How to Choose Bedding Color

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The color of your bedding can do a lot for the overall aesthetic and color scheme of a bedroom. What color is your bedroom and bedding? There are some tips and techniques that can improve the appearance of any bedroom- simply by choosing the right bedding.

So, how to choose a bedding color for a bedroom?

Industry insiders suggest a variety of ways to choose your bedding color but try to stick to a color scheme that won’t be too stimulating or disrupt your sleep. Some tips for choosing the right bedding color for a bedroom include developing a design plan, paying attention to the fabric content, and buying what brings you joy.

Want to learn more about choosing the right bedding color for your bedroom? Keep reading!

Make a Plan 


The bedding colors in your bedroom have a big impact on the overall style and tone of the room. Check out design magazines and online idea boards to get inspired by the unique color schemes that you choose for your room.

A plan is essential for staying on track and finding exactly the right pieces for your theme, but also keep your sleep hygiene in mind. Remember that bright colors may impede sleep and that darker shades may make your room appear smaller.

Neutral shades allow you to focus on other elements of the room, such as artwork, furniture, accessories, etc.

Black Beddings

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You can mix black bedding with anything. It looks good with dark and slightly darkened interiors. In the bedroom, it helps create a special atmosphere and adds a touch of charm.

It can help with mood lighting and add depth to the space. Black bedding will not distract from the rest of the room. You can use it to create an intimate feel. If you want to go bolder, you can pair it with white bedding.

White Bedding

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White bedding feels clean and less cluttered. It encourages less stress and makes you feel calmer. It has a calming effect and creates a peaceful environment.

It’s a classic color that works well with many designs and styles. It is a great choice for bedrooms with light-colored walls. It makes rooms look larger than they actually are.

Silver Beddings

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Silver-infused bedding technology is changing the way people think about bedding, allowing them to sleep more comfortably and with more cleanliness than ever before.

It’s used as a natural antibacterial substance by attracting bacteria that have negative charges. This attracts bacteria that bind to the silver and cause damage that prevents bacteria from repopulating.

Many people feel like they run warm at night, and silver sheets can help you to get a better night’s rest by keeping your body temperature at a healthy 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blue Bedding

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To help you sleep better at night, interior decorators recommend that you use light blue bedding. Blue induces a sense of calmness and relaxation.

It’s a soothing color that is often associated with nature and water. It’s a color that relaxes us and helps our bodies to heal. This color is soothing and relaxing. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It is said to promote positive thinking. It is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia.

Yellow Beddings

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 Yellow promotes happiness and cheerfulness. It stimulates creativity and optimism. 

It is known to stimulate the brain and improve memory. People who love yellow tend to have happy personalities. It is also believed to increase energy levels. Yellow is one of the most popular bedding colors because it brings warmth and comfort to any room. 

Orange Beddings

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Orange is a positive bedding color that symbolizes growth and success. It represents wealth and prosperity. Orange is very cheerful and energizing. It is considered a powerful color that inspires confidence.

According to some psychologists, orange is the best color for the bedroom because it improves concentration and increases productivity. It is also known to be a great color for children’s rooms.

Think About Prints

Solids may seem more versatile when it comes to bedding, but prints and patterns offer a clever way of incorporating all your favorite colors into the space. Patterns and prints are a great way to bring in accent colors, as well as to use the bright colors that you love but in a subtle, soothing way for the bedroom.

Don’t mix and match too many patterns, however, or you risk a chaotic outcome that could seem cluttered to the eye. Keep accents and décor to a minimum when using a busy print on your bed, which is usually the focal point of the room.

Go for Quality Fabric First

Splurge and treat yourself to quality fabrics, and high thread counts for your bedding. Remember, you are going to be using and sleeping on this bedding for many, many nights. Cutting corners on cheap fabric and bedding options is doing yourself a disservice and is not actually the cost-effective route to take.

Choose sheets that have no less than 200 but ideally more than 300 thread count. Quality linens and bedding may cost more, but they will last longer, and you will spend less over time.

Also, think about the quality of your sleep as it directly relates to the bedding that you choose. Soft, sumptuous bedding is more conducive to getting good rest- it is that simple.

You can even try textured fabrics in a monochromatic scheme and add pops of color with pillows, throws, and other modern accessories.

Make It Monochrome

If patterns and prints are not your things, consider a monochromatic theme for the bedroom. This is a great way to use your favorite solid colors, or a dark color, as the main component of a relaxing and sedate color scheme.

Matching the wall color to the ceilings can make a room seem taller- matching the bedding to the rest of the room can make it seem a bit more expansive, depending, of course, on the color that you choose.

Remember that while a dark color may seem good for sleep, colors like black, brown, red, orange, and dark purple can be stimulating and keep you awake instead. If you are considering implementing a monochromatic color scheme with solid colors, your best bet will be neutrals or pastels. Save the darker tones for accents.

