How to Choose a Table Cloth Color

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Table cloths are one of the oldest home materials that have refused to go out of vogue. Instead, its designers look for better ways to make them more attractive options for home tables.

Table cloths can give your space an aesthetic appeal, but you can only achieve this by choosing the right color.

When selecting the best color for a table cloth, you must choose one that suits your room’s design. It doesn’t mean that your table linen should match your furniture or paint. It only means that there must be a perfect blend between the cloth and other elements in the room.

Several pointers can help you settle for the best tablecloth for your home’s appearance. Read on to find easy steps to help you pick a suitable color for your tablecloth.

What Must You Consider When Choosing a Tablecloth Color?


Below are a few points to consider when choosing a table cloth.

Style of Your Space

Before checking out different table cloth designs, take a moment to evaluate your house. Ask yourself what color tablecloth should fit into your space without flaws. You could get a color catalog and compare which colors perfectly match your living area to enhance your decision further.

If your house has a formal setting, ivory and off-white are suitable options. Generally, lighter colors have a classic and comfortable feel and are best if “classy” is the look you aim to achieve. On the other hand, you can use darker linen shades to create a “wow” effect.

If you’re still at a loss on what color to choose, consider going for the same shade as your curtains. This way, you create a matching pattern in your room.

Do you also know that the right color can induce hunger? This said, your tablecloth should aim at making you, your family, or your friends eager to eat at that table. Colors like blue and deep chocolate can be used to create such a feeling.


While this seems like the most insignificant consideration when picking a color, it’s one of the most important factors. For example, if you choose a tablecloth with the wrong color pattern, you’ll have a tough time trying to blend it into your space. It even becomes worse if the room is filled with accessories.

If you’re selecting patterns, it’s best to choose ones that are not too visible on the cloth. Instead of prints, consider a Jacquard, a material with intricate same-color patterns sewn into it. This material’s design isn’t too visible unless one looks closer.


It would be best to have different table cloths for different occasions. There should be a regular “every day” tablecloth and other options for special events.

The color, style, and theme of the event significantly impact the shade of your table linen. For small events like baby showers and engagement parties, use milder colors that wouldn’t stand out in the room.

The Size of Your Tablecloth

When choosing a color, the size of your table linen also comes into thought. If your table is square or rectangular, look for a tablecloth with at least a 6-inch drop on all sides. Tablecloths with a shorter drop have a more informal appearance, while tablecloths with a longer drop have a formal outlook.

For a more uniform look, use table cloths with the same shape as your table. In other words, your cloth should be square if the table is square or rectangular as the case may be. 

What Is the Best Fabric for a Tablecloth?

Tablecloths come in several sizes and textures. The fabric your linen should be made from depends on the room’s decor and the even in question.

For instance, cotton is the most popular choice for formal dining rooms because of its luxurious appearance and durability. In addition, it’s environmentally friendly and adds a refined elegance to your tabletop. Remember, though, that they aren’t usually stain-resistant and must be machine-washed and ironed after each use.

As for informal circumstances, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Materials like microfiber and polyester are perfect options. They maintain a pleasing appearance and require less ironing and cleaning.

If the special event is an outdoor activity, you should use tablecloths made of laminate or vinyl. These are economical solutions that are easy to maintain.

Cleaning them requires no special treatment. All you should do is clean with a sponge.

Should Your Tablecloth Match Your Napkin?

Designs allow you to be versatile. You get to choose what colors and combinations are best for your space. In other words, the color match between your table linen and napkins depends on you.

Both materials can match to create a unique color pattern. Nonetheless, while matching napkins and tablecloths are a good idea, they shouldn’t be the same color in all cases.

Should Your Table Cloth Match Your Placemats?

The use of placemats or tablecloth is a common practice. In most cases, you use both materials independently. Notwithstanding, you don’t defy any etiquette rules by using placements on table cloths.

When using both materials together, several factors determine if their color should match or not. These factors include your guest list and the type of occasion.

Choose natural tones, light colors, white tablecloths, and placemats for a formal dining setting. There is no need to use bold colors for both.

Another option is to create a contrast between your placements and your tablecloths. In this case, your linen remains off-white, ivory, or plain white, but your placement will be a darker neutral color.

A more casual setting allows you to be a little more playful with colors. Here, you don’t have to worry about the contrast between linen and placement mats. Instead, aim at making the table as friendly as possible.

In a formal gathering, try to keep your design patterns as minimalistic as possible. However, if you are going for patterns, ensure that the placement design and the tablecloths are not too different.

However, informal settings allow you to use different patterns and designs for placement and table linens. Still, as much as you’re free to freestyle in a casual gathering, ensure that your designs don’t clash.

For fabrics, plastic tablecloths and not acceptable for formal parties, even if it’s an outdoor event. Instead, use placement and table linens made from cotton or any soft and comfortable material that fits into a formal setting.

Informal settings let you choose the placements and clothing to use for your tables. In this case, you don’t have to worry about what your guests might think. Your only concern should be making the atmosphere as amiable as possible.

How Do I Determine the Best Size for My Tablecloths?

Selecting the size of your table linen is as essential as choosing the color. You can’t just walk into the market and pick up the table clothes you should find appealing. You must ensure that the clothes are wide enough to serve their purposes.

Start by measuring your table. The dimensions of your table will determine how wide your tablecloth will be. Add extra inches to form the drop once you’ve measured the table’s wideness.

The drop is the excess material that falls by the table side after spreading your tablecloth. Ideally, a table should have a drop of 6 to 10 inches. The length of your drop could be more than this but not less.

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