going the extra mile always pays off.

One of the defining qualities of a beach is that it never looks too overwhelming or tacky. Since the little size of the average bedroom is already too cramped, it helps to keep everything simple. You can start by reducing the number of colors used in the room’s design to the bare minimum.

Also, it would help if you considered planning the room to leave as much space as possible. Using recessed lighting instead of regular lights is one clever way to keep your room as simple as possible.

It would be best to try discussing with a lighting professional to weigh your options. This would guarantee using the best lighting to match your girl’s beach-themed room.

Make the atmosphere beachy

Your room’s design language will say the most about what kind of design you went for. However, you shouldn’t discount the atmosphere you create in the room, as it also accounts for its overall feel.

Playing some beach-related music can help recreate the feeling of being at a beach artificially. If you haven’t tried exploring them before, you’ll be amazed at the number of beach sound effects available for free. Playing these at low volumes will make them seem like ambient sound, making it feel as natural as possible.

Also, you can source scented candles from any nearby store. Some scented candles have a “beachy” smell that tries to replicate the smell of a beach. As long as you ventilate properly and don’t sleep with the candles on, you should be safe.

If you didn’t get a mural earlier, now is the exact time to get one. You can even attempt to paint beach-side art for yourself if you’re feeling creative. Otherwise, many artists on Etsy are willing to make a beach-themed painting for you on demand.

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