Accentuate your Accents

Have you ever heard the adage that less is more? When it comes to accents and décor, this rings true. The fewer accent items in your bedroom, the more each will stand out on its own.

Choose and curate accents carefully- and showcase them in the right light to enhance and elevate the entire room.

For instance, instead of focusing on having dozens of plush throw pillows, choose a couple of carefully selected matching pillows that pull the room together cohesively.

Also, be aware of the impact that accent colors have on your room’s theme and color scheme. Choose items that fit and pull out those that do not for the time being. When you reconfigure or refurbish the room at a later time, these items and accents may have a role, but for now, keep it simple.

Set a Mood

You know you best. Think about how you want to feel when you spend time in the space. You can go either way: choose colors that invigorate the senses or choose colors that calm and soothe. Set a mood for your bedroom with the colors that you decide to use:

Warm Hues 

Warmer hues are stimulating and exciting. If you need a push to get out of bed, warm tones will help you become energized. Some warm hues include red, yellow, and orange, but be careful- they could also impede sleep at night.

Cool Colors 

Cool tones and colors give a relaxing and calm vibe. These shades can help you unwind and go to sleep at night. Some cool colors for a bedroom include blue and green- or blue and green together!

Also, consider neutral colors for your bedding to bring versatility and ease to the room- but more on that later!

A pop of color can add excitement to any room. But if you don’t want to overwhelm your space, stick to one hue.

Floral Patterns

Floral bedding styles can incorporate colors from other parts of the room. Traditional and romantic bedding styles can make your room look feminine and elegant. Florals can add texture and dimension to any room.

Patterned Bedding

This is another option for adding pattern and texture to the room without going overboard. A floral print can easily be incorporated into a bedspread or pillowcase. Keep patterned bedding looking fresh by incorporating solid colors liberally into the set.

Bedding Sets

It’s easy and beautiful to outfit your bed with complete bedding set with all elements matched. You want your room to have the appearance of a cohesive whole, which means choosing complimentary colors for everything from the sheets to the pillowcases.

The easiest way to achieve this look is by purchasing an entire bedding set. These sets usually come with coordinating sheet sets and pillowcases. You could have patterned or solid colors to help tie the room together.

If you’re looking to save money, however, you don’t have to buy an entire set. Instead, pick one element of your bedding set (pillowcase, duvet cover, etc.) and match it to another piece of your bedding set. For example, if you already have a comforter, then pair it with a matching pillowcase.

Show your Style

If someone asked you what your distinct design style is, would you know how to respond? Having an idea of your own sense of style can help shape the spaces around your own home to better suit your tastes and capture your personality.

A mood board can be a helpful way to tease out what your style is. Knowing the design styles that you are fondest of can help narrow down options and bring out your best bedroom. Flip through magazines, visit online websites, and check out idea boards to find images that you can put on your own mood board of inspiration for your bedroom- including bedding.

This mood board may be a useful part of your planning process when looking forward to bedroom projects.

Work with What you Have

From a cost-effective standpoint, it makes sense to work with what you already have in the bedroom. What color are the walls? The relationship between the wall color and the bedding cannot be overstated; choosing the right pairing and color scheme sets the tone for the whole space.

For a quick, easy, dramatic change, simply change the color of your bedding to something that is in sharp contrast with the wall color. That is, if the walls are blue, go with pink or yellow bedding; if the walls are yellow, choose green.

Refurbish or paint accent items rather than replace them. Consider changing out the hardware on your dresser or bureau for a fast refresh that doesn’t cost a lot. There are many cool and unique knobs and handles available online that are super simple to install with a screwdriver.

Start with Swatches and Samples

Buying bedding is an investment. Don’t be afraid to request fabric samples or swatches from high-quality retailers or bedding vendors. Look online to learn more- some may request that the buyer pays for shipping.

Seeing the fabric of your bedding- arguably, the most important feature of the room next to the bed- in person and so you can touch it is unsurpassed. It makes shopping for bedding easier and much more satisfying.

Plus, when you know what you are getting, there is less chance of dealing with the headache of a return or exchange after.

Neutrals Make Sense

If you are unsure or are outfitting a guest room, for example, go with neutral colors. These shades will give you the most flexibility and versatility in terms of other colors, prints, and styles- while still being conducive to sleep and restfulness.

Neutral tones can easily adapt to the same room if you choose to renovate, remodel, paint, or modify the color scheme in some way.

Buy What you Love

Choose colors and shades that you love; after all, it is a space for you to feel most comfortable. If you want bedding that does not necessarily stick to any hard and fast rules, go for it! Ultimately, the choice is yours to make- but remember to keep quality and longevity in mind, whatever you buy.

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