How Much Does Sherwin Williams Paint Cost?

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If painting your home is on your plan, you may want to opt for durability over cheapness. Sherwin Williams paint is a brand I’ll recommend for you. Of course, that will entail that you get familiar with the cost if you’re thinking of doing some paint-shopping soon.

The standard price range of Sherwin Williams paint per gallon is about $35 to $110. Of course, this depends on which of the paint lines you choose. You can also take advantage of their frequent low-priced sales during the year.

Ultimately, the quality of paint you buy will influence the overall outcome of your painting. With Sherwin Williams paint, you get what you pay for. This article will answer and explain frequent questions asked about this brand.

What Is the Best Sherwin Williams Paint?


The Sherwin Williams Cashmere interior acrylic is my preferred option. A major reason is that it has a primer/paint combination. In addition, the buttery-smooth acrylic latex gives an even layer when applied.

When I use the Cashmere paint, I don’t worry about brush strokes or roller marks popping out. Post application gives your dried wall an extreme plush finishing, which comes out great from all directions. This Cashmere acrylic comes in five sheen varieties, and you can add your preferred color to get a customized hue.

How Much Does Each Sherwin Williams Paint Line Cost?

Sherwin Williams Paint offers varieties of paint lines to accommodate your most preferred choice.

  • Superpaint: The price range of Sherwin Williams’ Superpaint line is between $66 to $71 per gallon. However, this depends on the color and type.

    Superpaint has two types: acrylic-based (includes a purifier mechanism) and latex-based (consists of a cleansing mechanism). They’re both obtainable in flat, semi-gloss, and a satin sheen, producing a smooth and fantastic finishing.
  • Emerald: Depending on the color, the Emerald line of Sherwin Williams paint ranges between $96 to $103 per gallon. It’s not one of the top lines for no reason, and it’s popular for being lavish, as reflected by the cost.

    The Emerald line comes in three options: latex, urethane-trim enamel, and the acrylic latex-hybrid option. This product is available in over 200 distinct colors. If cost isn’t an issue, I’ll recommend you check out Sherwin Williams’ Emerald line for that painting job.
  • Duration: Depending on the color, the price range of Sherwin Williams’ Duration line is somewhere between $71 to $76 per gallon. This line has a primer/paint double combo advantage.

    Duration keeps your wall safe and helps curb the stress of priming your wall before painting. I’ll recommend this line if you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-apply option.
  • Cashmere: Sherwin Williams’ Cashmere paint line ranges from $62 to $65 per gallon, based on the color. This line also comes with the paint/primer double effect, making your project less stressful. The Cashmere line is highly recommended because it’s affordable, smooth, and dries out with a velvety finish.
  • Captivate: The average price range of Sherwin Williams’ Captivate is between $39.50 to $43.50 per gallon, based on the color. Sherwin Williams’ paint was designed to be accessible to the average person by providing an inexpensive option.

    Captivate line is also a double primer/paint combo, available in over 1,700 colors. So if you are looking for an incredibly affordable option to complete your project, Captivate by Sherwin Williams is the right option for you!
  • Harmony: Depending on the color, Sherwin Williams’ line labeled ‘Harmony‘ costs about $61.49 to $65.50 on each gallon. This unique product was designed to enhance circulation in the compartment it is painted on.

    It achieves this by diminishing the degree of VOC from other products, improving interior circulation quality. The harmony line is a smart choice if you’re working with a low budget. It’s also a proficient option if you’d love to enhance the circulation quality inside your house.

What Sherwin Williams Paint Line Is More Popular?

Sherwin Williams’ Emerald line is recognized as their most popular. Since the paint is of high quality, professional painters and DIYers often settle for this variant. The product also doubles as a painter and primer, making you achieve your desired outcome with ease.

Owing to this, Emerald paint requires a single layer coat, because as compared to other paint lines, it’s thicker. However, you should know that Emerald is designed as interior paint and works best in that environment. So in case you’re hoping to pull off an exterior project, you need to consider a different paint option altogether.

Another factor to consider is that Sherwin Williams’ Emerald paint offers some environmental comfort. Again, this is thanks to its low VOC. You can discuss your options with your painter if you’re unsure of your next steps.

Most customers who purchase this paint are particular about their surroundings and appreciate that the product doesn’t harm the environment. In addition, Emerald is durable, a rare trait possessed by environmentally-friendly paint lines.

What Sherwin Williams Paint Line Is More Expensive?

If you compare the prices in my earlier listed paint lines, you’ll observe that Sherwin Williams’ Emerald is the most expensive. An average gallon of Emerald interior latex paint retails for about $96 – $103.

Some characteristics of this product make it more expensive than other paint brands. The Emerald interior latex lines are durable and washable, producing wide coverage in different situations.

If you’re looking to create an impressive finish on your next painting project, you may consider using Emerald paint. Moreover, the paint has properties that prevent mildew from growing on the walls. This enables it to stay durable in basements and other corners liable to mold growth.

Why Is Sherwin Williams Paint Expensive?

Purchasing Sherwin Williams is like buying a Maserati. For instance, when you buy Sherwin Williams top-of-the-chart DIY products, you pay for tons of surveys and advancement.

SW paint lines like Cashmere, SuperPaint, Emerald, and Duration have begun to close the gap between colorants and binders. These products show a glaring difference between them and outdated paints with their unique coating.

Sherwin Williams staff are experts in their field, with vast knowledge. As a result, they receive adequate training on paint-related topics. These include knowing different types of paints, preferred application method, which varies with the type you buy.

SW staff offers an efficient customer service experience, including suggestions on appropriate rollers and brushes for different paint types. 

Sherwin Williams brand implements an effective customer and product management structure. If you want light and cheap products that will fade or peel off sooner than later, then SW isn’t for you. However, trust Sherwin Williams if you want a long-lasting and washable product that won’t burnish or ooze paint odor in a few days.

It’s been almost a decade since my last painting, and it still looks as solid as ever. So I’m not bothered about the few dollars difference in their products because I know I’m getting value for my money.

There’s no feeling close to buying paint that won’t streak and won’t affect your breathing or that of your kids. When you buy Sherwin Williams paint for touch-up, it’ll be the same color. As part of their customer service, they keep a record of purchases done under your name, unlike other retailers out there.

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